Here’s a message for Gingrich supporters in Iowa, take a good look at Newt before you vote

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 Besides his stunning leap in yesterday’s Rasmussen Iowa poll, Newt Gingrich is surging in a few national polls and sagging badly in at least one Iowa poll. What the final numbers will show in Iowa remains to be seen.

   Nevertheless, aside from his “paper serving” episode with one of his ex wives there are a few additional very important items in Gingrich’s past – some not very far back – that demand a closer look.

 Gingrich has been tagged by Willard Romney as the inspiration for Romneycare and eventually Obamacare’s requirement for a individual health care mandate which would require all of us to march lockstep into the clutches of a gray faceless socialist health care system. In his 2008 book “Real Change” Gingrich wrote   “Finally, we should insist that everyone above a certain level buy [health-care] coverage [or, if they are opposed to insurance, post a bond].” Post a bond? Really Mr. Gingrich and just who would hold the bond money – the federal government?

 Gingrich supports a “partial amnesty.” He would accept a “partial amnesty for illegal aliens” to help them game our system. He seems to rely on the liberal’s favorite way to justify destroying our legal system – the old tried and true sob story citing the “plight” of a 19 year old illegal brought here at 3 years old. By his logic there are very few laws that could not be repealed. Mr. Gingrich a “partial amnesty” is like being “partially pregnant” or “partially dead” it just doesn’t exist.  

Despite his kind of, sort of, opposition to TARP BEFORE he supported it, he warned us that it was a recipe for, “..crony capitalism and the appearance of — if not the actual existence of — corruption.” Why support it then Mr. Gingrich?

 In 1987 Gingrich co-sponsored a bill to bring back the Fairness Doctrine which would have destroyed conservative Talk Radio and Television shows.

 Reminding us that being well thought of is STILL more important than conservative principles Gingrich said, “We do agree our country must take action to address climate change,” while sitting on a sofa with Nancy Pelosi.  

 In May Gingrich not only rejected Paul Ryan’s plan for saving Medicare, but said, “I don’t think right-wing social engineering is any more desirable than left-wing social engineering.” When Gingrich asked about his comments he lied and denied he was talking about Ryan’s plan. To prove it had nothing to do with Paul Ryan’s plan he apologized to him as any squishy Washington Beltway politician would.

 Anyone who thinks Gingrich will be a president who will help restore the power of states as designed by the Tenth Amendment ought to think again. In a Gingrich White House the power over our lives will continue to be sucked up by the voracious appetite of an ever growing federal government. No amount of “right wing social engineering” will save us from a big government fan like Newt Gingrich.       

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1978: Jim Jones, aU.S.pastor, led 914 of his followers to their deaths atJonestown,Guyana, by drinking a cyanide-laced fruit drink. Cult members who refused to swallow the drink were shot.

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5 thoughts on “Here’s a message for Gingrich supporters in Iowa, take a good look at Newt before you vote”

  1. Newt is a brilliant individual but he has prostituted himself far too eagerly to the whims and wishes of party elders in order to get their approval for his shot at the White House. How in hell can ANY self proclaimed conservative endorse Didi Scozzafava or allow himself to be connected with the phony global warming bunch? Sorry Newt, but supporting you is too tough for me.

  2. I will not vote at all if the GOP continues to push Romney on us. Newt with all his faults is much better then Romney as he tells the truth and Romney is a man with no character besides that which he wants the GOP to believe. He is a White Obama

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