Jeb Bush disqualifies himself as GOP nominee in 2016: That’s one down and a dozen or so to go

By Emma Karlin, staff writer

Election years that have no incumbent president make for crowded Democrat and Republican primaries. Consequently, the quicker a Party settles on a nominee the quicker it can start to coalesce behind the person they want to put in the White House. When a potential candidate disqualifies himself early on, it is very helpful. Jeb Bush the former Governor of Florida has disqualified himself and therefore has become helpful to the Republican selection process.

Bush has co-authored an opinion piece urging House Republicans to do Chuck Schumer’s bidding and pass an amnesty bill. Making baseless claims that adding as many as 40 million unskilled and disinterested people will somehow make America better and stronger, Bush reminds us of why he should never be president. 

Following the RINO/Democrat mantra of blame America first Bush makes the totally illogical assertion that, “Illegal immigration results now because there are too few lawful low-skill job opportunities for immigrants.”

Thereafter, Bush adroitly switches his topic from illegal immigration to “immigrants” and their benefit to our economy. He doesn’t want to talk about illegal aliens who are supposed to be the subject of his remarks, but why should he? Staying away from anything that even looks like a condemnation of illegal aliens is a smart move for a RINO looking forward to support from the Democrat controlled media.  

Praising the Senate’s immigration bill, Bush shows us his naiveté claiming it, “reduces family preferences, increases the number of high-skilled visas, expands guest-worker programs, and creates a merit-based immigration system for people who want to pursue the American dream.” He continues to embarrass himself with a final important claim writing, “The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office projects that the Senate bill would reduce the budget deficit by more than $1 trillion over 20 years, boost the economy and increase productivity, without reducing the wages of U.S. workers. In short, it advances Republican economic growth objectives.”

The rest of his remarks are boilerplate blah blah blah, about, “… sound policy and principle.” Okay Jeb the Democrats and the media will love you; we get it. Thanks for showing us who you are this early in the process. Now go away. That’s one down and a dozen or so to go.


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4 thoughts on “Jeb Bush disqualifies himself as GOP nominee in 2016: That’s one down and a dozen or so to go”

  1. @Emma–

    Thanks for taking down this incredible phony. Among his many career lowlights was his hiding under his desk during the shameful Terri Schiavo case. Not to mention…So did his brother.

    Lest we forget, this plague of Bushes was unleashed on America by the vastly overrated Ronald Reagan. (Who *wouldn’t* have been better than Carter or Mondale?)

  2. Now the experiment: The amnesty happened in 1986. It took a few years for the Hispanics to gain citizenship and the right to vote. The last Republican victory occurred in 1988. From 1992 to present, the Republican candidates have not even been in the running. In fact, for the past 15 years we have seen that the only way a Republican can win a significant statewide election in California is to come out strongly against illegal aliens. It worked for Pete Wilson in 1994. He was in bad trouble and facing defeat until he came out in support of Prop 187 to cut-off services to illegals. In worked again for Arnold during the Grey-out recall when he ran strongly on a platform that had a centerpiece of repealing drivers licenses for illegals.

  3. I use to think granting amnesty in 1986 was Ronald Reagan’s biggest political mistake. I now realize dragging the corporate-dominated, RINO Bush clan onto the national stage was by far his biggest mistake.

    ex animo

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