Islamists are killing dogs in the Spanish towns when will they start murdering “Harbis”?

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 Muslims are forbidden to touch dogs. They believe any house where a dog is kept will never be entered by God’s angels.  If this was all there was to it, who could quarrel with their position? Jews can’t eat pork (Muslims can’t either) and Muslims can’t have anything to do with dogs, what’s the problem?  

 Actually, the Muslims themselves are the problem. Muslims, especially the Islamist Muslims can not and will not leave the question of dogs alone. Because they are taught by their religion that “Allah” commands them to kill dogs, they could not care less who owns a particular dog, they just kill the animal anyway.

 Wherever they take up residence the first thing Muslims do is try to change local laws; first to accommodate them, then so that they run all of our lives with their demonic Sharia law. To get what they want Muslims go out and force their way into the workings of the towns where they live with no concern for our laws or our property.  Moreover, we are automatically marked for death to these lunatics just because we are alive. 

 They refer to us non Muslims as “Harbi” – people whose very existence is an insult to Allah which is punishable by death and of course they feel compelled to destroy our property including our innocent dogs who also offend them.  

Muslims are killing “Harbi’s” dogs in Spain

Ever since Ferdinand and Isabella kicked the Muslims out of Spain in 1492 (yes 1492!) they have plotted to get “their” land back – this the same lie they use against Israel.   

Unfortunately over the last twenty five years or so, the Spanish have let down their guard and been persuaded to allow more and more Muslims into their country. Now they are paying the price – or more accurately their dogs are paying for this foolish political correctness with their lives.

 The Spanish government is investigating the poisoning deaths of more than a dozen dogs in one Muslim infested town. 

The murdered dogs all lived in or around heavily Muslim areas that have reported such things over recent years as the Islamist population grows in size and boldness.

Today it is dogs because their existence violates Muslim law and the authorities can’t protect these loyal and friendly beasts. What will happen when there are no more “offensive” dogs to kill? Will sudden unprovoked attacks in the streets of these towns cause non Muslim bodies to pile up?

 Living in America doesn’t mean they don’t see us as “Harbis” to be slaughtered on sight. The only thing holding them back is our Second Amendment. Nevertheless, when enough of them fill our cities these murderous thugs will act. Bank on it. If we are not vigilant when will our dogs are slaughter they will come for our weak and our young then. When our “crime” is our mere existence all we “Harbis” can do is fight.

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 In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both.  What have you done today to deserve to live in America?

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3 thoughts on “Islamists are killing dogs in the Spanish towns when will they start murdering “Harbis”?”

  1. Great post Coach-Islam is a bully religion. At first when adherents are low in number in a locality, it is peaceful and non confrontational. As their numbers increase Muslims get cockier and nastier. The answer is for us to have more babies if we can or to encourage our sons and daughters to have large families.
    We also must prohibit muslim immigration here; prohibit their proselytizing in prisons; shut down mosques and make America energy independent.

    The European birth dearth means kindergartens are full of muslim tots
    and very few native ones. This is the killer wave coming at Europe with Tsunami force. They have no problems killing our dogs; trampling "kuffars" or infidels nor our beloved constitution.

  2. We keep letting more and more of these folks into our country and they are trying their best to convert everyone to their religion, not going to happen, I hope. As for killing our dogs, I am surprised thry don't eat them knowing some of the things they eat. Better keep my little pooch in the house because you never know who lives in your neighborhood these days.
    Tye Cobb

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