It’s only “rigging the Electoral College vote” when Democrats can’t cheat, but GOP has a plan


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

To guarantee the will of the people would decide who would govern us our Founding Fathers gave each state has the right to apportion its Electoral College votes (ECVs) as it wished.  

Democrats don’t really like this because it opens the door to changes that would give people more of a voice in the selection of our presidents. Throughout the last two hundred years, they have often relied on voter fraud to win presidential elections.

This is why they are gearing up to fight a new plan for awarding ECVs being considered in six states totally controlled Republicans. Barack Obama won all six.

The plan calls for an ECV to be awarded to a candidate for each Congressional District he/she wins thus ending the “winner take all” system which invites fraud in a few districts which is so rampant as to smother the honest votes throughout a state.   

This “win the district, win the ECVs” system is entirely legal and is the mirror image (comparing honesty to corruption) of the Democrats’ plan to award ECVs of some states to the winner of the nationwide popular vote.  Doing this would mean that California would not even have to bother counting its presidential votes. It could just wait until the results of ballot box stuffing operations in the northeastern states were complete and say, “Here’s our 55 ECVs” to the Democrat candidate.       

How things would change

If this system was in place last November six states  Obama won in spite of being completely controlled by Republicans could have awarded GOP candidate Mitt Romney enough additional ECVs to win by a narrow margin.

The state by state differences  in Romney’s favor would have been as follows: In Florida +15;  Ohio + 12; Michigan + 9; Wisconsin + 5; Virginia + 9 and Pennsylvania +12 for a grand total of 63 new ECVs and a final tally of 273 ECVs.

The chances of this plan being passed in these states  are very real. For various reasons each Republican governor would be eager to sign this clearly Constitutional change into law.

Under this plan the Democrats could continue to win big cities with 112% of the population voting Democrat but not come close to stealing the ECVs of states whose people want a Republican president. If we are ever to regain our freedom passing this legislation is essential.  


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2 thoughts on “It’s only “rigging the Electoral College vote” when Democrats can’t cheat, but GOP has a plan”

  1. We need to encourge our State House and Senate to get this drafted
    and Passed for Governor Scott to Sign. My home State is Tennessee
    so I will Encourage them to do so also.

  2. It’s cheating and all the states are backing down. If we change the constitution and have this system nationwide then fine but cherry picking states to get a more favorable result strikes people as being a sore loser.

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