Is Obama’s defeat written in the stars?

 By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

 A 12 foot high Sky Banner entitled “Impeach Obama” will fly 3,000 feet above the Pasadena Rose Bowl parade, reaching an estimated one million parade route viewers.   Not surprisingly World Net Daily is breaking a story, but no other media outlet has thus far reported it.   Two San Diego groups, The Stop Obama Now and Impeach Obama Tea Party recently flew a similar banner at the USS Carl Vinson college basketball game which Barack Obama attended.

     “We feel the media has practiced a huge double standard. Criticism of Obama is suppressed”  supporters are telling reporter Bob Unruh.    The two main reasons the Impeach Obama groups are gaining traction is people are now really starting to pay attention to our Constitution’s Article II, sect. 1, paragraph 5.

 The requirement that a US President must be a natural born citizen runs up against the fact that Barack Obama senior was a subject of Great Britain in 196l as a citizen of their protectorate Kenya.  This issue is now front and center as part of the questions surrounding Obama’s Hawaii birth certificate.  Dual citizenship parentage negates eligibility to be a U. S. President.

 WND also is reporting that Alabama along with Georgia and New Hampshire are all considering formal challenges to Obama’s 2012 candidacy.  “Concerns that the Democrats, as in 2008, are proposing a candidate linked to fraud” over contested social security and birth certificate records” are coming out in citizen complaints.      

 A commenter and film maker Jeff Ray filmed the Orly Taitz vs. Fuddy election  eligibility hearing in New Hampshire and plans to air it, but he is being opposed by the state’s Attorney General.

    Ray said, “I am also a citizen. . . I . . .have a sworn duty as a citizen to protect the Constitution of the U.S.”    Another commenter is calling out every US Secretary of State for failing to properly vet Obama.

 The reply one judge told his court that the people vetted Obama by voting for him doesn’t satisfy the thread following this important World Net Daily story because as a Republic, our state officials represent us citizens and carry sworn duties to protect their constituents , namely U.S. citizens.

 And only World Net Daily has the courage to tell us what is going on in the battle for the highest office in our land!!

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 In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both.  What have you done today to deserve to live in America?

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7 thoughts on “Is Obama’s defeat written in the stars?”

  1. I just got a new respect for CA after reading about the Pasadena Rose Bowl parade banner.
    Bring on the class warfare America!!!
    I'm beginning to love my fellow American again!!! Thank You all that were involves.

    1. Hey Carol,az !! How 'ya been girl?
      The California TEA Partiers are surely coming up with some very creative ways in which to justifiably slam and "dis" this rotten president !!
      I'm truly surprised and VERY pleased. It's gonna be a ball watching the obamatons scrambling around trying to ban this exemplary and effective manner of communicating with their fellow voters.
      I'll be seeking out those balloons on internet videos !
      Speaking of "Class Warfare", I heard that "The One" is giving a speech (again!) very soon regarding how the rich amongst us must "pony-up" more of their wealth….. that "fair share" drama act he's been tossing about. As if ANYONE in their right minds wants to continue funding the "Bravo Sierra" socialist dogma of his. I can't imagine what sort of person would lay re-election cash on the worst President in American History, as well as being the most corrupt anti-American to hold a Federal Office…….Well, actually, Barney Frank, Chucky Shumer, and Chris Dodd rank right up there with "The Liar-in-Chief"

  2. Thank you CA Tea Partiers. It's been 3 years of trying to get the word out. It's just amazing the tactics of the left used to suppress this info.

  3. I'm wondering if the California TEA Partiers (of which I am one – however without a solid CA link) could really turn things around. CA is a fiscal disaster but it does have pockets of sanity, including most of the San Joaquin Valley (where your snack carrots, pistachios, almonds and a lot of oil comes from.) My Congressman Kevin McCarthy is Majority Whip and responsible for seeking candidates nationwide. Devin Nunes from Fresno is another good one. It is also home to a large Latino population – – eligible voters who have been Democrat mostly because most Catholics are Democrats. This is changing rapidly as our bishops are under attack or vilification by a faith-hating Administration. They are hurting, getting more politically sophisticated and are precious people by and large. (My Goddaughter was adopted by close personal friends a wonderful Latino family from a single mother who has been a victim of the welfare system for her entire life. It's time we "Occupy our Minds!"

  4. To Toddyo : as usual, my friend, your post was replete with positive observations which does the heart good. Thank you.

  5. Oh for sure Suzanne ! Obama's defeat is most assuredly written in the stars… Methinks his royal "nastiness" rules under the sign of The Scorpion.
    But we MeerKats simply adore dining on bugs despite the venom.

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