Heads he loses; tails we win: Barack Obama’s walk down the Gay marriage plank

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

  As November gets closer, with few options open to him, Barack Obama has elected to gamble that he can walk on a very narrow plank to victory. In May when Obama “evolved” back to being for Gay “marriage” he was taking a calculated risk. He knew, or should have known, that he would face a strong backlash from his African American base. When the backlash came, was a lot stronger than anyone would have expected.

In 2008 Blacks flocked to the polls to vote for Obama at a 95% rate. That surge was enough put him over the top and win election.

  Nevertheless, this year things are very different. Gay marriage has lost 32 public votes without a single victory and shows no signs of being backed by a majority of Americans in general and African Americans in particular. African American ministers are not just disappointed with Obama, they are furious with him over his newly “evolved” position. To make things worse for Obama he has stubbornly refused to even meet with  Rev. William Owens a powerful leader in the Black Church who wants answers.  It has now been a full month since Rev. Owens requested a White House meeting with the president   and so far he has been ignored.     

Democrats double down on Gay marriage

 The Democrat National Committee has announced it will include support for Gay marriage as one of the center piece issues it will give Obama to run on. There is now no way to turn this around. If the Democrats back down on this issue they will lose Gay money and further depress their already unenthusiastic Leftist base. If they don’t back down they will feel a backlash from their African America supporters not seen in modern history. Two separate polls, one in North Carolina  (PPP), the other in Georgia  (Gallup) found the same level of discontent with Obama – 20% of Black respondents said they would either not vote for Obama or actually vote for Mitt Romney.   

  In the face of this damned if you do; damned if you don’t situations the fortunes of Barack Obama are very much in doubt.

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This day in history August 1

1867: Because of the victory of the Republican led Union Army, newly freed African Americans in Tennessee are allowed to vote for the very first time. To read about how hypocritical the Democrats have been over the past 200 years. Get you copy of Coach’s new book Crooks Thugs and bigots: the lost hidden and changed history of the Democratic Party available at: http://crooksthugsandbigots.com 

 In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both. 

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4 thoughts on “Heads he loses; tails we win: Barack Obama’s walk down the Gay marriage plank”

  1. Not only is same-sex marriage wrong from a religious point of view, but it makes no sense from the secular side either once the societal function of marriage is properly understood, i.e., to produce and raise the next generation of civil society.

    Thus, society has a unique vested interest in promoting traditional marriage and it is for this very reason that the civil/secular aspect of marriage actually is primarily a contract between the marrying couple and their community. Society agrees to provide the couple with official recognition and support, including monies that are taken from the general tax-paying population and given over to the couple and their children in the form of tax breaks, school funding and other benefits. For their part, the couple make an implicit good faith agreement to remain bound in matrimony and to attempt to produce and responsibly raise any ensuing children. This simply has no parallel in (non-existent) homosexual marriage. No matter what they are called, same-sex unions are intrinsically unable to bring an equal value to the table in this regard, so there is absolutely no reason why society should be expected to provide these relationships with equal recognition and support.

    If same-sex couples wish to hold private, extralegal commitment ceremonies and privately call themselves “married” that should be their right, but they, in turn, must respect my privacy rights and stay well out of my face about it, let alone expect the community at large to be forced to be an unwilling party to their private agreements. For reasons of public health, society has an interest in encouraging abstinence and monogamy, regardless of sexual orientation, but this rises nowhere near to the level of compelling interest that traditional marriage uniquely provides.

    Sadly, as part of the ongoing assault on our way of life as free and sovereign citizens under our Constitution, the forces of the “progressive” left have been attempting to diminish or kill the nuclear family and replace it with the nanny state. They denigrate and trivialize traditional marriage by attempting to reduce it to simply one of many “equally valid” hedonistic cum se cum sa relationships (if same-sex marriage, why not plural marriage, sibling marriage or even parents marrying their own grown children?). People born with their sexuality truly cross-wired are a very small percentage of the population, so what these people do privately really doesn’t have much of an impact one way or another, but allowing them and their “cause” to used by the left to knock out the very foundation of civil society must not be allowed. Obama-fraud is likely bi- or homosexual himself, but it is in this prior regard (an attempt to break down our society) that he is steadfastly pursuing his immoral agenda.

    Along with the left’s attacks on marriage, one of their other great crimes against society has been their attempt to assassinate fatherhood (at first primarily in the black community) by the insidiously named “welfare” system, which actually is just more premeditated evil hypocrisy under the guise of good intentions. You all know the ploy, the “do-gooder” left embraces its latest victim with one arm and coos, “Poor dear, you can’t possibly make it on your own – let me help.” while its unseen hand slowly slips the knife of governmental dependency between the hapless victim’s shoulder blades.

    Usurper OUT! NObama 2012. Protect the Constitution – elect a natural born American!

  2. Not surprisingly, one amoral organization (the DNC), endorses another, the Gay community….we hope they will be very happy together in the sinking boat they have both selected.

  3. Republican vs. Democrat Women…
    Although beauty may be only skin deep,
    ugliness penetrates to the bone. Teresa Kerry
    (John Kerry’s wife) is on this clip, when I saw her face
    it sent shivers through my body, she takes ugly to a new level.

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