Hating Christian chicken sandwiches; the Democrats’ desperate try to create enthusiasm

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

It has been a long time since the Democrats stood for Christian principles, but under Barack Obama they have taken to attacking Christians as enemies.    

The latest Democrat attack on Christian values comes in their calls to boycott Chick-fil-A a family owned restaurant chain run on Christian values. Chick-fil-A won’t open on Sundays or kowtow to Democrat demands to recognize Gay “marriages” so the restaurant chain has become an enemy.

The Democrat Party runs on hate. They hate and want to destroy anybody who will not act the way THEY demand them to. They have survived by keeping their base angry and hate filled so they will march zombie-like to the polls to keep Democrats in power. 

Democrats are a morally bankrupt and hate filled bunch that feels it must destroy anything and anyone that is wholesome. “We hate people who don’t hate what we hate, or love what we love” sums up their position on everything.  

Now after years of using the same tired old playbook, they have run out of plausible targets to tell their robotic voters to hate. With no one else left to hate, they are aiming their guns at Christians because Christians won’t bow down to the Homosexuals who bankroll Democrats. Nevertheless, hating one’s own faith seems to be where even the Democrat base draws the line. Trying to stir up hatred of Christians crosses a line and it’s chasing people away from the Democrats.

The Democrat base doesn’t plan to vote because they can’t be bothered and being asked to hate their own religion to satisfy the Democrats is too much. Years of hearing they are being excluded from “The White man’s world” have left many minority rank and file Democrats with the impression that voting isn’t worth the effort.  These attacks on Christianity have pushed the Democrat base to a tipping point about voting in November.

A new Gallup survey underlines this truth. It says compared to 2008 Republican enthusiasm is up 16 points and Democrat enthusiasm to vote is down 22 points.

Hating Christian chicken sandwiches won’t help the Democrats. It will make things worse. A Democrat boycott ought to be countered with a “Mancott” of Chick-fil-A to show support for our right to resist the immoral Democrats’ demands for ever increasing depravity. By the way, the Chick-fil-A deluxe chicken sandwich comes with great lattice cut fries and a drink for a great price.  

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2 thoughts on “Hating Christian chicken sandwiches; the Democrats’ desperate try to create enthusiasm”

  1. I saw that interview with the Octogenarian owner of Chick-fil-A, and a sweeter, more gentle soul in this whole world would be extremely difficult to find…if not downright impossible
    He is what we have always yearned for and desperately needed and wanted from our own Dads and Grandpas…
    There is NO gentleman left on this earth LESS judgemental than this chain’s owner.
    I only wish there was a Chick-fil-A restraunt here in Anchorage, Alaska….as I would be on their door step PRONTO as a show of my good faith in their nondiscriminatory policies….my Sister and her husband went to their Chick-fil-A for precisely the same reason…
    To all the uptight, self-important,rabble-rousing element in the gay and Lesbian community who seem to have taken over the VOICE for the entire gay rights movement….you folks better get your heads screwed back on correctly…..you have NO FINER advocate for equal, kind, and courteous treatment than the Chick-fil-A chain of stores. You are as welcome there as any of us….but if you don’t believe me….listen up….you can ALWAYS refuse to come through the front door to find out !!

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