If Hillary Clinton had a lesbian affair with Huma Abedin then everything in Weinergate fits

Written nearly five years ago, this prescient piece by Coach Collins has led the discussion on a relationship which may have cost American lives and provided state secrets to the Muslim Brotherhood.  It is re-posted here just as it appeared on June 6th of 2011.

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

People are motivated to follow their darker instincts by lust for money power or sex.

 In mid 2007 rumors started to circulate about Huma Abedin a stunningly beautiful staffer working for Hillary Clinton. The wagging tongues of Washington asked logical questions about Huma.  “If Hillary is bisexual (as had long been thought and occasionally uttered in public), what is the nature of her relationship with the dark eyed enchanting Abedin, a young lady from a strict Muslim family?”

“Is the fact that Huma was never seen twice in the same designer outfit and lived in a $649,000 condo explainable because she was trading sexual favors with Hillary for a fabulous lifestyle?” “If so what does that make Huma?”

“How did Huma, whose government salary was listed as $9,999, live as she did?”

 “Is Hillary Clinton a lesbian?”

 Is Huma Abedin her lesbian “kept woman?”

 In 2007 Michael Musto a Village Voice columnist who writes about gay issues commented that Hillary might be “Gayle King-ing” Huma, that is getting her a higher profile in order to head off media scrutiny about her and why Clinton would be “hiding” Huma and the true nature of their relationship.

 In her tell all book about her affair with Bill Clinton Gennifer Flowers wrote  that when she asked Bill if Hillary is a lesbian he laughed and made reference to her being more experienced with women then he is.  

 The purpose of this essay is NOT to prove Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin are lesbians, but to raise the question: If they are daughters of Sapphos wouldn’t it have been a good deal for Anthony Weiner to become Huma’s beard or faux husband?

Killing any rumor of a lesbian relationship between Hillary and Huma would be very helpful to Hillary’s drive to be elected president, and a  “President Hillary Clinton” would be enormously helpful to Weiner’s long held dream of being elected Mayor of New York City.

The coverage of Weinergate has nibbled around the edges. The reports have carefully avoided mentioning the scandal’s “third rail”: the relationship between Huma Abedin Congressman Anthony Weiner’s wife and her former boss Hillary Clinton.  Nevertheless, if this is the root of the relationship between Huma and Weiner the whole ugly affair falls into place.

Bill Clinton understands all too well what it’s like to live with a women like Hillary. He knows what it can drive an ordinary man to do.  Anthony Weiner’s tweets to a porn star may be motivated by more than mere curiosity.

The biggest motivators driving human behavior are money power and sex. This one has all three.  

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This day in history June 6

1944: D-Day: Operation Overlord is launched. Europe is invaded by the Allies and its success led to the defeat of Nazi Germany.

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36 thoughts on “If Hillary Clinton had a lesbian affair with Huma Abedin then everything in Weinergate fits”

  1. Back when Hillary making the late night talk show she saided "I AM GAY THAT WHY BILL DOES WHAT HE DOES, AND I DON`T CARE AS LONG AS HE IS DISCREET ABOUT IT."

    1. "Huma Abedin is not even remotely attractive. No , absolutely not stunning in the least

      And the article is absurd to begin with. Hillary Clinton is no lesbian. This website is pure trashy gossip.

      1. Get a hold of yourself. This site didn’t raise the question of what Hillary is. Michael Musto a leading homosexual writer did. Don’t try smearing us with empty accusations.
        Thank you for reading CiR,

        1. Jaysus coach…

          This was obvious from day one! Huma gets a "beard," Hillary lays the rumors to rest and Weiner is owed a big, fat favor by House Clinton. The laughably pathetic part was that 'ol Anthony didn't even lay a finger on any of the women he sent pictures of his junk to. Of course, Huma was not going to divorce him.

          It was Weiner's stupendous, colossal arrogance that did him in, just like Faux-cahontas, he could have disposed of this scandalette by simply owning up to it right away. Instead, he managed to keep the imbroglio alive with his ridiculous explanations. He even managed to insult and antagonize the MSM which was at first, furiously trying to protect him.

          Nay, the real, sinister aspect of Huma and Hillary is the fact of Huma's Islamist parents and connections to the perfidious princes. Salacious, titillating details aside, we have to assume that an agent of the Saudis shared Hillary's bed for the better part of a decade.

          And there's nothing at all funny about that.

          1. Sometimes the obvious has to be repeated from time to time.
            Thanks for reading CiR and commenting,

    2. She was at the time. Maybe her conscience is getting to her – or her relationships with Hillary and Anthony Wiener. That would age anybody.

  2. The constant notion (seen often in the press) that Abedin is this super staffer who is cool under fire and unflappable may be bunk. It may be covering up the fact that Huma is nothing more than her lust slave and others do the real work. $9000 per year-something very suspicious here. Her busy work horse reputation may be just a media provided cover to enable her to perform perversions for this disgraceful matron Hillary and to always be at her beck and call anywhere in the world-particularly muslim countries where she ostensibly would be a key staffer. She also may be a spy for the muslims.

  3. She is not beautiful – it's all packaging. Huma looks like a female version of Weiner. Together, they look like Mr. and Mrs. Skeletor.

