Houla massacre: Lessons from Iran


By Jim Emerson, staff writer

 This week the world learned of a massacre in the township of Houla Syria. According to witnesses over 100 people have been slaughtered by Syrian militias intent upon killing opponents of the Syrian regime and their families.  Because Houla, located in central Syria, is a strong hold of the Free Syria Army rebel forces and is the home of many military defectors and their families it’s a prime target for Syrian forces.

 State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland stated that, “Iran’s hand is clearly visible in the killing of more than 100 people, including scores of young children”.  The group commonly believed to have carried out the slaughter is a pro Assad militia known as the Shabiha. The Shabiha is a well-armed organized street gang modeled after a similar gang operating in Iran, The Basij. The gangs are used by the government to terrorize the civilian population into compliance without actually using government assets in the process. When someone else is doing the dirty work the Syrian leadership can plead ignorance of the event, gaining plausible deniability. The Syrian government denied it had anything to do with the murders but blamed the rebels. Assad’s government claims to be investigating and promises to prosecute the people behind the killings – wink wink.

 Iranian connection

 Ms. Nuland contends that the Iranians have trained and advised the Shabiha in the tactics and techniques used in Iran to keep its population in line. She told the press that the deputy head of Iran’s elite Quds, Esmail Ghani, was bragging about its role inside Syria during the massacre but later denied having a presence in Houla during the slaughter. What is more likely is that they were there critiquing their student’s methods at Houla.

 With the weak diplomatic leadership of the Obama Administration and the Russians assurance that they will veto any attempts of military action against Syria or Iran it is unlikely this will be the last incident of mass murder in this unstable region. The murders will continue.

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3 thoughts on “Houla massacre: Lessons from Iran”

  1. Jim…I hope you will forgive me: I simply cannot and will not get all "lathered up" over Muslims-killing -Muslims !
    Some folks may find this interesting, odious, whatever….I simply find it barbaric; and an additional reason why all Muslim Countries should immediately have American Foreign Aid ripped from their terrorist clutches…..beginning with the $40 Billion dollars in foreign aid we have sent Pakistan since the 1960s ( $6 Billion, so far, this year alone!!…. and $20 Billion since 2001).
    Better we divert a goodly share of that Pakistani foreign aid money instead, to help India ( a fearsome threat to Pakistan); and spread the larger balance of those funds around America where it is so desperately needed !!
    This would provide much needed relief to Americans and would scare the Hell out of Pakistan…perhaps they would become less militant….or, at the very least, be forced to "economize" in their sponsorship of terrorism against American troops serving in Afghanistan.
    The beauty of "Wars of Attrition" in the Mid-East is that these internecine conflicts help to reduce the number of ALL players.
    There will be those who suppose I ought to apologize for such coldness …let me disabuse them of such nonsense right now…it ain't gonna happen.
    Oh,you might also want to write your Congressional-Toadies and ask them why we should continue forcing Americans, in far too many instances, to barely subsist in the rotten economy they have created for America; while they send many Billions of tax-payer dollars to some 60 countries who routinely vote against the USA in U.N.-related voting 80% of the time.
    Time for America to shut both the Marxists and the Muslims down…. to preserve our OWN culture !!
    Jim… mostly I like your articles….this one, not so much.

    1. Just chock it up to what piss poor meddling in foreign countries can lead to. I not a fan of anything Muslim (been in three Muslim counties in my career) but not all Arabs are Muslims, for example Lebanon used to be a Christian Nation. Syria has a sizable Christian community and you can bet they will be the targeted for the same treatment when the extremists take over. The reason why I used British sources is that they will be the first and only to report the slaughter of Christians in Syria and Egypt once the Muslim Brotherhood and their toadies, al Qaeda, take over. Most likely the offenders will be the same thugs used in Houla.

      Russia doesn't want anything to happen to Assad. They don't wish to loose a good customer/

      Thanks for the feedback

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