It’s Called Propaganda

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

In order to display some gravitas, Obama’s White House is assisting an Oscar winning filmmaker to spin it into a leadership role in the killing of Osama Bin Laden just in time for the 2012 Election.  As is typical of Hollywood, this is another movie aimed at showing Democrat Presidents in a positive light while in and out of office.

Kathryn Bigelow directed the Oscar-winning Iraq War movie “The Hurt Locker,” has teamed up with its writer Mark Boal to start on the preproduction research for a movie about the killing of Bin Laden. The project is being billed as a movie about CIA and Military action in the tracking and killing of bin Laden. It will supposedly be  presented as a story about the SEAL team that killed bin Laden, but since the White House is involved it will more likely be a 2 hour Hollywood produced campaign commercial.


Ms. Bigelow, a longtime supporter of Obama is using this movie to highlight the only positive moment during his presidency. Bigelow may already have used White House connections to gain access to sensitive information within the CIA and the Pentagon in preparations for this “movie.” Rep. Peter King (R-NY) asked the  “inspectors general of the CIA and the Department of Defense to determine what consultations occurred in the White House about providing Hollywood with access to covert military operators and clandestine CIA officers.”  This suspicion became warranted when Bigelow and Boal showed up at a CIA ceremony to honor the SEALS and CIA agents who took out bin Laden.

Movies about black-ops may compromise future clandestine missions and may endanger troops, agents and their families, but that doesn’t seem important to Obama or his Hollywood friends. Among the black-ops community it is a taboo to talk about past and ongoing missions, even with each other.

In an effort to distract attention from the seedy quality of this affair,  White House Press Jester Jay Carney, shot back “When people, including you in this room, are working on articles, books, documentaries or movies that involve the president, ask to speak to administration officials, we do our best to accommodate them to make sure the facts are correct.” Just as long you don’t work for Fox News, of course.


As reported in the New York Times, the filmmakers denied they are making a pro-Obama movie saying, “Our upcoming film project about the decade-long pursuit of Bin Laden has been in the works for many years and integrates the collective efforts of three administrations, including those of Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama, as well as the cooperative strategies and implementation by the Department of Defense and Central Intelligence Agency.” If true the bin Laden movie would have to start with the bombing of U.S. Embassies in Africa. And if she is being truthful then change the release date to sometime after the 2012 election.

I hope she remembers that it wasn’t Obama who gave the kill order and that the White House picture release to the press was posed. It remains to be seen if Ms. Bigelow is Obama’s Leni Riefenstahl,  but it sure looks like it as the old saying goes “If it quacks like a duck.”

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1961: The border between East and West Berlin was closed and marked with a barbed wire fence.

 In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both.  What have you done today to deserve to live in America?

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7 thoughts on “It’s Called Propaganda”

  1. Simple fact…they are in the process of rewriting history and our WH is playing right along. I will not go to see this movie and investigations are and should continue to be ongoing to get this fax pas disclosed.

  2. The only difference between this movie and the soviet films showing “record wheat harvest and tractor production for soviet union” is the writing is better and its in color.

  3. The fact, that black youth attacks ARE all under reported for fact, by most mass media per example in Wisconsin State Fair.. _The Liberal media with homage to the Sultan, and thug leadership, will do anything to protect him._They continue to disallowed honest reporting for the truth, on all issues related to these stories. __It started with the dismissal of the New Black Panthers voting obstruction case dismissed by Eric , the Red Holder, and his thug DOJ leadership, case ignored for dismissal._Now we have Operation Gun Runner and three other example of guns purchased in AZ and FL. that walked,_ __No surprise that Chicago would ignore these flash mobs as one example of lawlessness and corruption that has gone on, for decades._ Four Mayor from that cesspool have been indited on corruption charges._ America is finally waking up._ Once the rule of law is shredded in our Democracy, as it has been , we're all subject to unconstitutional decisions that we can list and willl continue to add to, unless we get rid of this lawless leadership in every Dept appointed by this imposter who can't lead, and destroying our America.

  4. The pre-2012 election date is a dead give-away to whom will actually will be extoled and feted as hero(s) in this movie.
    Once again, the lack of honor and shame, as well as the outright political pandering to the president's reelection efforts, has Hollywood deservedly in my cross-hairs !
    I will look forward to a different screenwriter's rendition of the bravery of the Navy Seals. Obama only very reluctantly okayed that mission; taking, I believe, a full ten days to render a decision to kill one of America's nastiest tormenters.
    Decent soldiers ought never be cast in the same movie as a desperate, un-American president. Boycott this one.

  5. I haven't been to a movie in over 20 years and the only bad thing about that is I don't have to make an effort to avoid it. I pray that he is found out before then. I would love for the Seals to march him out of the WH that would be fitting.

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