Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano LIES to House Committee about Fast and Furious

By Doug Book, staff writer

 During her October 25th testimony before the House Government Oversight Committee,  Department of Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano claimed  she has never spoken about Fast and Furious with Attorney General Eric Holder,  had never heard of the deadly scheme prior to the December 2010 killing of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry (as it was an ATF operation) and although head of Homeland Security,  considered it unnecessary to learn more about the deliberate SMUGGLING of thousands of weapons into the hands of Mexican drug dealers because there was an investigation being performed by the Inspector General at the Department of Justice.

 The degree of outright dishonesty exhibited by Napolitano that afternoon is rivaled only by that of Eric Holder in his House Committee testimony several weeks earlier.

 Responding to a question from Committee chair Darrell Issa about her activities following Terry’s death,  Napolitano said,  “my number one concern  [was]  that those responsible for the shooting death of Agent Terry were brought to justice.”

 Were that actually the case,  why would former prosecutor Napolitano make no protest when three of the Mexican illegals taken into custody at the scene of Terry’s murder were subsequently deported to Mexico several weeks after the killing? 

 No charges were filed by Phoenix US Attorney,  Dennis Burke,  no objection made by the FBI into whose custody the three had been taken and NONE lodged by the  “concerned”  Janet Napolitano.  Even if none of the three had actually pulled the trigger,  aren’t accessories to murder considered equally culpable under the law?

 Or is it possible the DOJ wanted these men out of the country and unable to testify as to what they knew of the Fast and Furious-purchased rifles found at the scene?

 Moreover,  according to a supplemental statement to the Issa committee in July, former Phoenix ATF Agent in Charge Bill Newell, testified  Fast and Furious was NOT exclusively an ATF operation. Rather,  it was an OCDETF  (Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force)  operation,  meaning the DEA,  FBI,  ICE,  ATF  and US Marshall’s Service were all involved. 

 And the Bureau of Immigration and Customs  (ICE)  is under the control of Janet Napolitano’s own Department of Homeland Security.  So not only is her claim that Fast and Furious was simply an ATF operation not valid,  it’s not believable that ICE,  an organization deemed expert in  “…confronting and interdicting drug and GUN TRAFFICKERS  (my caps)”  should be oblivious to thousands of weapons illegally flowing across the Mexican border! 

 The deliberate  “walking”  of so many firearms into Mexico HAD to be known at the uppermost levels of the DHS,  that is,  to the office of Janet Napolitano.

 The principle reason Napolitano claimed it unnecessary to speak with Eric Holder about the Operation was his having  “quickly and appropriately”  placed it in the hands of the DOJ Inspector General for investigation.

 The problem is,  3 MONTHS went by before Holder gave the case to the IG.  And 5 MONTHS passed before Holder’s DOJ brought charges against Manuel Osorio Arellanes,  the man held for the killing Brian Terry!  “Quickly and appropriately”  were NOT how Eric Holder addressed either the killing of Terry or the Fast and Furious debacle.

 Eric Holder perjured himself before a House committee. Janet Napolitano has told palpable lies. And it’s reported that Issa’s Government Oversight Committee has ample evidence to bring perjury charges against the ATF’s Bill Newell,  perhaps “convincing” him to spill the beans on the rest of the Administration.

 Republicans appear to have enough ammunition to bring down the Obama Regime.  The question is,  do they have the guts?

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11 thoughts on “Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano LIES to House Committee about Fast and Furious”

  1. Time to rid this great nation of these treasonous liars. They are the problem with the government, they lie. All secrets are lies!

  2. This case involving fast and furious has many opportunities to "drain the swamp" as Nancy put it. Bring out the power vac and let's get started.

  3. one of the little fish have to be hung out to dry so they will feel the gasping for air and spill the beans on the rest to save their own lives. Ask them how it is to live the lives of opulence and suddenly have an 8×12 room for the next few years to do all they are allowed to do now with freedom in that amount of space. The Republicans have the snake by the head now chop it off


    These officials <I use the term loosely> Holder, Napolitano, and Obama, must all GO TO JAIL not for what they did or did not do… but for LYING about it.. POLITICAL CORRUPTION is America's number one problem!!!

    Note: One Boarder Patrol Agent just got sentenced to 2 years in prison for lying to investigators. This should be no different. Put these azzwipes in prison, oh yeah, and ake away their retirement and benefits packages. They don't deserve them.

