Is Obama’s appointment of Immelt a backdoor way for Obama to pay his Chinese loan shark?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The Chinese have become Obama’s loan shark and it looks like he just gave them an “interest” payment.

Friday announcements from Barack Obama stir suspicions. We know he doesn’t work in America’s best interests and we know politicians use Fridays to announce news they would just as soon we didn’t hear, or at least not pay much attention to.

Sometimes Friday announcements are easy to spot smoke screens; sometimes, like this one, a bit of digging is necessary to get to the truth.

On Friday Obama announced Jeffery Immelt the CEO of General Electric will head some kind of mumbo jumbo “board” that will magically create private sector jobs.  

Obama’s steno pool (the media) dutifully reported this as a “gesture by the White House toward strengthening ties to business,” as if GE actually were “business” and not a coconspirator.

Why Immelt? Why GE?

 During 2008/2009 GEPAC “donated” $2.4 million to Democrats greasing every greedy Democrat hand they could find to pass Cap and Trade. In August 2009 a leaked GE executive’s Email gleefully spouted: “On climate change we were able to work closely with key authors of the Waxman-Markey climate and energy bill, recently passed by the House of Representatives. If this bill is enacted into law it would benefit many GE businesses.”

What “…benefit many GE businesses” meant becomes clearer by following the paper trail of “donations” from GEPAC the lobbying arm of General Electric Corporation.

This message alludes to the deal struck between GE and the Democrats: GE pays up and  gets government contracts;  in return the Democrats  get 24×7 PR and damage control from GE’s media outlets NBC et al.

 Problems arise: problems solved

The failed Cap and Trade bill would have required the EPA to set new standards for greenhouse gas emissions for all engines used in new aircraft by December 12, 2012. And surprise, surprise GE is the ONLY company in America equipped to produce these engines in any meaningful quantities!

More than this, GE was handed a contract to sell 110,000 “smart meters” that will remotely “regulate” our use of electricity to American Electric Power. GE is building these “smart meters” with $75 million of our money.

Now with Cap and Trade dead Obama can use Executive Orders to see that General Electric can still build the EPA mandated engines, but do so in China. That way he can pay his “interest” to the Chinese and add a few jobs in America.

GE gets most of what it bought from the Democrats; the Chi-Coms gets some real jobs building/steal the technology for our airplane engines and smart meters and Obama gets a photo-op standing around a GE factory in upstate New York. And all the while we pay for the whole thing. This was what his steno pool calls a win-win week for Obama.  

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  1. What do you expect, there is a "G" in the first part of the name as in Government Motors so be it in Government Electric. Our corrupt governmrnt and the large BANKS, INVESTMENT and CORPORATIONS are all about buying the most influencial people they can to only their benifit. If we Americans would look at the MADE IN label and set all that are produced in China, India and other countries we could possibly get our manufacuring jobs back within our own borders. I look back at what this country did in World War ll and we as a people could do something similar again to revive our country and it's prosparity, it will take some work and sacrifice on our part to get it done.

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