Georgia murder shows media won’t cover Black on White crime even when the victim is an innocent baby


By Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer

Take a minute and try to imagine what would happen in this country if the following scenario had taken place.

A report describing how in broad daylight two White teenaged boys tried to rob a Black Brunswick Georgia woman at gunpoint as she was peacefully pushing her 13 month old son in his stroller. When she resisted pleading, “I don’t have any money” they callously shot and killed the baby.   

The gun did not “go off by accident.” The White thug meant to shoot the Black woman and did just that hitting her twice THEN turned the gun on the baby. A White thug calmly walked over to the stroller and shot the innocent Black baby in the face.

Putting aside her own pain and fear, the loving Black mother desperately tried to save her baby’s life by giving him CPR, but the helpless innocent child, shot in the face by a White assailant, died anyway.    

We don’t have to imagine how the media would cover this story because unfortunately except for the race of the killers and their victims which have been reversed everything else in this scenario is true and actually happened.

Is there any doubt that if the killers were White the New York Times would change its masthead to read “WHITES HATE AFRICAN AMERICANS ENOUGH TO KILL THEIR BABIES!” and keep that way for two weeks? Where is the righteous indignation of the White media in this revolting Black adult on White baby murder?  Where are the stories reminding readers that the New Black Panthers have consistently called for murdering White babies?

Is there any doubt that there would be wide brush accusations about White racial hatred coupled with calls for more Affirmative Action and slave reparations?

Where are the professionally aggrieved Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?  

Don’t hold your breath waiting for Jackson to descend on Brunswick  chanting tired slogans about racism and the KKK.   Sharpton is too busy making a fool of himself on his talk show to raise a voice in this case – the baby is White after all. Neither of them has dredged up images of 80 year old lynchings and beatings while beating his breast crying for “more gun control” to keep Blacks safe from Whites.  

And the media? Its answer is, “We don’t cover Black on White crime even when the victim is a baby – get over it.”  




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4 thoughts on “Georgia murder shows media won’t cover Black on White crime even when the victim is an innocent baby”

  1. Seems as though the liberal media expects that blacks are supposed to commit these types of heinous acts of mayhem and this kind of news is expected and not noteworthy. Of course because they need to hide the fact that they’re the party that is actually the racists and not who they project to be they have to keep any mention of stories like this as quiet as possible so as not to let the cat out of the bag by overly reporting. They don’t fool me at all. History has shown us the truth no matter how much they deny it.

  2. The media are out of business in American now. They only report on politics and liberal-promoting stories. In essence, they have become a vestigial wing of the regime. Even the local newspaper is so liberal now that the only thing that’s worthwile about it is the crossword puzzle. Even there, they like to put in questions about Obama and the Muslim faith. It’s really sad.

  3. “Where are the professionally aggrieved Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?”

    The “Runnin’ Reverends” won’t show up for this one until they go to trial. Then they’ll come a-runnin’ and whine that the thugs are not getting a fair trial because the jury has some whites on it.

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