How Could We Live Without the New York Times?

By Doug Book,  staff writer

  The murders of nearly a hundred Norwegians last week were a dream come true for Pinch Sulzberger and his left-wing minions at the New York Times. Not the deaths themselves,  of course. Rather the fact that,  at long last,  a terror attack had been committed by someone other than a Muslim or member of the far left.

Of course Times  “journalists”  immediately embraced the notion that Anders Breivik was a  “…right-wing,  fundamentalist Christian…gun-lov[er]…obsessed with…the threats of multiculturalism and Muslim immigration.”

After all,  a few months earlier,  the Paper of Record had hoped to transform Jared Lochner into a Limbaugh-inspired member of the Reagan revolution, but had to swallow hard when that narrative didn’t hold water.

Descriptions of Lochner  by friends as  “very liberal”,  a  “pothead”  and  “left wing”,  coupled with the fact that he is proud 9/11 “truther”  who nonchalantly killed  very conservative Federal judge John Roll,  forced even the Times to drop that line of attack.

Nevertheless,   the 1500 page  “manifesto”  left by Breivik provided the Times something Lochner had not…a journal which could be distorted,  misrepresented and stretched to fit virtually any meme the liberal media desired.

And though the Times has tried to do just that,  facts continue to get in the way.

For instance,  Norway has the highest per capita rate of gun ownership in Western Europe,  with some 36% of the public owning at least one weapon. It also boasts the LOWEST firearm murder rate…many times lower than the most restrictive,  anti-gun nations.

The Times couldn’t have picked a worse nation to support the claim that  “gun lovers”  make for likely mass murderers.

Nor is Breivik a Christian fundamentalist. Rather,  he “…uses the word  ‘Christian’  as a handy moniker to mean  ‘European,  non-Islamic’–not a religious Christian or even a vague monotheist,”  writes Ann Coulter.

“In fact,  Breivik stresses that he has a beef with Christians for their soft-heartedness.” 

In 2009,  Department of Homeland Security official Daryl Johnson wrote  “the intense spotlight on the threat from Islamic militants has unfairly vilified Muslim Americans while dangerously playing down the threat of attacks from other domestic radicals.” 

 But as Robert Spencer,  Islamic scholar and director of Jihad Watch,  points out  there have been 17,000+ Islamic jihad terror attacks worldwide since 9/11.  The lone non-Muslim terrorist is Anders Breivik.  Even so,  the New York Times  “…suggests that the  ‘focus of counter terrorism efforts’  should be shifted from Islamic jihadists to  ‘the subculture of anti-Muslim bloggers and right-wing activists.” 

It seems the Times wants readers to believe that anyone unwilling to share the pro-multiculturalist sentiments of the left is either one short step from mass murder, or personally responsible for the terrorist actions of those who might read his blog or listen to his words.

It is contempt for the policies of a liberal government which defines terrorism for the NY Times.

After all,  what more convincing evidence could there be than the fact that an individual who performed a terrorist act also disagreed with his governments views on immigration!

Mr. Sulzberger, whatever would we do without you?

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11 thoughts on “How Could We Live Without the New York Times?”

  1. If the N Y T was included in the 911 event, America would be better off by far.
    N Y T is our adversary. They will put their own families in danger to make money and notoriety

  2. The attitude of the N Y T appears to be from the most terrorizing radical anti American philosophy. They leak secrete information to our enemies that eventually help kill Americans. The N Y T is not allowed in my business or home, and I try to spread the news to stop their crimes against real Americans.

  3. What kind of people write for the N Y T? And what kind of people spend money to read it?
    A once great newspaper has been destroyed by an infestation of anti-American, socialist rats. Our Country as a whole is infested with the same species of rats who work overtime to destroy it. Ihave not yet given up hope that 2012 will bring some sensibility to voters and the process of rehabilitaion of the USA will begin. If the majority of people votes for Obama and more DemocRATS, then by 2016 we may not even have the right to vote for change, The RATS will have won. If so, I fear the worst for the people and this once great Country!

  4. Although we may disagree on many things, most thinking people will agree that the New York Times is a disgusting leftist propaganda sheet.

    But here's a question. A few years ago the NYT was losing money like crazy and on the verge of bankruptcy. All of a sudden, although it's still losing circulation and ad revenue, we don't hear about any such problems, but the mainstream media have not reported exactly where the NYT got the money to save itself. Since then the NYT has become, if anything, more anti-Israel, more leftist, more… well, more everything that's disgusting. I wonder where they got the necessary hundreds of millions and what they promised in return…

    From that mysterious region known as the Persian Gulf?

    1. I could be wrong, (and I have legions to verify that possibility!), but I seem to remember some Mexican Billionaire being involved with their comeback. I think he bought their building, or something.
      Ok, I went and looked it up, as lazy as I am. It WAS a Mexican Billionaire, here is the story:

      The legions will have to wait until next time!
      Ron Reale

  5. Though perhaps not too BIG to fail, Pinch knows his leftist rag is too important to the Democrat PARTY to be permitted to fail. Though taxpayers don't know it, they'll ride to the Times' rescue should it be necessary…compliments of Big Brother.

  6. I'll stop loathing Jihadist Muslims and other terrorists when the New York Slimes starts telling the truth.

    Blast a politician? It could mean jail
    Obama judge’s ruling says defamation claim lurks for those criticizing ballot candidates
    Posted: August 01, 2011
    9:11 pm Eastern

    By Bob Unruh
    © 2011 WND

    Judge Timothy S. Black A federal judge who owes his lifetime appointment to Barack Obama today concluded that a pro-life organization whose leaders criticized a politician for supporting Obamacare for funding abortions just might be guilty of defamation – and possibly worthy of jail time.

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