Hello Pakistan; can you hear me now?

 By Jim Emerson, staff writer

 Last week Adm. Mullen told the Senate Armed Services Committee the American Military had “credible intelligence” that the Pakistani Intelligence Services was the guiding hand behind the Sept 13 Tet Offensive like attack on Kabul and the truck bombing on a American base killing Afghanis and wounding 77 American soldiers.  As previously reported on here, the Haqqani Network, a band of terrorists, are provided a sanctuary in Pakistan and in turn serve as proxy to assert Pakistan’s influence in Afghanistan.

 The Admiral’s assertions were the first time a senior official has acknowledged the link between the Haqqani Network and the Pakistani Intelligence Service. This has raised tensions between the US and Pakistan which have been on the brink since the killing of bin Laden last May. Pakistan has been exposed as an untrustworthy ally in the war on terrorism.

 State Department

 State Department officials were upset with Adm. Mullen’s accusation; they wished it wasn’t so blunt. Telling the truth in diplomatic circles is a major faux pas.  The relationship of the Haqqani Network and the Pakistan government has been a thorny issue between the countries for the last week.

 American diplomats are trying to smooth over the events and allow the Pakistanis to save face in the Diplomatic community. Although State does know about the relationship of the Haqqani Network and the Pakistanis they refuse to recognize the Haqqani Network as a terrorist organization. Nevertheless, the administration is now completing a final review of the situation which will likely designate them as a terrorist organization.  

 Diplomats don’t want the Haqqani Network to become a wedge between the nations. The Pakistanis won’t say it but they do like the billions in free money we give them. The State Department, meanwhile,  is having a difficult time stating the obvious: Pakistan cannot be trusted. State insists  we need Pakistan as a valuable ally in the war on terror, however, since the Network has been killing Americans in Afghanistan their words might be seen as hollow denials of the grounds for additional retaliation strikes inside Pakistan.

  The White House announced that they are going to put pressure on the Pakistan Government to sever ties with terrorist elements inside its boarders- more hollow talk.

 Pakistan’s response

 Pakistan denies any affiliation with the terrorist organization and insists that the Americans haven’t provided proof that any members of the Pakistan Intelligence Service have anything to do with the Haqqani Network.

 During the 20 hour attack on the U.S. Embassy and NATO Headquarters the terrorists were using cell phones to maintain constant contact with their Pakistani handlers. The Pakistanis didn’t plan on the terrorists getting killed with the cell phones on them; or our guys picking them up and saying, “Hey Pakistan!  Can you hear me now?”

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One thought on “Hello Pakistan; can you hear me now?”

  1. The lies told as truth about all things PK IS as dangerous for all foreign policy as, the war on America's border.
    Both are backed by terrorism. Both are backed by unlimited funds and weopons from other souces no one wants to mention for the truth in reporting. Yet we allow our men and women to be sent to these cesspools and fight for some made up ideology under the banner of the American flag . It makes us" feel good" we"re told, to think we are expanding our influence in a thrid world tribal culture that has, no basic values, or repsect, for human life and don't want to be like us. .
    PK can you hear us now? and tomorrow and next week?
    Our USA dollars money sent there is helping to support terrorism there and on our border.

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