How much damage has Barack Obama done? Far more than the media is telling us; that’s for sure

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

United States Census and other publically available records tell us we may be in worse shape now than most people would believe. Consider these shocking statistics.

The Census Bureau reports that in 84% of our largest metropolitan areas the percentage of “very poor” people increased during 2010.

The Census Bureau, reported the percentage of “very poor” rose 84% of America’s 360 largest metropolitan areas during 2010.

 The 2.6 million people who fell into poverty in 2010 was the largest recorded increase since records were first kept in 1959. 

 Even the number of “poor” has risen from 11.3% in 2000 to 15.1%

During  2010 the poverty rate for children hit 22%.

In at least 314 American counties at least 30% of children live with daily food insecurity.

School lunch programs are an indispensible part of the daily food intake for more than 20 million children

Over 45 million Americans live off  food stamps.

Since the Democrats took control of Congress in 2007 the number of people on food stamps has jumped 74%.  

Current projections say that approximately 50% of all American children will on food stamps at some point before he or she reaches 18.

When Medicaid was originated in 1965 just one of every 50 people depended on it. Today with 50 million enrollees Medicaid covers one in every six people.

 One in six Americans now depends on  some kind of federal anti-poverty program.

 Food pantries and soup kitchens are serving 46% more Americans just since 2006.  

There may be as many as 500,000 American children who are homeless in our country today.    

These numbers are very sobering and remind us that because of Obama and his Party the incessant whining of the Left that “We are all just one paycheck away from being homeless or hungry” seems to be bearing down on us.  From Day One Obama has been rocking America’s “boat” trying to capsize our economy. This guy meant business when he said he wanted to fundamentally transform America.

One year from today all campaigning will be over. By then it will be too late. Roll up your sleeves, we have work to do.  

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 In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both.  What have you done today to deserve to live in America?

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14 thoughts on “How much damage has Barack Obama done? Far more than the media is telling us; that’s for sure”

  1. Fascinating, tell me what policies has Obama initiated that has caused these effects? Did 8 years of Bush policies have any effect on the current situation? What should Obama have done differently?

    1. FIRST, . . Obama should have never committed or enabled and encouraged VOTER FRAUD during his candidacy for President, . . He, . . by all means possible, . . did in fact USURP the office of POTUS and he should not have done that ! . . He should not have presented a fraudulent representation of his BOGUS Birth Certificate as a qualifier for his run for POTUS ! . .
      For if he had not done these things he would not be sitting, ILLEGALLY, in OUR Oval Office wherein he has committed copious High Crimes, Felonies and Misdemeanors, . . He should not be now ignoring the demands of the American people and OUR Constitution ! . . And the list goes on and on . . .

      1. SMRTNUP (clever moniker, by the way)…we can add to the list of offenses against kith and kin and the American way of life, the following:
        Obama's non-recess appointment of Corday.
        This is an actual impeachable offense assuming the Senate is ticked-off enough and takes umbrage over "The anointed One's" trampling and invalidation of their precious "Advise and Consent Rule" regarding appointments.
        I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for articles of Impeachment from the Senate…but we can certainly expect to hear some puling outrage from Senators who have no right to throw stones at any others' unconstitutional actions. Not having passed a budget since Obama came into office, the Senate's "kettle" would only be calling "the Obama pot black".

  2. He should never have been elected president. !st and foremost, he was never born in Hawii, but in Kenya Africa. Also, both supposed parents werenot citizens of the United States. He is very secretive of his past, and how strange none can actually recall having ever seen Obama attend a single one of the college classes he claimed to have attended. Face facts, athe bastard is a Trojan, follower of Islam, and has nearly destroyed our America. Actually, Obama should be placed into prison for the remainder of his worthless life.

  3. So that would be no, you can't articulate the reasons for your statements and opinions? That in fact you're just a shrieking partisan hack who would declare black white if Obama were to say white is white?

    The Coach is Right is merely a declaration of obtuse political leaning and not a double-entendre, that much at least is clear.

  4. Salvage… the RACE CARD? Really?

    I hate Obama… for his Marxist-Socialist agendas, continual lies, deception, bribery, extorsion tactics and his circumventing the Constitution which violates his sworn oath of Office. Hmmm… you seem to support his corruption.

    I support Herman Cain and Alan West for their "American" agendas.

    Who's the racist here?

    ~ Buck U. Ofama

  5. Uh… When I said black and white I meant the colors not the euphemisms for race… pretty obviously I thought but in the future I shall try to remember that to some the very obvious isn't.

    Now what Marxist-socialist policy has Obama inflicted on America? The closest thing I can think of is the health care reform but since it still involves private insurers I'm not sure that counts.

    Has Obama centralized the economy in anyway? Seized any private industries for the government? Do you even know what Marxism is?

