Ignore the Constitution and save lives!

 By Doug Book, staff writer

   “At some point we have to decide to be sane instead of following a document that’s unclear and outdated,”  writes University of San Francisco professor David Vann of the Constitution of the United States. 

 As professor Vann’s soon to be published,  “Last Day on Earth”  concerns the 2008 shootings at Northern Illinois University,  he was asked to give his opinions on preventing a repeat of these tragic though thankfully infrequent crimes.  And like most leftists eager to display a limitless fount of wisdom,  he was only too happy to oblige.

 Now some might consider an associate professor of creative writing an unlikely expert on methods of preventing multiple shootings on college campuses. And they would be right! For the professor’s suggestions offer not only a complete disregard for fact,  they reveal the passionately held liberal belief that only the  “deserving”  should enjoy any real measure of freedom.

 For Vann believes universities can only hope to prevent the actions of armed lunatics if they:  “…push for gun control,  including the elimination of all handguns;  require mental health background checks;  flag anyone having served in the military;  use metal detectors and station more police at campus borders.”

 In short, the professor apparently wishes to transform the nations already liberal universities into stalag oriented  “safe zones”;  leftist-run,  mini dictatorships in which the  “good guys”  will be armed with the authority to determine both the identity and the fate of the potentially dangerous.

 In this regard,  Vann recommends the analysis of  “risk factors”  to ferret out the truly savage in our midst. Tomorrow’s mass killer will be identified by the warning signs of  “poverty…former military service…gun ownership…and libertarianism,”  writes the professor. Indeed,  he believes that poor,  retired-military libertarians make for the most likely mass murderers of all!

 For according to Vann,  we must think of school shooters as  “suicides”,  not death dealing lunatics.  “I believe suicide is usually the primary motivation,”  says the professor.  And everyone KNOWS that gun owning,  libertarian,  former Marines are just itching to commit suicide!

 Naturally,  Professor Vann reserves his most scathing Constitutional contempt for the 2nd Amendment and the vile,  pro gun lobby.  “…The pro gun lobby…has…the paranoid belief that the federal government wants to enslave us all and is going to take away our guns as their first step,”  writes Vann.

 Of course,  it’s because the Founders shared this  “paranoid belief”  that we have a 2nd Amendment at all.  But then,  what possible use could we still have for notions from an  “unclear,  outdated”  document written by angry,  white men!

 And like most of his ilk,  Vann is convinced that gun control  “…could actually prevent future shootings.”  After all,  the most firearm-unfriendly cities in the nation–Chicago and Washington, DC–are shining examples of citizen security.

 So thanks to creative writing professor David Vann,  we’ve been provided with the blueprint for a scholastic safe haven:  barbed wire,  guards,  metal detectors,  restriction and most importantly,  firearm free.

 Sounds a bit like a military base,  doesn’t it. Gee,  what could be SAFER! Thanks,  professor.

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 1949: After a nine-month trial in Federal Court eleven leaders of the American Communist Party are convicted of conspiring to advocate the violent overthrow of the Federal Government. Today they can be on ballots and get Federal matching funds thanks to Congress.

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