Is Homeland Security falsifying crime statistics for the Mexico border area?


Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

A PJ Media undercover camera investigation reveals the falsifying of crime statistics along the Texas-Mexico border in order to grab some $6 million grant dollars from the federal government.  When Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano’s good friend Lupe Trevino took over as sheriff in Hidalgo County, violent crime stats along that illegal alien pipeline into the U.S. somehow improved dramatically.  How could that have happened so suddenly?

PJ Media reporter Bryan Preston says, “The grants pressure local law enforcement to tell false crime stats and fake border crime figures.”  He is calling out local, state, and federal crime reporting agencies for faking crime reports that are giving local citizens a false sense of security!  A crime analyst admits on hidden camera that “changing crime stats to make them look better” involves “fiddling with them.”  By reducing  aggravated assault and robbery to lesser charges, “you can justify it both ways,” says the analyst who at one point is seen laughing about their illegal jiggering with the numbers! 

By changing what goes to the feds, the local Hidalgo County officials allegedly reap huge federal grants, collected from American taxpayers, to buy all sorts of new equipment, personnel, and perks in general.  The Stonegarden grant allowed Hidalgo officials to buy expensive police armored vehicles purportedly to fight crime. The PJ Media reporter called out these practices because some of the equipment is not being used solely for law enforcement. “They are used for politics,” says the investigative journalist in this outstanding two part series.

   And when we hear HS Secretary Napolitano boldly declaring “The border is better now than it ever has been,” we have to wonder why someone in law enforcement at that level has to lie to us.  Lupe Trevino, a Napolitano friend and ally, allegedly is part of the Obama Administration’s double speak about what is really going on.  The Trevino boast about his tenure bringing about a dramatic reduction in crime contrasts sharply with what this PJ Media investigation reveals. 

So as Barack Obama bends over backward to coddle the American Hispanic community to get votes for his reelection in November, those fake crime stats tell a vastly different story.  Pictures of the illegal alien “undocumented workers” bus traveling all over the Southwest depict an underground community getting so unafraid of being arrested that they boldly declare what they want.  American citizens must decide how they feel about an Administration that participates in granting our hard earned tax dollars to a county that is seen on camera admitting to faking crime statistics.  By downplaying violent illegal alien crime and falsely reporting what really is going on, the feds are engaging in a two way abuse of the American public.  For not only are we not being told what is going on along our border,  we are being forced to pay the tab!  November can’t come too soon!

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