Global Government or Global Governance: there is a difference

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

The National Intelligence Council (NIC) recently released “Global Governance 2025: At a Critical Juncture.” This report is an, “informal contribution to an important international debate on the way forward for global, regional, and bilateral institutions and frameworks to meet emerging challenges such as climate change, resource management, international migration flows, and new technologies.”


The NIC website carries this statement, “The NIC is a center of strategic thinking within the US Government, reporting to the Director of National Intelligence and providing the President and senior policymakers with analyses of foreign policy issues that have been reviewed and coordinated throughout the Intelligence Community.” The NIC has been in existence since 1979; prior to that it was known as the Board of National Estimates.

World Government?

This disclaimer is posted in the introduction “Global governance does not equate to world government, which would be virtually impossible for the foreseeable future, if ever.” Sovereignty issues, national, ethnic and regional identity along with institutional mistrust would make such an entity impossible to establish.

 International and regional organizations can never be a governmental entity. They are usually restricted by treaty, and/or agreements between member states. It generally cannot violate sovereignty of any other country, short of war, without the consent of that country.  The upside is the number of countries readily offering mutual aid after disasters.

What is Global Governance?

Global Governance is cooperation between nations to address common problems at the international level. It can be seen as a formal multinational organization (NATO, EU, etc.) that can have military, law enforcement and Intelligence cooperation, working together to combat threats such as drug trafficking and terrorism. For example, Global Governance could carry out drug interdiction in Columba and strike operations against terrorists in Pakistan.  Global Governance provides a framework for monetary (IMF, World Bank), regional (NORAD, Arab League) and trade (WTO). 


The future of Global Governance, as regards to Intelligence, provides a strategic vision of its possible role in international affairs. Let’s say that OPEC decided to boycott China or North America by cutting of oil supplies.  Global Governance  would consider questions such as: What is the possibility and how would that effect world security? Could this situation lead to a war?


Intelligence Agencies must consider any all threats to the United States.

Isolationism is a luxury of the past. International interdependence and the rapid increase of the global movement of oil, food, technology and communication are realities America can ill afford to be disengaged from. International agreements have become a necessity for the security of America and the world; without it commerce would be nonexistent.

 America’s participation with global governance doesn’t mean we are going to surrender our sovereignty.  A healthy suspicion of treaties is a uniquely American trait, but we must never let it cloud our judgment concerning International Affairs.

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3 thoughts on “Global Government or Global Governance: there is a difference”

  1. you are FOR world governance??? you are FOR the world telling us that sharia rules the entire world and so all Christians, Jews and anyone else non Ilsamic will die???
    give me a break.. do not fall for this global governance BS.. WE were the world superpower and now we are supposed to give all our resources to those whom we have been protecting all these years?? We are supposed to drop our level of comfortable living to that of whom??? those who sit under trees waiting for the blue helmets to feed them rice?? no thanks.
    and btw.. the new world order according to George Soros, the man who controls Obama, is going to be the kingdom of satan on Earth.. already the persecution of Christians has begun in our own nation…

  2. Nice Debra! I agree…its just another play on words to confuse the people hungry for truth. I'm glad states are joining Arizona and Oklahoma in refusing to play with the feds. I believe its folks like you that take a stand, will eventually turn this country around. There is change in the air and I pray for the de jure government in place now. See: as we are forming in every county, in every state throughout the nation…yes, Christians have a job right now…Stand on His Promises! God Bless You

  3. Global governance and government are the same thing with a tiny banking elite ruling the world and the rest of us being slaves and tax cattle and it will attempt to rob you of your sovereignty thru NATO treaties to usurp your countries constitution, bill of rights and independence. If you watch the U.N. they do this already with other countries. I only hope all the American people wake up and see your being taking for a ride and these globalists our in both parties including some in the independent party as well that are at the ready to sell you out and they will folks just look at what they have done to your jobs shipping them over seas and all the open fraud going on. And stay off the main stream news they lie to you and are scripted and read off teleprompters just like your puppet president. Say no to the New World Order

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