How much stupid can one head hold? Let’s ask half witted Georgia Democrat Hank Johnson; he’ll know

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 Last March during a House Armed Services Committee hearing,  about deplying Marines to Guam,  Georgia Democrat Hank Johnson used his time to address the Navy’s Admiral in charge of the Pacific fleet saying, “My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.”  Some people (Democrat apologists) insist Johnson was joking. Looking at the available video of the event does little to support that contention. Nevertheless, because Johnson is a Democrat the story had a shelf life of roughly 15 minutes and he slipped back into a well deserved obscurity undisturbed until now.

He may have been “joking” then; but he really is that stupid.

Thursday after watching “his” Attorney General eviscerated by questions from the Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee Johnson accused three very unlikely culprits in the Fast & Furious crime committed by Eric Holder.

Johnson accused both the “Republican” TEA party movement and the National Rifle Association of “manufacturing” the controversy, but went on to accuse the “Second Amendment” of being part of this sinister plot.  

Proving he really is as dumb as he seemed last spring, Johnson disregarded the fact that every piece of available evidence points to the guilt of Holder’s Justice Department, the FBI,  DEA and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in the outrageous sale of 2000 guns to Mexican criminal gangs.

“I think this is another manufactured controversy by the second amendment, NRA Republican tea party movement,” Johnson babbled.

Pitching a “soft ball” question to Holder, Johnson asked him how many guns the AFT smuggled into the hands of Mexican drug gangs. When Holder answered “about 2000” Johnson provided the Attorney General of “his people” an excuse to parrot. Johnson said the gun show loophole was “far worse,” and Holder grabbed the straw.    

Since Democrats never have to worry about whether they are telling the truth or making sense, Johnson continued, “Now, how many firearms are sold to al-Qaida terrorists, to other convicted felons, to domestic violence perpetrators, to convicted felons, (it’s hard for Johnson to remember things when he gets into attack mode) to white supremacists?

 “How many unlicensed gun dealers, or let’s say, how many weapons, how many assault rifles let’s just say in a given year are sold to such individuals by unlicensed gun dealers at these gun shows and how many of those end up walking away to Mexico? Can you give us a number on that?” he continued.

So is Johnson a typical anti American Democrat or an especially drooling half wit that should not be occupying a Congressional seat?

What can we make of the people who keep voting for Johnson?  

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4 thoughts on “How much stupid can one head hold? Let’s ask half witted Georgia Democrat Hank Johnson; he’ll know”

  1. Commenting as fully as I would LIKE on this one would probably secure me a slot on Janet Napolitano's Homeland Security hit list. Every Democrat on the Judiciary Committee made the same speech–if ONLY we had stronger guns laws, somehow the Regime would NOT have smuggled several thousand weapons into the hands of Mexican drug cartel killers. It would be nice if ALL Democrats would reserve a room on Hank Johnson's island and await the sinking.

    1. Hey Sweet Puppy, with me as bait I don't think you need to be particularly worried about the Janet-unit in the stable of Obama-droids.

  2. Hank Johnson of Georgia is a black political activist whose heroes appear to be Shirley Chisholm, Carl Stokes, and the now disgraced House Rep. (D) Adam Clayton Powell Jr.
    Wasn't Powell the one-time head of the Education and Labor Committee who allegedly absconded with government monies and got himself off to Bimini when Charlie Rangel defeated him in 1970 ? Great hero-worship material huh?
    Being a present-day member of the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus, could, I suppose, explain much about the Doofus from Georgia and his Black Nationalist separatism and "Blacks-only" causes.
    Though….one wonders whether his ignorance, his penchant for finger-pointing, and his personal refusal to accept responsibility for what he has helped to create in this Country comes very naturally to him; or whether he had to fight hard to be a flippin', race-baiting, anti-American values Jackass ?
    As an Alaskan, I have repeatedly apologized for the temerity of our State's voters who had the stupidity to inflict upon America the likes of Sen. Lisa Murkowski (RINO) and Sen. Mark Begich (Socialist) ; you'd think someone from Hank Johnson's district would have the decency to say "Sorry America, We goofed!".

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