Is GOP fear of race riots stopping any real investigation into Obama’s past



By George Spelvin, staff writer

 Congress is refusing to act on citizen demands for  an investigation of Barack Obama’s  Natural Born Citizenship status because of fears of race riots by Blacks across America.  This appears to be the consensus arrived at by many of our country’s on line bloggers. “Obama’s failure to come up with a real, long form Birth Certificate in a timely manner and his expenditure of a vast amount of money in legal fees in my opinion is a 100% indication something is rotten in Denmark.  I don’t know what that something is, but something is fishy,” states one commenter. 

Another asks, “Why would Obama spend so much money when all he has to do is show his BC? . .think about it. . .he can’t show it because if he does, it’ll admit it’s fake” says another blogger.  

World Net Daily is reporting that members of Congress  were even given talking points by their own Congressional Research Agency to head off complaints of American citizens.   A WND writer is reporting that some elected officials appeared to mouth these talking points verbatim! 

Unable or unwilling to either think or act on their own, such is the control being exhibited on them from the top of the GOP leadership. Our elected officials continue to stonewall America’s citizens.

Now while Congress, our courts, our media and governmental agencies continue in  “ protect and conceal” mode only one law enforcement officer Sheriff Joe Arpaio is continuing his battle to bring out the truth about Barack Obama.  Arpaio tells his interviewers over and over he expressly told his Cold Case Posse of volunteer law men and attorneys to clear the President, to put this issue to rest, to find out his documents.

 But the mountains of evidence they uncovered just wouldn’t allow Arpaio to clear Obama. The probable cause of fraud and forgery on the part of the White House released birth announcement and questionable birth certificate along with the problematic selective service document are troubling examples of Obama’s cover up. Despite the glaring discrepancies in Obama’s story our muted Congressional leaders, continue to ignore the oaths they all took to protect the public trust!

 As Arpaio’s investigators press forward, he is facing enormous pressure from the DOJ which has even tried to place a monitor in his office to prevent Arpaio from doing his duly elected duties.  He is arresting 25% of the national’s illegal aliens, and we see the lengths that the Obama administration is willing to go to protect one of its core voting blocs. Ordinary citizens are coming forward with small donations to counter what has been reported to be a $10 million cash outlay by leftist operatives to beat Arpaio!

    All we can do is keep this eligibility issue alive on the internet and begin calling toll free members of Congress to express how you feel.  By calling this number 1-877-762-8762 you can get directly to each member’s.  Remember to protect yourself.  Do not say anything that could put you in jeopardy as that is something that can happen, with the Obama administration’s hyper surveillance methods currently in play.

 To contact your Congressional Representative use this link:

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8 thoughts on “Is GOP fear of race riots stopping any real investigation into Obama’s past”

  1. Good article, good site. IMO – the "Race Riot" theory is a red herring. I believe the reason that Republicans, Democrats, MSM, the Courts, and State and Federal Law Enforcement will not touch this issue is because both parties had illegal candidates in 2008 and there was an agreement by the DNC and RNC to keep quiet about the eligibility issue and let the rest of the chips fall where they may. McCain was not born in the "Canal Zone". His BC shows that he was born in Colon, Panama (which was specifically excluded from the Canal Zone in the Treaty that leased the Canal Zone to the USA. There was collusion on the part of highest officials in both parties (IMO) and this is why it is being kept quiet. The "Race Riot" thing is a bunch of hooey.

  2. Coach, it sounds like you are making excuses for the House GOP not doing their job & impeaching Obama or questioning his eligibility. The GOP should have gotten to the bottom of this issue long before the 2008 election, but they flat-out REFUSED. Juan McCain would hardly even discuss Obama's eligibility, & even praised Obama — & NOW you fear the worst may happen if the truth comes out after a long four years? Puh-leeeeze!

    The good folks at World Net Daily have been on Obama's lack of being a Natural Born Citizen from the very beginning, yet many "conservatives" trashed WND & continue to do so. Where were you back then when Joseph Farah & Jerome Corsi needed you?

    On top of that, the GOP has jumped the shark by not questioning whether Rubio or Romney atr eligible to be POTUS (weren't both of Rubio's parents citizens of Cuba, & not of the US when he was born, or is it racist & anti-Hispanic to even dare ask the question)?

    1. Chris
      I’m not the author, but I still really don’t know how you get that George is making excuses for the GOP.
      Nevertheless, thank you for reading CiR,

    2. Rubio's parents became citizens of the United States four years after he was born. He is not a "natural born citizen".

  3. I understand that there are a lot of people in power who wonder about the issue of Obamas eligibility. Some of the are Dem's who want to protect the chief, some are pubbies afraid that they will nominate Hillary who would be a stronger candidate. All are fearful that it would result in a constitutional crises.

    1. I think a "constitutional crises" is PLANNED! Just the other day the White House "lawyer" said she didn't think o'bummer's online BC wasa real AND that it didn't matter since "the people" voted for him.
      To me, THAT is how they plan to throw out the constitution, saying "the people don't care about it and it's outdated, so let's throw it out" and get a "better one" such as justice ginsberg mentioned was elsewhere.
      Of course, all that is part of the Grand Plan to declare the USA "defunct" and with all the other "divide and conquer" that o'bummer has been doing (finance, race, class, etc) there will be an "excuse" (plus some help by the CIA's "terrorists" brought "home") to RIOT and institute Martial Law = a UN New World (fascist) Order.

      All Romney is a "threat" to o'bummer by the Elite to warn barry that he need do his ASSIGNED TASKS soon or THEY will OUT o'bummer and put Romney is their next PUPPET.

  4. Bill, we are ALREADY IN a Constitutional crisis. In 2008 an ineligible candidate was not only elected POTUS (which says a lot about the American People & their possible lack of concern for Constitutional principles), his main opponent never even brought it up!

    I just heard that Obama signed an anti-1st Amendment bill that restricts free speech around Secret Service agents — a bill that was passed by a GOP House with several supposed TEA Party Members. If this is the best we can get from "conservatives" in & out of Congress, our nation is well on its way to being destroyed from within.

  5. Look around, people. The system is broken. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats want Obama exposed for the fraud that he is.
    America is in roughly the same position as Rome was in the fifth century. We all know what happened after that.

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