Islamic “values” are seeping into charter schools and via the Discovery Channel and Gulen movement

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer ( this is a special edition of Sunday’s with Suzanne)

Our school children are facing Muslim indoctrination with “The 99” project which is set to air in January with a 13 episode series on the Discovery Channel for Kids. President Obama praised this media event for capturing young imaginations by “teaching tolerance for Islam” at his recent Washington, D.C. Presidential Summit speech.

This new series is using animated adventure heroes to depict the 99 attributes of Allah in what the London Times (1) is saying “the show’s mission is to instill old fashioned Islamic values” into our Christian children.
Kathy Bright of the Bright Media network has developed (2) The Shield Bearer project to counter the Islamization of our children by using new God centered action heroes. “The 99” project describes two Muslim heroes as Jabbar The Powerful: from Saudi Arabia and Widad The Loving: from the Philippines, while calling Darr The Afflicter: the United States role model.

Islamic charter schools

Another very troubling and similar trend is threatening to take over America’s charter school movement. “A secretive foreign network of Islamic radicals now operates dozens of charter schools which receive government money (3) but are not required to adopt a state approved curriculum” says reporter Stephen Schwartz.

The Gulen Movement is based on a Turkish view of world peace expounded by Fethullah Gulen. Work visa teachers from Turkey are being brought in to teach at innocuous sounding schools such as Magnolia Science Academy, Daisy Educational Corporations Sonoran Science Academy and Beehive Science and Technology Academy. Most of these “schools” are in Arizona, Utah, California, Ohio, and Texas. (4)
American parents, desperate to find alternatives to our nation’s failed Public School System, are turning to these schools hoping to boost their children’s math and science scores Nevertheless, they are not being told about the background of the Gulen Movement. Kelly Wayment, parent of three children in the Beehive Academy summarily was removed from his administrative board post when officials learned he emailed other parents (5) about the teachers from Turkey, an Islamist country. A Beehive first year history teacher was fired (6) when he complained to the state board about distorted Holocaust and World War II lesson plans.

Reporter Schwartz, writing in the American Thinker, says, “Americans should ask both why and how the Islamist Gulen movement has managed to establish such a large presence for Turkish religious political indoctrination in [our] publicly financed education [system] . . . .and should unite to oppose it.” (7) You can go to the web site of the patriotic Act!forAmerica to request a list of the 85 primary and secondary Gulen movement schools operating in the United States.

Watch for words such as science academy, math and science curricula, math and science schools. Question further when presented with high student performance ratings. Were lower performing children just eased out of the schools to keep the ratings high? We need to take action now to block “The 99” series from the Discovery Channel for Kids until further investigation determines if covert donors and covert methods are being used to indoctrinate our children. We’re living in very dangerous times. Our country’s very foundations are being attacked in many ways. Keep a heads up on this one. Email Fox News and the Discovery Channel.

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(1) and (2) ph. 407-826-2197
(3),(4),(5),(6), (7)

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16 thoughts on “Islamic “values” are seeping into charter schools and via the Discovery Channel and Gulen movement”

  1. PS. the Gulen Schools are also using STEM in the title. They will lie about their affilation even when there is overwhelming proof. They are starting to get denied expansionism (Colorado, Hawaii, Utah) However Tennesee Knoxville board ok'd them after they DENIED them because of Gulen ties and other misrepresentations with 10 stipulations. Knoxville Charter Academy.

  2. These Gulen Charter Schools are the biggest abusers of H1-b Visas they claim they cannot find qualifed teachers in the USA.
    H1-b Visa info here:
    In fact, did you know that the Cosmos Foundation part of the Gulen Movement has immigrated more foreign teachers in than the largest school district in the USA. Of course that would be LAUSD, who is allowing this? That number for Cosmos Foundation alone is over 1,100 h1-b visas since 2001 and Cosmos Foundation is only ONE of the Gulen Movement’s NGOs that are doing this. Who is dismantling the American Education System so followers of Islamic Imam Fethullah Gulen can teach our children?
    Not only visas for teachers but now they are getting h1-b visas for finance managers, business managers and legal counsel (as if America doesn’t have thousands of qualified people for these jobs)

    1. Oh great, now the USCIS is allowing teachers in the USA to take jobs? We just had a massive lay off of teachers in my area.
      I smell trouble from the American teachers fighting back on this.

