Illinois’ liberals solve imaginary problems rather than say “No” to unions


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Two recent stories from Illinois illustrate exactly what is wrong with letting liberals run our lives.  The first involved the Illinois House passing a law to ban “artery-clogging trans fats” from foods served by restaurants. The second reveals that more than 35% of Illinois’ state workers have workers’ compensation claims against the state.

Coming on the heels of the Chicago schools system’s nervy ban of some homemade lunches, this “trans fats” ban raises the questions: Why; and why now? Distraction from the facts seems to be the answer.

Facts these liberals don’t want to admit

The City of Chicago is the White man’s Detroit. If it weren’t run by White Democrats it would have been allowed to collapse long ago.

In the summer of 2009 City of Chicago non union (of course) workers were involuntarily placed in a rotation which forced them to work 16 days without pay in the final six months of the calendar year.

Last month almost 300 unionized Cook County (Chicago) civil servants were forced to accept a rotation scheduling them to stay home ten days without pay. Ironically, forty Probation Officers will be laid off after their union “brothers and sisters” refuse the plan and forced the County’s hand.  

Another+ story suggests an answer as to why this concern for fatty foods and school lunches.

A second story told of a jaw dropping 25,000 of 70,000 Illinois State civil servants being workers’ compensation litigants! This is not surprising since Illinois has the second highest workers’ compensation costs in America.

A multi-state construction company, reports that the average cost of workers’ compensation claims brought against its Arizona subdivision runs about $6200 while its Illinois division’s claims are more than five times higher on average.

With such generous benefits offered to “injured” State workers is it any wonder more than one in three are staking their claim to the state’s last few dollars? 

The fox guarding the henhouse

While this IS Chicago and it IS Illinois this next fact is still shocking and revolting. Fully one quarter of the very arbitrators who are supposed to be deciding these cases are themselves making workers’ compensation claims!

Obviously Illinois’ liberal Democrats find passing laws about trans fats and telling Moms what they can and can’t put in their kid’s school lunches a lot easier than saying “No” to their union buddies. 

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This day in history April 18

 1978: The Democrat controlled Senate complied with Democrat idiot Jimmy Carter’s request and gave away the Panama Canal.

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