Is Chris Murphy Chris Dodd’s Evil Twin?


By Kevin ‘Coach’ Collins

 There is a reason Republican Linda McMahon is leading her Democrat opponent Chris Murphy in the race to fill the soon to be open Senate seat from Connecticut. They’ve seen this guy before and the last time he used the name Chris Dodd. Dodd is gone now but he is the “Evil Twin” of Chris Dodd and the voters of the Nutmeg State don’t want another Chris Dodd.     After finally seeing the end of Chris Dodd in 2010, we all hoped the damage he and Barney Frank had done to us, with their Dodd/Frank Bill, could begin to heal. Now we have to rethink that optimism because we are seeing Dodd’s return in the candidacy of Connecticut Democrat Congressman Chris Murphy.

The specter of the  return of another Chris Dodd is enough to scare anyone who cares about America’s chances of ever recovering from the years of suffering under Barack Obama.

Consider these connections between the “Evil twins” Chris Dodd and Chris Murphy.

In 2007-2008 Chris Dodd was Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee; at the same time Chris Murphy was a member of the House Banking Committee.

In 2003 Dodd got a “below market” Countrywide Financial Corp mortgage on his Washington, DC and Connecticut homes. 

In 2007 Murphy also got his “below market” rate mortgage. His was from Webster Bank and it was on his Connecticut home. 

In 2008 Dodd claimed his loan rate from Countrywide was at a “competitive rate “– which it was not.

He denied any political pressure on Countrywide which was ridiculous.

In 2012 Murphy, who got the “below market” rate from Webster despite his poor credit,  also denied his mortgage  was the result of political pressure.

In June 2008 Dodd proposed a program to assist sub-prime mortgage lenders like HIS pals at Countrywide and later voted for the big bank bailout of 2008.  RC # 213, 2008.

When it was considered in the House, Chris Murphy voted for the bailout that delivered 400 million dollars of tax payer money to HIS pals at Webster Bank.  RC # 681,2008.  HC 9/5/12.

Chris Dodd was a Connecticut congressman from 1975-1980 and senator from 1981 to 2010 when he  decided not to run again in recognition that he could not win reelection. People preferred an acknowledged liar who claimed to have served in Viet Nam with the Marines over  Chris Dodd. 

Chris Murphy served as an intern to Chris Dodd in the Senate:  HC 5/1/09.

In 2007 when Dodd ran for President Murphy was one of the first to endorse him: (NJ/Hot Line) 1/23/07 why not?

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