    1. I apologize if I misunderstood your intended message. I get a bit insenced when anyone defends that POS_POTUS.

      Obama has perpetrated the greatest theft of the American treasury… in the history of mankind to the tune of $4.2Billion A DAY Most of which is going to donors and friends of the administration.

      Your King Obama has single handedly made America the YARD SALE capital of the world. I'll bet your proud of that accomplishment, eh?

      Obama was born to an anti-colonalist and socialist… raised by Communists grand parents, mentored by FRANK MARSHAL DAVIS, preached to for 20 years by an anti-American, Rev Wright, and by his own admission, searched out all of the Marxist professors and radicals he could find to align himself with (Dreams of my father). Bill Ayers, Anita Dunn, Van Jones… etc., etc.

      What a great choice for President. How proud you must be. Now go back to watching BSNBC before you lose track of the prayer group for your Messiah. Remember to wash your feet.

  6. These numbers are very sobering and telling. Since 06 this has been in the works with the liberal congress. We need to remove obamas government and get our Republic back to work. obama and his czars want to control every aspect of our lives and put us under government control. It is very clear where this regime is headed. Just seeing the closed businesses and the prices getting higher weekly, almost daily, tells the story. Just look around for yourself add see the loss of our freedoms.

    1. >see the loss of our freedoms.

      Such as?

      Once again a list of accusations without any examples or explanation how all this happened. What policies? What laws? What should have been done differently?

      The fact that no one here will or can answer these very basic questions is rather telling.

  7. Coach, I will not post here at CiR so long as that the creep calling himself Salvage remains. This is not his personal playground where he can take pot shots at everyone who posts a comment. Pick a topic, any topic : he's got a nasty, smarmy, name-calling response for everything.
    I won't be a party to this any longer.

  8. lol Joanne, salvage is legitimately questioning why people are so angry since none of you blow-hards can give a proof-bearing example. (And I’m sure this website won’t be too heartbroken by your lack of comments seeing how you jerk your knee to everything that isn’t on par with your misguided ideaology)

  9. It is interesting to read all the comments. I will look past all the name calling and angry political bashing. Fact! Everyone here got their information from the media. I have not read one single first hand account with any proof of anything said here! The United States Constitution is still the law of the land. Personally I know nothing about Obama or what he stands for. I do know the economy has continued to get worse since Obama took office. Obama campaigned for change. If destroying the country is change then I guess everyone who voted for him got what they wanted.
    I spent a career in the Military fighting against Communism! I smell the stink of the Socialist agenda all around the country. I was shocked to find a website called the “Democratic Socialists Party” Use your search engine to find it. My parents and grandparents would roll over in their graves if they could see what is going on today. If you voted for Obama you don’t have to thank me for serving my Great Country. I clearly understand Communists, Socialists, and all those supporting their cause do not like the United States Military. Because of our commitment for United States Citizen’s FREEDOM!
    Things I do know. The United States Government does not have any business buying a business, firing the CEO and installing their own person, period! I read this from the media. Is it true? Obama was prematurely given the Nobel Peace Prize. Where is the peace? Since Obama became the Commander and Chief I have watched conflicts spring up all over in Islamic countries. Obama claims strong ties to Islam. Why is there not peace?
    Now I have a question for all you young people who have never had the opportunity to serve your Great Country. Do you want to re-elect a President who has NEVER run a business (Obama’s own words). Or elect a President who has a life of working with businesses? I don’t even want to hear the crying about religion. If this is your issue you better take a long hard look at key people in the Democratic Party!
    Now back to you young who have never served your Great Country. Let explain what Communism is all about. If you take Obama’s change and we become a Communist Country YOU WILL BE TOLD WHERE YOU LIVE, you will not be able to move, EVER! YOU WILL BE TOLD WHAT YOU EAT because you will receive a ration card for everyone in your house. YOU WILL BE TOLD WHAT JOB YOU WILL HOLD and never be able to change. YOU WILL BE FORCED TO COMMIT SUPPORT TO THE GOVERNMENT if you do not you will be executed, period! ARE YOU UNDERSTANDING? YOU WILL HAVE NO FREEDOMS! I know this first hand!
    When our Government claims they are going to take away our guns they are taking the first steps into Socialist Communism. Fact! Countries where every Citizen of the country owns a weapon have very little if any crime. Countries where their weapons have been taken away leave Citizens at the mercy of all those who have weapons illegally. Those weapons will be used against the Citizens to steal from them. The Government will do nothing to protect their Citizen’s. Why? Because in a Socialist Communist Countries CITIZENS HAVE NO RIGHTS!!! I do not want a King who is King for his entire life (over our country). Now you choose. Freedom or Bondage? You may believe I have a lot of anger from what I have wrote. What you don’t understand is I have to quit writing because I am getting angry!

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