      Go to hell Islamic indoctrination.

    1. You are so right! If someone tried to do this with Christianity, it would not be politically acceptable and would not be aired, or almost any other religion for that matter,eg Judaism. No wonder so many people are home-schooling.

      1. If you tried to open 150 schools in Turkey you would be beheaded like the priest was in August 2009.
        Be part of the solution, we can win our children and education back.
        this site has the list of gulen charters schools, check the names in YOUR state and make everyone aware of it including local media, school boards and parents.

  3. SSA responded numerous times to your complaints and concerns, responded
    to the Arizona State Board of Charter Schools and has allowed you to
    continue making defamatory comments on the internet for several months.
    Now it must stop.
    If you do not immediately cease posting SSA will pursue litigation against you, including an injunction to prohibit further publication of defamatory statements and a lawsuit for damages. SSA has been tracking and collecting evidence of your defamatory
    statements. Including copies of your posts on craigslist and will
    utilize this evidence in a lawsuit against you if necessary.
    Very Truly Yours,
    Heather K. Gaines

  4. This is what happens when you speak out and try to inform others about the Gulen Movement. I am not the first parent not ex-teacher that has been threatened with a SLAPP suit.
    Re: Sonoran Science Academy
    Dear Mr. Thacker
    As you are aware, this firm represents Daisy Education Corporation dba
    Sonoran Science Academy (“SSA”). SSA has been aware for several months
    that you are posting defamatory, insulting and inflammatory comments
    about SSA on craigslist. These posts are resulting in a significant
    disruption of the SSA community. Furthermore SSA may be suffering
    potential financial damages as a result of the false statements you are
    circulating in the online community.

  5. The school will also use your personal information from when you enrolled your children to do background checks on you. Is this legal? The answer is no not with your concent.

  6. Fethullah Gulen–apparently intimately connected with Daisy Education Corps Sonoran Science Academy– wrote the following in his book Pearls of Wisdom: "Preferring the sacred cause over all worldly and animal desires; being steadfast in truth, once it has been discovered, to the degree that you sacrifice all mundane attachments for its sake; enduring all hardships so that future generations will be happy; seeking happiness, not in material or even spiritual pleasures, but in the happiness and well-being of others; never seeking to obtain any posts or positions; and preferring oneself to others in taking on work but preferring others to oneself in receiving wages-these are the essentials of this sacred way of serving the truth." (p. 84)

    For people who prefer the sacred over the worldly and are willing to endure hardship so others may be happy, it sure seems they threaten their share of law suits, doesn't it!

  7. Oldpuppymax since you brought up "law suits" the schools have had their fair share – they work very hard to pay out of court to stop the scandal from hitting the news but many do.
    As far as your cult goes, no one that matters cares about Islamic Imam Muhammed Fethullah Gulen.
    this blog has some of the Gulen Charter Schools law suits that were filed.

    When the schools start to become clean about their association with Hizmet (Gulen Movement) and transparent then we can all move on. But until then, these schools will continue to be denied expansion, denied funding and bonds and the politicians they have in their pocket will and are drying up. Can anyone say "extra helping of Noah's pudding please"

  8. As a US Citizen, born and raised of Turkish descent, I say we need to shut down all these schools ASAP. They want to serve as 2nd columns to destroy the Secular Constitution in Turkey and spread a Religious Islamist Caliphate worldwide. He even preached for an "Islamic New World Order" and made statements such as "You must move within the arteries of the system, without anyone noticing your existence, until you reach all the power centres. You must wait until such time as you have got all the state power, until you have brought to your side all the power of the constitutional institution in Turkey." He knows it and the Gulen movement knows it too and they try to deny it. We have to press charges against every Gulenist school in the country and have even a million man march to protest against the movement even.

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