George Zimmerman has the power to destroy NBC and GE and he ought to use it


 By Ron Reale, staff writer

 I don’t know why George Zimmerman is trying to raise money for his defense. His lawyer should be filing a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against NBC and its parent company, GE, designed to cripple them and remove the network from the airways.

Their actions in the editing of the 911 tape were malicious, designed to start race wars and get George Zimmerman killed. There is no other answer for their lies. They managed to get a “wanted dead or alive” bounty on George Zimmerman’s head by those that believed their purposeful, hate driven, race-baiting, money grubbing lies.

They cannot get away with such a blatant violation of George Zimmerman’s rights, and the letter of the license to use the airways. They used their considerable authority, granted by the FCC, to deceive the public on a scale heretofore unheard of, for the purpose of ratings and money.

Instead of serving the public and bettering the community, they got in the gutter with racist, divisive lies, designed to foment outrage and anger and violence against George Zimmerman.

Were I Zimmerman’s attorney, I would have the fired NBC producer personally, and GE, the parent company of NBC, immediately served for slander and libel.

George Zimmerman was not a “public figure.” He deserves satisfaction for the cruel and manipulative way he has been treated, and the public ridicule, scorn and hatred he now faces.

I would also file charges with the FCC designed to strip NBC of its license, in the public good. They have lost the right to continue to speak down to the American public, to make billions from a public they are so eager to deceive, mislead and harm.

This is not the first time they have mislead the public with fixed video or audio, but by far this is the most egregious and dangerous to the community at large, and a specific American and his family.

Make their actions fill the headlines and airways. Make sure that over time, the good people that were used, that went out and marched and called for violence because of the lies of these racists at NBC, realize they were played to fulfill Obama’s pet network’s anti-American racist agenda.

Make them pay.

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11 thoughts on “George Zimmerman has the power to destroy NBC and GE and he ought to use it”

  1. He can't until after the criminal trials are over. If he sued them now the discovery which would be part of the civil suit would be available to the prosecution. Since discovery goes both ways he'd be grilled intensely probably with input from the DA and the Feds, bt after a trial double jeopardy applies and discovery no matter how damaging would prevent further prosecution.

    1. I'm sorry, but what they did has nothing to do with the trial. Their editing of the tape has nothing to do with the trial, and the evidence from either is NOT interchangeable. What they did has nothing to do with his guilt or innocence. The evidence starts and stops with their editing the tape to start race wars. Nothing else, including a trial, would have occurred had they not done what they did. All they could ask is whether he said what he said on the NBC broadcast. The answer is, as the world knows, NO!
      He need answer no other questions to win, and no other questions are germane to NBC's guilt.

    1. It has been pointed out before. Thank you for the correction and for reading,

  2. Who cares about NBC and GE a innocent minor is dead for no reason, if the dead boy was your son I'm sure you wouldn't be focusing on the minute details of what NBC did. What about the Sanford Police department–now that's crimminal!

    1. "a innocent minor is dead for no reason"
      I'm sorry, but neither you nor I know enough to say that he was either "innocent" or that he is dead "for no reason".
      That is what the trial is for, in this country.
      We care about NBC and GE, (and Comcast), because they edited a tape to make it look like a racial incident, and the community believed their lies and people are now in danger. That is a fact that we do know. Their desire for racial strife and headlines have put Americans who are ignorant of the truth (of their editing), in danger, defending or disputing incidents that did not happen.
      Be well,

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