Help these 5 conservatives win: Mandel Ohio Brown Mass. Akin Mo. Harrington and Mack Florida

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 Please send these five conservatives whatever you can to bring them over the line.

Josh Mandel US Senate Ohio

Josh Mandel is the kind of courageous, principled leader we need to bring fiscal sanity to the Senate. In the Senate he will vote to cut taxes, balance the budget, repeal Obamacare, and get rid of the Obama-era regulations that  hurt our economy.

Sherrod Brown his opponent has a ZERO lifetime American Conservative Union rating. Rasmussen calls this one a tie at 46/46. With Romney surging in Ohio and Brown another Democrat unable to get above 46% Mandel can win with our help. 

Todd Akin US Senate Missouri

Todd Akin is thisclose to Democrat leftist Claire McCaskill. She is another incumbent who is below 46% and ahead just 45.8%/43.5%.  We know the whole story about Akin’s foolish statement, but keep in mind that Akin has an American Conservative Union rating of 97% and she has an ACU rating of 15% three points less than Harry Reid’s 18%. 

Scott Brown US Senate Massachusetts

Scott Brown is our man in liberal infested Massachusetts. He is as conservative (74% ACU) as he can be so far above the Mason/Dixon Line. His Democrat opponent is a fraudulent creep who lied about being an Indian to steal a  college admission in college using a fake affirmative action claim.   

Karren Harrington Congress vs. Debbie Wasserman Schultz

 Harrington is down just 4.5 points to Schultz who beat her 60/39 in 2010. The same poll shows Harrington actually winning by .3% among absolute voters. The 16 points of undecideds can spell defeat for this snarky liberal with a 0% ACU rating.   

 Connie Mack candidate for US Senate Florida

During his four terms in the House Mack has built a strong conservative record through his efforts to rein in spending, improve our economy, and keep Americans safe.  He voted against TARP and “ObamaCare.”  He is the original sponsor of the Mack-Penny plan (HR 1848), which cuts spending by one percent each year for six years, caps overall spending at 18% of GDP, and balances the budget without raising taxes.  In the Senate, he will be a conservative voice the reforms we urgently need.  Mack has a 96% lifetime ACU rating and Democrat Bill Nelson has just an 8% lifetime ACU rating. 

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