How can we join the fight against voter fraud? True The Vote – that’s how!


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 A new Pew Research study has some chilling news for those of us who are fighting to save America.

 Pews findings are as follows.

 It tells us one in every eight voter registrations is somehow defective and constitutes ample grounds to turn the named person away from the polls.   

Nationally there are over 1.8 million dead people still carried as eligible voters, and there are about 2.75 million people registered in two or more states.
There are at least 51 million Americans who are eligible to vote but not registered. This leaves a huge poll of names for fraudulent registrants to draw from. ACORN MoveOn and other enemies of America are well aware of these numbers and ready to pounce.

As usual we cannot rely on our federal and state governments to fully address this problem so we have to or no one will.  In some Democrat infected states those who should be eradicating voter fraud are those who are promoting it.    

 We can and we must do the job ourselves.

 You can strike a blow against voter fraud by helping to finance and staff those who have stepped up to be counted in this fight.  Go to (TTV) and get involved. They are doing this for all of us and need a hand. If this was 1776 would you hide in your basement or would you stand and fight? TTV is winning battles all across America. They are there in Wisconsin digging out the “A. Hitler” “M Mouse” and hundreds of multiple signings on the recall petitions the union thugs are using to try to cheat their way back into power.

 They have uncovered fraud in conservative states like West Virginia and North Carolina and liberal states like New York where TTV is breaking the voter fraud strangle hold the Communist inspired Working Families Party has on the state.

 If you have never worked – really worked- in a campaign this is your opportunity.

True the vote will organize you in your own area and help you get started fixing the fraud right in your own community. TTV can do great things but not without our support. They are NOT looking for big contributions. They can work with $10 or $25 donations and hard workers devoted to saving our nation.

 Stop by TTV’s site now. Sign up to help, now. It will be your way of contributing to our victory over Obama’s socialism.  

  I’ve made my contribution; please join me.

 To contact your Congressional Representative use this link:

To find out how you can be an America patriot use this link:

 Have you answered this week’s poll?

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 This day in history February 27,

1939: The Supreme Court rules sit down strikes violate private property rights and are therefore illegal.

In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both. 

What have you done today to deserve to live in America?

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9 thoughts on “How can we join the fight against voter fraud? True The Vote – that’s how!”

  1. This link shows BHO pushing blacks to campaign in the churches. His party in FL at taxpayer expense included Magic Johnson – here I was under the impression he was a patriot, not just another unappreciative snob who made it big on the free enterprise system and then becomes a whore for "progressives."

  2. The liberal dumbocrats have been successfully campaigning in churches
    for years. Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson, etc. Speaking of 'the rev", he sure
    didn't look very happy at Whitney Houston's going home celebration. But
    I guess that's to be expected. They parked him on the RIGHT SIDE OF THE PODIUM. If that wasn't enough-he was next to a REAL PREACHER
    OF THE GOSPEL-Rev. T.D. Jakes. That's enough in itself to make him
    unhappy. It wasn't all about Jesse and he couldn't politicise it. Sure
    did my heart see ole Jesse amongst real preachers and not
    being able to spread his liberal racist garbage.

  3. There is one way to stop voter fraud, and it does not require any voter ID's or other paperwork and would be 100% effective.
    Every registered voter should have their eye scanned. Any laptop at the poll can be hooked up with an eye reader, at very little cost. You can't fake an eye scan, and no one can claim it is an imposition.
    Problem Sol-ved!
    Inspector Closeau

    1. That may well be true Ron…but I can already hear the gasps from civil-libertarians and the blind. The knee-jerking sounds from black civil rights groups will probably remain at present, intense, and overly-paranoid levels.

        1. Ron, of course ignoring their ignorance is advisable….i just wish they would return the favor by preaching to their OWN choirs and the "already converted". I want to be entitled to enjoy my own brand of ignorance for a change !
          By the way, I loved your reference to the Peter Seller's character in your earlier post….I'm a huge fan.

  4. Obama's election campaign continues to fall short of the donation levels of 2008. They resorted to raffling off a "dinner with the President", but had to cut the cost of the raffle tickets from $5 down to $1.
    The Obama campaign has already sent out "why haven't you contributed ?" letters to those who haven't ponied up their shekels yet to "The Intimidator-in-Chief".
    Nice to know that campaign contributions are so heavily monitored by the same nice folks who gave us SEIU and ACORN….

  5. Who in their right mind would pay anything to have to sit and
    listen to the drivel that's sure to come out of the criminal in
    charge's mouth. How can you tell he's lying? HE'S SPEAKING.

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