Israel Strikes

by Jim Emerson,  staff writer

Israeli warplanes reportedly stuck a convoy of weapons, inside Syria, that was destined for Hezbollah in Lebanon.  The convoy was carrying Russian manufactured SA-17 missiles to be used by the terrorist organization to target Israeli Aircraft. Israel publicly warned Syria that it would take action to prevent the shipment of weapons to any terrorist group, especially chemical weapons. Israeli intelligence has been monitoring the areas between Syria and Lebanon for any sign of weapons convoys. (1)


The SA-17 (Grizzly) is a mobile surface-to-air missile (SAM) system and in terrorist hands would curtail Israel’s ability to operate near or in Lebanese airspace against terrorist targets. It would be seen as a “game changer” in the region and a direct threat to Israel. (2) Hezbollah can use the SA-17 to protect its missile launching sites and convoy routes from Syria and protecting terrorists from retaliatory airstrikes.

By providing Hezbollah SA-17 systems, who knows what the Syrians and Iranians will provide to the terrorists to use against the Jewish nation. If the Assad regime could goad Israel into targeting more facilities inside Syria he could rally the population against the Rebels by claiming they are being supported by the Zionists. The Iranians will be more than glad to assist any group planning to attack Israel.


The Syrian military denied the existence of any weapons convoy and claimed that a so-called scientific research facility near Damascus was attacked. The facility at Jamraya is actually a weapon development canter which is frequented by Russian and Iranian advisors. (5)There is conflicting information as to whether the site is used for chemical weapons development and testing, but being so close to the capital it would be unlikely. The denial was most likely a cover story meant for the Syrian population to link the Free Syrian rebels with Israel. To counter Assad regime claims, the rebels stated they attacked the facility. An unnamed U.S. official confirmed that Israel did strike a convoy of trucks and although the exact location is unknown at this time, it is most likely located near the Jamraya research facility, about 10 miles from the Lebanon border.



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3 thoughts on “Israel Strikes”

  1. So how’s it all working?

    Egypt, Tunisia, Liyba, Syria, Yemen, Mali, Algeria, Nigeria, all under attack from the M. Brotherhood .
    Jordan is now taking in, thousands of refugees from Syria as Syria blows itself apart.
    Our personnel in Libya murdered while King Bo, was having a Hollywood moment in Vegas.
    Hiliary stated, “no one read the thousands of messages” that flooded the CIA, the State Dept,and to other embassy’s,begging for help as she cried on que about the fallen, one of her best Kabuki drama moments.
    The survivors that evac prior to the attack, have never been interviewed by the press.
    Silence ….cover up ….and the recent distraction:
    Gun control and amnesty sold as a wild idea that if Bo gets it, our Border could be, maybe, secured.
    Nothing is further from the truth.
    The Kenyan King, has supported the M.B since his first term .
    The Kenyan King has Invited the M.B to the W,H and gifted millions of US green backs as seed money. Congress approved it.
    Hilary announced just before she said “good -bye as Sec. of State, that Somalia should be recognized, ” as a stable Govt .”

    Our Govt has betrayed Israel’s trust denouncing it to the world .
    Lest we forget that Isreal is the only example of a Democratic Govt in the Middle East.
    we are still trying to convince ourselves that AF will be the new born evolution for ???? as
    we pour billions into a cesspool who’s only export is drugs with no stable Govt.

    Our country voted for a man with no international experience, or military experience and no leadership skills for domestic policy.
    Thank You Isreal for being a fast learner and protecting your citizens. We may need your help.

  2. Carol has it right. Our Impostor-in Chief has an anti-Israel attitude that he inherited from his communist father and also from his time in the Madrassa (What would happen if we discovered that George W. Bush was trained in a Madrassa?)

    He continues this attitude in his choice of a new henchman, Hagel, who has publically stated his dislike of Israel and Jews in general. What’s new in the Obama Regime?

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