Hey Black, White female, Hispanic and teenaged Obama voters “NOW how’s that change thing working out?”

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Blacks, White females, Hispanics, and teenagers chanted “Change, change, change, we want change!” They wanted change and got it. Unfortunately we got the change as well.

Friday’s Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers proved they got exactly what they wanted and what we feared.

What change did these dimwits get? UNEMPLOYMENT!

The Blacks who voted purely on race to elect “Brother Barack” got their change.

The naïve White females who voted for Obama because “white men are evil war mongers” wanted change and they got it.

The Hispanics who saw Obama as a soft touch to relax boarder control, wanted change and got it.

Obama’s under educated teenaged Clearasil Commandoes thought it was their duty to show how liberal they are by voting for Obama’s changes; they got it.

Comparing unemployment levels for the first quarter of 2008 with today’s numbers makes the case that Obama has delivered on his promise of “change.”

In Q1 of 2008 the unemployment rate for White women was 4.3%. Today Obama’s girls are suffering from 7.0% unemployment.

In Q1 of 2008 the unemployment rate for Hispanics was 6.5%. Today 11.4% of Obama’s Latinos are sitting home unemployed.

In Q1 of 2008 the unemployment rate for teenagers was 16.8%. Today 21.7% of Obama’s Clearasil Commandoes are unemployed.

In Q1 of 2008 the unemployment rate for Blacks was 8.8%. Today Obama’s 95% supporters are 13.3% unemployment.

These fools plus conservatives who stayed home to “teach them a lesson” (whoever “them” is), voted for the worst President in American history because, after all “things can’t get any worse – right?”

The skunks in the media sold us out because they asked not a single meaningful question of “the Messiah” and mocked those who did.

They wanted change and got it, unfortunately we got it as well.

Now it is up to us to clean up the mess these fools made. On Election Day they did their best to destroy America. We have to do our best to restore our beloved country. Get motivated. Get educated. Get involved. Stay engaged until we win. Go to your local April 15 TEA PARTY!
This is the only way we can revive America and have anything to hand down to our children and grandchildren.

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