Going Galt without even knowing it

By Basil Irwin, staff writer

A blogger named David McElroy recently wrote of a Birmingham (Alabama) businessman who, after listening to a room full of moochers and leeches piss whine and moan about the evils of business,  publicly threw in the towel regarding his attempt to open a new coal mine.

 David compared what happened to a scene right out of “Atlas Shrugged” and then mused, “But I wonder how long it’s going to be before businesspeople really do start walking away and deciding it’s not worth doing business in America today. Or is it already happening and we just don’t know it?” 

Well, David, it’s going on right now all around us and we do in fact know all about it. I have a good friend from high school who was drafted in  the Vietnam era, then earned his civil engineering Bachelor of Science degree afterward at N.C. State via the GI Bill. He started his own construction company,  and has run it ever since,  directly employing dozens of people and spending millions annually on equipment and materials,  thereby employing countless others. Until now;  until Obama was elected.

The bottom fell out of the economy under Obammunist economic policies, and then Obamacare de-exempted small construction companies from the 50-employee exemption as demanded by the unions so they could kill all non-union construction companies. Well it worked.

My friend said he was finally fed up and was finally able to say what Obama has demanded that all productive people must say,  namely, “I have enough money”. He said he figured he had worked hard all his life,  saved his earnings,  and it was finally it was time to enjoy his savings. My friend fired all his employees, gave away all his equipment (which was fundamentally worthless anyway since everyone else was dumping their equipment too) and retired. Like many who enjoy the work they do, he probably would otherwise have died with his boots on, contributing to society right until the end. But Obammunism forced his hand, and for him personally it was a good thing because he is developing health problems, and in the not-too-distant future would have eventually been unable to enjoy his hard-earned savings.

And the benefit to society in my friend prematurely retiring? Not so much. Simply another productive individual removed from the productivity pool by Obammunism,  another employer prematurely removed from the employer pool, another taxpayer removed from the tax rolls. He is just another producer who “Went Galt” without even knowing what the phrase meant.

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This day in history July 27

1996: A pipe bomb exploded in an Atlanta park during the Olympic Games

 Six Wisconsin Republican State Senators need your help. They are facing a union thug forced recall election. The most endangered is Dan Kapanke, he really needs your help:


In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both.  What have you done today to deserve to live in America?

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11 thoughts on “Going Galt without even knowing it”

  1. Well Basil-I wish him well and we must mourn the passing of his and potentially thousands of firms owned by Americans who have given their vitality to enterprises that employed hundreds of thousands of workers and taxpayers.
    I hope you recommend that he buy gold and silver as the dollar could soon become worthless and get a few guns with ammo. I fear it´s gonna get rough.
    God save America!

  2. More evidence the Obama scheme is working very nicely! How many more people are now dependent upon Big Brother due to your friend's having thrown in the towel in the face of impossible requirements and deliberately destructive anti-competition rules? Nothing creates Democrat voters more quickly than poverty, unemployment and dependency.

  3. This excellent article puts before us a real human being, a soul, behind the face of Corporate America.
    And what a tragedy it is.
    We all understand, somewhere in the back of our minds, competing with the banalities and conflicts of our own lives, that there exists all these nameless, hard-working people who dwell inside in "the business word"; but it isn't until we talk to a neighbor who is in foreclosure, or read such a tearful eulogy as that written by Basil, that we are slammed to a dead stop by the injustice, the utter needlessness, the shame and the enormity of it all.
    Basil's friend's life is being repeated over and over again in our country. Different faces is all.
    This, my friends, is one of the reasons why we are fighting so hard to affect positive change.
    Let the "status-quo", sell-out bastards in Congress, the traitorous bureaucrats who infest "Inside the Beltway", as well as our lousy, clueless and seditious President, know ( in NO uncertain terms ), without equivocation or compromise, that we are coming for them with malice aforethought.
    We CAN and We WILL take back our country because the children of Lady Liberty have had enough !

      1. Hi Raymond!
        Would you care to share more of your thoughts as an expansion of the above statement?
        We know that there has been nothing but one disastrous assault to freedoms (personal, economic and otherwise) after another from this administration. If you are drawing the same conclusions ( as many of us have), that all of these actions have been deliberate plans to undermine the morale, fiscal solvency, Sovereignty, and safety of America and Americans, then please do share your own thoughts on why this is taking place.
        We no longer have to assume what the intentions of this President are. His actions have spoken volumes of malice toward us as citizens and toward our Republic. Perhaps the "whys" no longer matter; and that the only important issue is what are we , across America, going to do about it.
        Best wishes, Jo

          1. C'mon Raymond, I'm a preacher's kid! I can take it! Could you be a little more specific?
            By the way, is that really a picture of you beside your address name? Don't want to make you blush Dear, but
            va-va-va-voom !

          2. Honeychile! there are so many words of God that certainly you cannot expect me to remember them ALL and to additionally apply them into the precise context ! Not even you can do that!
            Besides, I trust in the morality and ethics which I have learned over the years; some are bible-learned and some are as blissfully common sense as Aesop's Fables and the morals which they convey. Hopefully, I conduct myself properly and apply life's lessons I have learned from a host of teachers (including the school-of-hard-knocks).
            You seem to believe that being a preacher's kid is supposed to imbue me with some additional adoration for, and knowledge of Biblical lore. Well, I hate to be the one to break it to you dear, but historically, anyway, preacher's kids are no different than other youngsters. Most of us just wanted to be kids. We learned a few important things along the way for sure, but mostly our parents, just like all the other parents in the world, only prayed that we would survive our teenage years , hoped we wouldn't get into any serious mischief, and trusted that one day all the values they taught us would finally kick-in to make us decent, respectable, trustworthy people. We weren't, and never have been "paragons of virtue". We just try to live well.
            Of course you would be married as you seem to be a decent chap. Just don't get your knickers in a twist because a woman offers you a compliment! Okay? :)
            Raymond, you seem like a very nice person; but I cannot give out my e-mail address. I hope you understand.

          3. Hi Joanne,
            Space does not allow me to present most of the evidence that I have.
            I would be glad to email it directly to you. Raymond :-)

  4. Hey Raymond ; All due respect,from one serviceman to another, shit or get off the pot. You claim knowledge above we average pee-ons, get to talking, or get lost. Simplt following the word of god is not what God spoke for, spreading his wisdom is. Thank you for your service in the Corps, now make your point.

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