In this second American Revolution, I’ll be there fighting Obama because I love America

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

One day in October 1778 as an 18 year old, my 4th great grandfather, picked up his gun and reported for duty with the 8th Albany Militia. He and his fellow citizen- soldiers went into battle against the mighty British Army which was backed up by a large number of Indians. They had no training. All they had was a burning desire to live free and a willingness to back it up with their lives if need be. And that “need be” came later in the week when they faced the British and their Indians at the Battle of Fort Keyser on Oct 18, 1778. Of the 360 Patriots who stepped forward that day, 120 were killed.
I tell this story not to brag, but to underline my deep feelings and personal connection to our country, and urge all who feel the same way about our beloved America to come forward now this very Independence Day.
I write in hopes that today’s Militia men and women will recognize you need not have been present during our first Revolution to love this country and want to fight for it. We are all members of America’s Militia now and once again our country is calling on us for help in a new Revolution. The first Revolution gave birth to a great nation which was passed down to us. This new Revolution is to save and preserve America from a far worse evil so we can pass it down to our future generations.
Today it is our time to step up and fight. Today is tomorrow in this battle. There are few tomorrows left before the curtain comes down on our freedoms. There can be no fence sitters.
Uncle Sam is pointing directly at each of us and saying, “I want you.”
My pledge
I will NEVER accept the Plan B Barack Obama has for me and our country. I will NEVER remain silent and accept the cloak of gray faceless Marxism this evil man is trying to drape over our country.
I will do WHATEVER I can to stop this. I will work in political campaigns against this Marxist and his gangsters and I will spread the word that American freedoms are not for sale with phony “bailouts.” I will NEVER stop insisting that America is worth fighting for.
I will keep asking questions and keep demanding answers until I get the truth because this is the only way we can ever get the truth.
I will speak to friends and family and neighbors to tell them America is not about to fold up and die at Barack Obama’s hands. Please resolve to step up for America starting today or there will be no America tomorrow.
When you pledge your allegiance to America today and from now on, think about what it means. Think about those who fought and died to give us honest elections, not to give ACORN a way to enslave us. If you plan on watching from here on, plan on watching Barack Obama destroy America.
May God bless America today and always and may He bless each American Patriot as we set about saving our nation.
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