How Junk Science and Extremism Clouds Reason: The myth of groundwater pollution & Hydro-Fracking

  By: Louis Adimando, staff writer

 We can all agree clean water is an absolute necessity for the survival of humanity. Furthermore, we can all agree no person, in good conscience, can promote a process that deliberately contaminates groundwater. Now that we are all in agreement, let us dispel a myth perpetrated by those opposed to energy independence: Hydro-fracking does not pollute groundwater.

  Hydro-fracking is a process used to drill into underground shale deposits well below the water table and extract natural gas from these deposits.

Hydro-fracking has NEVER caused groundwater contamination. Our friends on the other side of this issue would like us to believe fracking pollutes groundwater, but this myth was dispelled by state geologist, Taury Smith. He has studied the process of hydro-fracking for three years and has discovered not one instance where hydro-fracking caused or contributed to groundwater pollution. 

 Mr. Smith, a self described liberal-Democrat, who has been silenced because of his findings, concluded that the Marcellus Shale Deposits in upstate New York are the answer to the environmentalist’s fear of global warming. Hydro-fracking could tap into an estimated 100 years worth of natural gas which would help America curb its dependence on foreign oil and drive down the price of energy.

 The environmentalists, as well as the Albany politicians who are vehemently against hydro-fracking, are preventing much needed job creation in New York State. The Marcellus Shale would be a boon to the state’s economy. It has the potential to create 20,000 jobs in a part of New York that has been struggling economically. It is time for the environmentalists to stop preventing clean energy and jobs from coming to in New York.

 Mr. Smith opined the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is the right watchdog for natural gas drilling in New York. “I’m for a strong regulation by DEC. They have no vested interest. The environmental groups have a vested interest. The companies have a huge profit at stake, so I wouldn’t trust them either. If there’s one group you can trust it’s the DEC.”

  While reducing governmental regulations is generally preferable, common-sense rules, crafted to protect our water-shed and allow for economic growth, present a pragmatic approach to utilizing this resource.

Former DEC Commissioner Alexander “Pete” Grannis, current first deputy comptroller, agrees with Mr. Smith that the dangers of fracking are overblown and exaggerated. Grannis thinks the DEC is on course to set solid regulations.

Smith said the issue has been a major money-maker for some environmental organizations that have used it to raise funds for their own causes. Allowing fracking, he added, would benefit New York’s economy and significantly spur job creation.

 Furthermore, New York’s economic recovery would be hastened by increased income and business tax revenues as a result of energy companies utilizing our shale deposits. A potential “severance tax” like those in other states that are assessed on the industry for extracting the gas could be another boon to the state. 

It is in the best interest of New York State and the whole nation, to move forward with hydro-fracking to help foster energy independence, job creation and economic recovery.

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2 thoughts on “How Junk Science and Extremism Clouds Reason: The myth of groundwater pollution & Hydro-Fracking”

  1. Great Article!!!! New York needs this natural gas. In Peru (not Peru, NY but the country) thousands of cars use natural gas-it is very cheap. Upstate New York has been given the shaft for too many years. We need this resource and we need the immense saving that fracking for gas can unleash. Other states probably also have natural gas that we can access through fracking. DEMAND ACCESS TO THIS NATURAL GAS IN ALBANY & WASHINGTON!!!

  2. Fracking does contaminate groundwater. I've seen it, and I've tasted it from a friend's household well in Appalachia. The scariest part of what I experienced is that our current state and federal drinking water standards didn't capture whatever changed the flavor and "behavior" of the water from this well. In two water quality tests done by state and federal agencies for drinking water standards, the concentrations for all constituents passed all criteria, yet the water was so bitter and metallic tasting that it was undrinkable; it began staining clothing, the clothes washer, dish washer, and shower; and the water strangely beaded up (beyond normal) on the sides of the glass tumbler, almost as if it had been electrostatically charged. The closest gas well is over a 1/4 of a mile away and these changes became apparent in less than a week after the fracking and got progressively worse over several months.

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