Is a Reagan era “silent majority” back lash against the pro Obama bias media coming?



By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Gallup has just confirmed what many of us have known all along. One of America’s largest polling firms has released the results of a survey dealing with people’s trust of the media. Its findings SHOULD be of great concern to the Democrat Media Cheer Leaders but it won’t be. They are too busy lying to worry about we think of them. Nevertheless, Gallup says that essentially 60% of us don’t trust the media while just 40% do.

This negative/positive split is the largest Gallup has ever found. Of course the Democrats trust the media at 58% and why not, they are on the same team and the media tells them the lies they live by.  But neatly tucked away in the report is an item that SHOULD make media heads explode! It tells us 61% of Independents don’t trust the media and considering that Independents are supporting Mitt Romney by about  15 points lying Barack Obama into someone the Independents can vote for is a tall order for the media. 

Independents and Republicans’ trust in the media is down sharply even since 2008. These groups have good reason to mistrust the media because of the obvious over sample of Democrats and under sample of Republican in reported polls. The constant barrage of negative stories about Romney even when the is little or no “there there” adds to their mistrust.  Positive stories about Romney or his campaign just don’t get mentioned.

A handy example of this kind of bias can be found in an NBC News website politics page online survey that gives Romney a clear edge. That story won’t make to the nightly news anytime soon.

An ongoing poll of its readers shows they favor Romney 38/30. Moreover those leaving comments about the candidates expressed negative feelings toward Obama by 60/40 and positive feelings toward Romney by 51/49. Obviously we don’t believe the Democrat’s media cheer leaders’ fake “feel good about Obama’s chances” stories and the barrage of hate against Romney isn’t swaying us. 

In the 1980s Ronald Reagan had to deal with a solidly Democrat House and Senate but still managed to get things done because he knew he had the American people to help him overcome the media’s bias. There were few people getting their news from computers and no social media yet people laughed at the “polls” showing Walter Mondale ahead of Reagan. We didn’t believe them then and we don’t believe them today. In November 1984 Reagan crushed Walter Mondale and the only surprised people were in America’s newsrooms.  The indications are that this will happen again.    

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