GOP won’t investigate Kenya’s Standing Order #20 “..son of Kenya was elected America’s President”


By George Spelvin, staff writer

 The Republican leadership in Congress will not be investigating Obama’s Constitutional eligibility problem according to a leak out of a closed door meeting of top GOP rulers.  This is according to a commenter who had just read a post about Obama’s father being born in Kenya. They made this decision in a high stakes closed door meeting and are giving their rank and file members talking points centering on high gas prices and getting Americans back to work.

   Ironic indeed is a new video surfacing of the November 5, 2008, session of the Kenyan Parliament which reveals then Senator Barrack (their spelling) called the Kenyan Parliament’s Vice President at midnight to say: “”Mr. Vice President, could you make sure you sort out this problem?”  The producer of this amazing video asks viewers what was the problem this Kenyan parliamentarian should not talk about?  The Kenyan speaker, by translator, is bringing before the Kenyan ruling body Standing Order #20 which declares the next day, Wednesday, November 6, a national holiday “to celebrate the fact that a son of the soil of this country (Kenya) was elected America’s President!”  Order #20 goes on to “support that blood relation,” in the sentiment to “uphold true principles of the rule of law, democracy, and tolerance!”

  The Kenyan law maker tells fellow legislators: “I want to assure him [Barack Obama] that the problem has been sorted out.”  The phrase “sorted out” is a common British figure of speech for “handling the situation” or “making go away” as Americans would say.  “We are in a party mood.  We congratulate Senator John McCain for being graceful,” the speaker continues.

   The video producer, who urges viewers to watch it before someone takes it down, also shows a Barack Obama birth certificate from the King George VI (now Kenyatta National) Hospital.  She quotes a Kenyan Parliament speaker as addressing the problem of that country suffering under exclusion. “Now a young man born in Kenya who is not even a native American has become President of America. . .they do away (with) exclusion.”

  The speaker then calls for adjournment so Kenyans can celebrate with the same “excitement, pomp and colour (British spelling) as other African nations are doing.”  Recall here Obama’s book “Dreams From My Father” as he deplored the fact of British colonialism.

    Clearly, someone is lying.  Why would the Kenyan Parliament say Obama was a “son of the soil of Kenya” while Obama is spending upwards of 2 1/2 million dollars to hide the truth of his birth, his schooling, and licensing documents from the  American people?  How can Congress stonewall American citizens and refuse to investigate this matter, practically handing this man a second term?  When you have Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his lead investigator Mike Zullo reveal to a national audience that forensic analysis and their highly qualified researchers have found “FRAUD AND FORGERY” in the birth certificate released by the White House in April, 2011,  and Congress still refuses to vet Obama, this country is in serious trouble. Some observers are even calling what’s going on a frightening term for take over.

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14 thoughts on “GOP won’t investigate Kenya’s Standing Order #20 “..son of Kenya was elected America’s President””

    1. And you think that having a Kenya citizen as President is not sad? To win, you must be qualified to play. Obama was not qualified therefor he is not the winner of the election but a fraud and criminal. Those who trample on our Constitution also trample on our way of life.

      1. That state of Hawaii and the US Constitution say that Obama is eligible. A Kenyan declaration doesn't trump US law no matter how much Birthers fantasize about giving up our sovereignty. Sorry to burst your teeny, tiny bubble.

        1. The state of Hawaii has never stated that the birth certificate that the WH posted was a copy of what is on record. No Hospital in Hawaii has stated Obama was born there. If you think I am wrong, I would ask you to cite the reference for you information. The U.S. Contitution states that the President must be a "natural born Citizen". That mean that both his father and mother had to be U.S. Citizens. Of course Obama has admitted that his father was a citizen of Kenya. So then, how can you say that the "US Constitution say that Obama is eligible"? The President has released three items about himself–a fake short-form BC, a fake long-form BC and a ad from the Hawaii newspaper. None of those prove that he is a Citizen of the US and even it they did, he still is not a "natural born Citizen". Why not ask Obama why he continues to cover up his past history?

