Good riddance to PC phony beer companies who care more about not offending gays than Catholic rights

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

It seems like every year Catholics are threatened by various homosexual groups because they have declared war on our religion and the secular world helps them any way they can. This year the phonies who sell beer have joined them.

Subgroups within the homosexual community take the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day to try to force Catholics to violate deeply held religious doctrines against the celebration of homosexuality. They delight in their attempts to pressure the organizers of St. Patrick’s Day Parades around the country to allow them to march under a banner proclaiming their sexuality.

As often as they are turned away they reappear the following year.

They never want to hear the Catholic side of the argument. They will not allow that because they think St. Patrick’s Day is a day to get drunk and puke up green beer does not make it so.

The homosexual groups who want to make Catholics bow to their wishes don’t want to accept that St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of how a lowly slave returned to the land of his captivity and preached the good news of the Gospel to his former captors. They don’t want to hear that Patrick is a beloved figure in Irish history.

These things are understandable because these groups are selfish and don’t care about the doctrines of the Catholic Church. Their mere finding that Catholic doctrines are offensive is enough to get them the support of the secular world. 

Nevertheless this year has brought a new wrinkle to the “allowing gays to march is a celebration of their civil rights” argument.

The Guinness, Sam Adams and Heineken beer companies have decided that the religious rights of Catholics must be submerged to accommodate the commands of their homosexual customers. Hiding behind politically correct principles that require the rejection of religious doctrines, especially those held by the Catholic Church, these companies have withdrawn their sponsorship of the St. Patrick’s Day parades in Boston and New York. Ironically this is not a bad thing.

In doing so they have voluntarily unmasked themselves as nothing more than beer mongers not the least bit interested in Catholic values. They have thus made it easier for future parade committees to make the case that St. Patrick’s Day Parades are not drunken orgies but reaffirmation of the greatness of St. Patrick and his importance in the history of the Catholic Church.

This is a very good thing. We should all drink a good riddance toast to these phonies and advise them not to let the door hit them in the butt on their way out.

Now we are a little freer to be who we are: Proud Catholics who love St. Patrick.

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5 thoughts on “Good riddance to PC phony beer companies who care more about not offending gays than Catholic rights”

  1. I sent this and my Creativity/Sexuality Curve to these nitwits.:
    Guiness – The Ale for real (Girly) Men! Heineken for Heinies – Sam Adams for Sodomites

    Note: Real men like Catholics and others of all stripes have values too.

    You made your choice to politicize with the fudge packers instead of the breeders who are just enjoying life. Go for it Sweetie! I’m drinking Dos Equus with my corned beef and cabbage.

    1. Dos Equis? You do realize their spokesguy hosted Obama fundraisers the last election? So congrats on supporting the Muslim Kenyan sodomite usurper baby-killer’s agenda, you moonbat liberal!

      1. At least I swore off the Kenyan’s GM and Bought an American/Chinese/Thai/Japanese/Korean/Canadian/Mexican Ford C-Max yesterday.

        Moonbat liberal huh? I was on the Board of Christian Family Renewal when Paul and Judie Brown started American Life Lobby (now League) and needed a 501 (c)3 shelter they got as a dba of our pro-life organization.. May I assume that was before you were a twinkle in your Daddy’s eye?

        Join us at I’m Wild Vortex on the contributor list.

        Moonbat liberal ? I kind of like the ring of that, having lived in California way too long.

  2. Gays are the real bullies.

    Everything about the homosexual mafia is a lie.

    Matthew Shepard was not a victim of a homophobic redneck.

    Matthew Shepard was a drug dealer who was murdered by one of his gay customers with whom he would exchange drugs for sex.

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