It’s time Joe Arpaio identifies Obama as a criminal, rather than an innocent bystander

by Doug Book,  staff writer

When Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse began their investigation into Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate, the president was not referred to even as a potential suspect of wrongdoing. During the Posse’s March 1st news conference, it was revealed that the birth certificate placed online by the White House was probably a forgery. And on Tuesday, in the second official release of Posse-acquired information to the public, any remaining doubt as to the fraudulent nature of the document was removed as it was proved that information included on the computer-crafted, BC image could not have been put there by the Hawaii Department of Health.

“What I’m telling you is that document isn’t real,” said lead investigator Mike Zullo to members of the press and others attending the Tuesday conference. “The only legal authority which could have made the document, did not make it,” he continued, speaking of the Hawaii Department of Health.  For keen investigation by Zullo and others led to the 95 year old Department official whose signature appears on the   birth certificate form! And in a taped, telephone conference she told Zullo that information included on the document could NOT have been placed there by the DOH office in which she was working at the time of Barack Obama’s purported Hawaiian birth. (1)

According to an alpha-numeric identifier placed on the BC by the DOH, there should have been NO information at all included in the document box identifying the race of Obama’s father. But not only was the word “African” typed in, that designation was not in use by the Hawaii Department of Health until 1989, 28 years after Obama’s birth. “The Department of Health didn’t create it,” said Zullo to assembled reporters. “They didn’t create the file, somebody else did.”

Sheriff Arpaio told the assembled reporters, “As I said March 1st, right at the very beginning, we are not accusing the President of any crime. We are strictly investigating a possible government forged document and that’s the way we are still going with this, we’re talking about documents.” (1)

But later on, Arpaio added one very important fact when he stated that the fraudulent birth certificate “…parked itself at the White House at some point.” Someone in the audience said to Arpaio, “I don’t get that Sheriff.” “If this is a crime and it’s the president’s birth certificate, how could he not be accused of a crime?” (1)

“I don’t know that he knew about it,” responded Arpaio. “Did we ever say he knew about it?” Zullo suggested that the forged document was being used “mistakenly” by Obama. (1)

By profession and training, officers like Arpaio and Zullo refrain from alleging guilt, knowing that to be the job prosecutors. But common sense makes it obvious that Obama’s phony birth certificate did not appear on the White House website without the president’s full knowledge and blessing. And were he not in on the fraud, were he the honest dupe suggested by Arpaio, he would have gotten to the bottom of the proven forgery BC long ago.

Barack Obama is clearly guilty of fraud and worse.  Joe Arpaio, Mike Zullo and the rest of those who have taken part in the investigation know it full well. And the dictates of police protocol be damned, it’s about time they stated in plainest terms the guilt of the President of the United States in having engineered the most massive fraud in the nation’s history.  

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3 thoughts on “It’s time Joe Arpaio identifies Obama as a criminal, rather than an innocent bystander”

  1. I think he’s done as much as he can. Congress, the Media and the Courts are now complicit! It’s down to WE THE PEOPLE ISSUING AN ARREST WARRANT! All of his unconstitutional and illegal actions can be reversed including his HELLcare scam!

  2. Time to end the “nice-nice” with the interloper in the Oval Office…Arpaio may have to tread a little more carefully than we do…but, none of us is under any obligation to buy the deadly snake oil Obama is selling…
    Arpaio is providing a service to those of us who already see the writing on the wall….more evidence…
    The drive-by media, who the ignorant continue to patronize, will not cover these Obama-truths…so, as usual, it’s up to the rest of us to warn those we can about what’s gonna come down shortly.

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