    2. Your fantasy of converting a corrupt politician, forger, frauder, deceptor, blackmailer and liar… into a Messiah… is even sadder.

      Mildred… doesn't it bother you, in the least, that a simple Communtiy Organizer, with NO executive experience at all, has SEALED every single one of his public records from view to anyone ( no one can verify anything he claims) AND has the launch codes to destroy entire civilizations? His secrecy doesn't bother you in the least? Really? Cowardly "followers" embarass most Americans. ~ Buck U. Ofama

    3. Mildred,

      I suggest you read this. This is how I believe Pelosi and the Democrat party pulled off this scam and fooled many Americans in the last election.

      One of these days Mildred you'll have to come to understand the current Democrat party, and the mains stream media that has gone all in, have become corrupt with power. They want so bad to push their progressive agenda on America, even though a majority of Americans don't want their progressive agenda, so they have to be deceptive and try to force it on us (they've been slowly forcing it on us for decades). Forcing an agenda is downright tyranny. I hope and pray you and Americans fooled by this corrupt party come to understand and help save our country from this cancer on America.

  1. Call it what it is. Don't dare say it….It's a bloodless coup and every congressman who does not allow full disclosure is a traitor. Those who continue to hide their heads in the sand are either brain dead or are themselves traitors.

  2. It was a coup but remains to be determined how bloodless! It’s the Criminal Elite vs the rest and that forebodes a lot of bloodletting.

  3. The facts that Romney’s father was born in Mexico, and the parents of the possible VP choice, Rubio, were born in Cuba, may be used to sweep away objections to Obama’s Kenyan birth. This may have been the plan all along. Our mainstream media is in the pocket of those who are attempting to destroy our sovereignty as a nation. Remember that David Rockefeller, at a Bilderberger meetinging 1991, thanked the NY Times, the Washington Post, and other media, for keeping secret for over forty years the plans of the “intellectual elite and world bankers, to establish an intranational governance as being preferable to that of multinational governance”. In other words, a one world government .

  4. I just sent off 3 letters to my Congress critters sending this story to them and asking them if there was going to be an investigation. I basically called them out and said is Congress going to continue to aid and abet this fraudulent criminal activity being committed by Obama. I've written before, and all I ever get is their belief that Obama is a United States Citizen born in Hawaii. Forget the facts, this is what they're telling me! Now, I'm not so naive as to believe that these Congress critters actually believe what they're saying. They are aiding and abetting Obama's criminal coverup! Plain and simple.

    I encourage everyone reading this post to do the same. Fire off letters to your congress critters and make sure you print out their replies to save for documentation. We have treason and sedition occurring at the highest leves of govt and we, as concerned American citizens, need to call them out on this!

    Thank you all.

    1. Nice try Richard, but each congresspeep has a dual-citizen intern staff that filters and approves of each email, visitor, letter or phone call they receive…all correspondance is 'vetted'. Yours will not be one that hits a congressional desk. Try another route.

  5. The problem is that the American people put up with this illegality in the first place. The fact that there are serious negative indicators regarding Obama's history doesn't seem to bother most people.
    It's not just the birth certificate. It's also the draft registration, the Connecticut social security number, etc.
    Collectively, we are the ones at fault. Just look at what we put up with at airports. A free people would not stand for that for a second.

    1. I do not think that we all are at fault. There have been lots of people who have been fighting for the truth since Obama began his run for President. The fault lie with Obama first, who knows he is not eligible. The Courts have refused to take on over 50 some cases by dismissing them without a hearing. The US Supreme Court has refused to hear over 7-10 cases with more to come. Our elected official (R and D and I) refuse to live up to their oath to protect the Constitution. We can reveal the truth if we continue to press our elected official and ask out candidates what they plan to do about Obama criminal offenses. Don't give up the Ship!!!

  6. If you want to understand what is going on to get Obama off the 2012 ballot, please visit this site.
    It has news of what is going on in all the states and how you can contribute to revealing the truth about our illegal man in the WH.

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