  5. Doug ! I'm running out of superlatives here" ! Each article you write on the deadly, snarled-up mess of "F and F" outshines the previous one !
    Just when I think all the snakes' heads on this Federal Medusa (that ended the life of Agent Brian Terry), are slowly, but systematically being lopped off, (one-at-time), another serpent emerges (This time it's Janet Napolitano refusing to offer a "mea culpa"), to savage the senses of anyone attempting to discover who, exactly in the Liberal Kingdom of Obama-land is feeding and funding this gorgon from hell.
    Doesn't seem to matter to Obama-droids that their "Anointed One", along with all of his church elders, are circling the wagons to cover-up a murder.
    As if this sordid mess with Federal gun-running into the hands of the Mexican Drug cartels isn't sick and harmful enough; the Mexican Cargo Truckers ( 150,000 of them, folks ! ), will be arriving at American cities across the country carrying GOD KNOWS WHAT into the USA and its' burgs !
    ALIPAC and other organizations opposed to this abuse of American sovereignty imposed by NAFTA, have held this army of Mexican truckers at bay for 10 years now; but they can no longer act alone. Our loud voices, yours and mine, opposed to this must be raised NOW.
    American truckers will be harmed by this; rats, weeds and flora, spiders and insects not common to our country will proliferate here; organized crime syndicates will have an extremely powerful tool to use in delivering drugs, enslaved female prostitutes, and foreign arms to ready buyers in this country. Al Quaeda operatives, and other USA enemies , already working with the Mexican drug Cartels will have a much more secure route into our Country. Illegal Immigration via this Mexa-trans-USA-Canada Highway will render the need for ANY border control more of a laughing-stock than it currently is !!
    And we cannot fail to note the usual state and conditions of Mexican conveyances. Unless a brand new, heavily insured fleet of trucks are being utilized, we can expect breakdowns or accidents with possible loss of life. The inability of many Mexicans to read or speak English will prove to be a burden and a risk to American motorists when road signs are misunderstood or ignored. The list is as endless as the warnings we give our teenagers when they take to the roads. One huge difference: most all our kids are insured through their parents' policies; what happens when an accident occurs between a Mexican National type trucker (insured or uninsured), and an American motorist ? Do the embassies get involved trying to quash an international incident ? Do we suddenly have to deal with Mexican insurance agencies ? Who will enforce the rules of the road ? And will some truckers have to be permanently banned from American highways because because of lousy driving habits? (Who will ban them when we cannot or don't deport the illegal trouble-makers already here?)
    This whole trade scenario has failed to help anyone, but a select few, in this Country to prosper. But THAT aspect of it is a whole other story.
    Please folks circulate this article, call your US Senator and Representative ask them to halt Mexican trucks coming into the US. Explain why you have a legitimate fear of "dirty bombs" or other weapons of mass destruction being smuggled into this country. Tell them why you have no reason to trust borders searches of these trucks!
    Contact Obama at the White House: 202-456-1111 or e-mail :www.whitehouse.gov/contact/
    Go to :www.alipac.us/ftopic-63874.html for the Congressional contact list

    1. Joanne,

      Thanks so much. And a hydra is a great way to describe this Regime intrigue. Have a very interesting F&F piece for Friday, lending more proof for those who have claimed the scheme to be an assault on the 2nd amendment. A fella named Bob Owens did some great research.

      And you know as well as I that Mexicans in the US are first and foremost fraudulent Democrat VOTERS! If they wind up killing a few people, stealing some stuff, selling drugs or soaking up social security dollars, they pay that debt many times over by voting for the Regime! swell, huh?

  6. Thank you Doug for keeping up with the hearings and current Intel on this pervative case that's going on, it's nineth month.

    Thank you Buck for understanding what we've become over this issue and how deep the swamp is.
    For anyone who is still totally clueless what Mexico IS, here's a website that states it very clearly. http://www.Borderlandbeat.com ( please embed)
    It updates every couple of days if you want to get the feeds.
    You can't miss the mass murders, C-four car bombings , mass graves, corrupted law enforcement and the connection to the USA.

    We certainly can elect to use muerto, inplace of norte, once you read and learn what North America has become and the connection to, as reported, an ~ 180 cities throughout the USA, that are set-up and doing business 24/7.

    1. Carol,az

      And thank you for being a Coach is Right reader and contributor. New Fast and Furious stories seem to appear almost every day. With any luck and some courage on the part of Republicans it could be the Obama Regime scandal which does them in.

      Doug Book

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