  4. Hillary and Huma have been an 'item' for many years…since Huma's D.C. internship days. And wasn't it just a little strange as to why a Jewish man (Weiner) and a Muslim woman (Huma) would have ever married in the first place…maybe true love? Or maybe Weiner just needed a wife and possibly even a little Weiner baby to enhance his profile for his anticipated run for New York City Mayor? And maybe Hillary wanted to repay Huma for 'services rendered' by providing cover/support for their sham marriage? But anyway you slice it folks, Willie, Hillary, Weiner and Huma are one trashy group of individuals!

  5. I guess there simply is no end, and no lack of creativity or guile, when Democrats get in bed with the Muslims. (Politically and sexually). We know that Weiner-Gate issue is fact-based because the little creep owned up to it after a patriot notified Andrew Breitbart. If this Sappho-Gate stunt has some truth behind it, then it's time to subject all politicians to a series of lie-detector exams prior to attaining office, with repeated tests every two years! Start with Hillary ! Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows! A tip of the hat to "the patriot" and to Andrew Breitbart for ferreting out another bizarre episode of Congressional dirty tricks and sleaze.

  6. The freaky little twerp, Weiner, is more likely to be in love with his own body, than he is with his wife (regardless of where her sexual interests lay).
    To have the "puffery" of ego that would allow any person, especially a somewhat high profile public figure, to forward nude, "full Monty " photos to women he claims were unknown to him, suggests that he is a voyeur. A self-love addict. And a not-to-clever-one at that. When one's sexual fantasies pose an enormous risk to one's livelihood, marriage, social standing, etc., most of us would, at the very least be extremely discreet if we engaged in such foolishness at all. Weiner was neither discrete nor very selective in choosing the recipients of his fantasy-mail.
    To cast even more negative stones upon himself, Weiner has now disobeyed the requests for resignation from the following:
    Sen Nancy Pelosi; DNCC Chair, Debbie Wasserman; Dem. Congr. Campaign Chair, Steve Israel; Rep (D-Pennsylvania) Allyson Schwartz; and others.Some members of his own Party do not believe trust can be restored with this man. Especially after it came to light that Weiner had also sent messages to a 17-year old girl in Delaware! (Source: Politico Breaking News. Saturday 11 June).
    Instead of heeding the words and wisdom of his peers, Weiner insists upon hustling himself off to a rehab center where he can "get well" again. (AS IF most of us would EVER trust him again even if he somehow managed to kill his personal demons). He still wants to try "riding this storm" out. Can't blame him for trying. Problem is, this sort of addiction is terribly difficult to break. His fantasies are about himself, not about others. Poor little miscreant has an ego the size of NYC.

    1. More proof that being liberal is either the cause or the symptom of mental illness… tied indivisibly
      And that’s why the dems run from him. Some liberal dirt is just too big to sweep under the rug and his dirt has been out their flapping too long.

      It’s hard for me to imagine Hillary and sex with anyone. The word lesbian itself is nauseating but to think of those two women together turns my stomach. Double ick

      1. Ditto on that. Huma must REALLY want power, money, and influence to …..well, to do u-no-what!

  7. Now this is Hillary's day in the sunlight and it may be Huma's downfall with the Muslim world if proven she is indeed gay as they will do what has to be done to her by Sharia law

  8. The American people would be disgusted if they knew the depth, breadth and entirety of the depravity that is the Obama administration and the current democratic party.

  9. You're kidding me….I don't like any of these people..but why is everything being linked to scandals we know nothing about? I have learned the hard way not to accept "HE SAYS, SHE SAYS."…Means nothing. But I am convinced that Obama is a direct negative influence planted by Satan in the United States. But if you intervene outside of God's will, you'll cause a worse mess.

  10. Huma and her family are very high in the pro-Nazi Muslim Brotherhood. Hillary is an avowed Alinsky Communist. It was all over Yale that Hillary had a carpet cleaning business on the side. Her name and # were written on the walls of lady's restrooms in many clubs that were frequented by Yalie's. It was also said that Bill was AC/DC and did enjoy playing the flute from time to time.
    Bill was always pissed that he would never become part of the infamous 'Skull & Bones'.
    Hillary often referred to Bill as Saul, as in Chicago Communist Saul Alinsky.
    Big question here is why did a Jewish boy like Anthony marry into the pro-Nazi Muslim Brotherhood. And why is Huma allowed to be Hillary's Chief of Staff privy to classified intel. Is Huma a spy for the Muslim Brotherhood and does Hillary know where the 20k SAM's are that walked out of Libya's Armory's ? Hillary along with the WH secret service staff should be called to the matt over 'Fast & Furious' and not just Holder !

  11. LilNovafbking
    You got here by following the light of truth. Now turn around and go back to the darkness. Your comment has been trashed because it deserved to be.

  12. This makes a lot of sense guys! With the “weener faux-pass” arrangement with Huma…her sugar momma’s not subjected to a sizable dose of penis envy? Where there’s a weener sized willy, there is always a way!

  13. Coach, when in 'tarnation' are you going to retire this scandalous old article ? It doesn't merit a place onb the popular post 'hit list'

      1. Read the Jan 2016 Vanity Fair article about Huma. The mag uses somewhere the phrase “constant companions” to describe these two birds. Is there anyone left on the planet who DOESN’T know what that code means?

  14. No wonder Hilary always wore pants everywhere. She probably bullied poor Bill all the time at the White House.

  15. Our Great Nation must stick to examining a candidates Policy,Leadership Skills and Criminal History. Focus.

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