Got a secret? Obama does and he can’t keep them



 By Jim Emerson, staff writer

 To show the world that Barack Obama is a powerful effective leader this White House may have been leaking classified information to the New York Times. Such political gamesmanship during an election year endangers people and future intelligence operations against America’s adversaries. There is no evidence that these leaks were from a whistle-blower for illicit acts or corruption. (1)

  Kill List

 The New York Times (2) published an article showing Obama as a mastermind who selects and prioritizes which terrorists to kill. As former CIA chief Jose Rodriguez pointed out to 60 Minutes dimwit Lesley Stahl “We don’t capture anyone  Lesley…the default option of this administration has been to kill all prisoners. Take no prisoners, the drones. How could it be more ethical to kill people rather than capture them?” (3) Obama campaigned against the war on terrorism but the Chicago thug learned well it’s better to kill the terrorist than have prisoners who could be a political embarrassment. This report was nothing more than a political ad that reveled how terrorists are selected for a drone hit.

 Underwear Bomb Déjà vu

The CIA foiled an al-Qaida attempt to employ a new underwear bomb that is undetectable to body scanners and other security measures. It was revealed to the media that the bomber was actually a CIA informant who handed over the device to Americans to analyze. The bomber was to board an American bound passenger jet from overseas airport in order to take advantage of its lack of security. (4)

 Bin Laden Doctor

 Pakistani doctor Shakeel Afridi helped the CIA locate Osama Bin Laden by collecting DNA from Vaccination shots administered at the Abbottabad compound.  Several weeks after the terrorist leader was killed Dr. Afridi was arrested by Pakistani intelligence investigating allegation of CIA collaboration. He was convicted by a tribal court and pretty much being ignored by this administration. How the doctor was compromised is still unknown, but this will make it difficult for future informants to trust the United States. (5)

 Olympic Games

 During the Bush Admiration the United States launched Codename; Olympic Games, a cyber-attack against Iran’s nuclear program. Obama learned of the program and ordered it to be accelerated in hopes of delaying Iran’s progress for about 18 months. It was during this push that a Stuxnet worm was released and raised havoc on the internet. (6) Israel’s involvement in the program to attack Iran’s enrichment facilities reveled and acknowledged the existence of “Flame” a data-mining virus that is being used to attack the computers of high-ranking Iranian officials.

 SEAL Team Six

It shouldn’t surprise readers of the Coach is Right that this Administration has a terrible time keeping secrets. The revelation of the SEAL Team Six taking out bin Laden and allowing an Obama friendly production team unfettered access to classified information from one of the raid’s planners, Seal Team Six, CIA, and the Pentagon shouldn’t surprise anyone either. The movie makers are pretty much using the White House narrative to make a pro Obama re-election campaign movie.  Again Obama doesn’t mind leaking secrets to win an election. The movie’s producer, Kathryn Bigelow (Hurt Locker) will most likely release the movie after the election.

 Congressional Hearings

 Both Democrats and Republicans are calling for congressional hearings and the call for a special prosecutor to investigate intelligence leaks. As of this writing both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees are planning on hearings regarding National Security leaks. The White House is denying providing classified information the press and the FBI have been called to investigate the leak to the New York Times. (9) Eric Holder’s Justice Department is already in the mix to protect Obama by insisting that the leaks themselves don’t warrant a special prosecutor. (8) Let’s see how the old media is going to spin this story.

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7 thoughts on “Got a secret? Obama does and he can’t keep them”

  1. Of all the comments about the "Birthers" and how and when BO was born. I wonder why there is no reference to any relatives here in the USA of his mother? Surely they would know the whereabouts of where he was hatched at?

    1. Chuck…You make an interesting observation and something worthy of exploring.
      However if Stanley Ann Dunham's parents or other relatives are still alive and haven't changed their last names due to the shame brought to this country by their daughter (or relative),, it would be my guess that they would refuse to speak with anyone regarding the under-aged trollop who pursued Black ideologues…simply to save themselves and their reputations any further embarrassment .
      You must remember one thing…any proper girl, in the '50s and '60s who traveled from coast to coast in search of black malcontents such as Malcom X was not considered a "nice" girl…she was someone who never got to "meet your Parents"…and being a part of that whole "artsy-fartsy" existential Beatnik-Kerouac, "Roots"-searching, self-absorbed generation who dabbled in drugs and hallucinogens….this still young and very impressionable "mother -of-the-president" was more likely a 'legend in her own mind '….just like her son….

  2. In John Guandolo's talk last week – see my "Obama's 57 States" post – he laid out a very clear path of the incursions of the Muslim Brotherhood into the bowels of the Administration. This includes the highest levels of the security apparatus and Homeland Security. Guandolo displayed an affidavit signed by 4 of America's highest level security people. They attested that they had not been advised of MB incursions. He also reported that the last of 4 Islamic counter-terrorism training programs has been cancelled. Our military and law enforcement are operating blind in many cases.

    1. Hi Toddyo ! I'm happy that SOMEONE is mapping out the location of all these "moles"…it will certainly make it easier for Romney to remove them…. assuming the House and Senate will once again fund the Islamic counter-terrorism programs so we are still alive and intact as a nation to vote Obama out this November !

  3. I submit that there is no such thing as "an intelligence leak" coming out of the Oval Office, 'The Liar-in-Chief's administration, or the Congress….there has been nothing "intelligent' about 99% of the actions taken by of any of these entities…ergo, nothing of substance to report…most that could happen are "Spin" Messages….mini-'white paper'-lies designed for dis-information regarding issues which all of them want buried….
    As an aside…regarding the topic headline 'Bin Laden Doctor'….Obama may well leave Alfridi twisting in the wind as HE was the one who forced Obama's hand and imperiled "Tho One's" immortal Muslim soul for taking the life of another Muslim….especially such a GREAT and true Muslim as Bin Laden who was only doing the work of Allah. (Yuk !).
    The U.S. Senate however took a different tactic with Pakistan who had sentenced Afridi to 33 years in prison….
    Those 'none-to-bright' boys and girls play-acting as our Country's leaders decided to get symbolic about the whole Alfridi treatment; and reduced America's foreign aid payment to Pakistan by a whopping $33 million…….
    This action so outraged the Pakistanis that they cancelled a scheduled meeting of their "intelligence"-community reps with our CIA spooks to discuss "intelligence sharing" !!
    Does anyone else see the irony and stupidity in this?
    NOTE TO SENATE/CONGRESS………NEXT TIME cut ALL foreign aid, (YES ! every damn penny of it !!), to the Pakistanis…perhaps they'll become so irate they'll blow THEMSELVES up, rather than our military personnel still indentured to serve in that Godless place called Afghanistan.

  4. It has appeared to me since the Arab Spring that Obama's handlers are busy getting rid of inconvenient Muslim dictators – you know – the ones with friendly tourist exchanges; Coptic churches able to function without being bombed, strafed or burned; peace and trade pacts with Israel, however tenuous, 30,000 bombing sorties to get rid of Qaddafi – Bernardine Dorhn over helping out the Palestinians, Stan Greenberg (as I recall) – Democrat strategist over helping organize the "freedom fighters" who just want democracy in the Middle East – Sharia style. Treason?
    Did you know the new constitutions in Iraq and Afghanistan sound great except for the caveat that they be interpreted according to Sharia?

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