Jimmy Hoffa junior: everything that is wrong with the Labor Movement

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Calling Americans “Sons of Bitches” and threatening to “take us out” is entirely in line with the low rent character of Jimmy Hoffa junior. Having been raised at the knee of a criminal who specialized in extortion theft and betrayal of those who depended on him, Hoffa is a rotten apple who did not fall far from the poison tree.

Since his rise to power on the backs of other, equally as corrupt but less cunning and soulless, Teamster Union thugs Hoffa has always wallowed in whatever mud he had to in order to line his pockets.
During his successful effort to topple the Teamsters’ leadership in 1996, Hoffa used a series of moles and spies to “…to intimidate and manipulate [union officials in order to forcibly take control of the union]..” according to a Cornell professor of Labor Relations quoted in a Wall Street Journal report.

When Hoffa took over the Teamsters he initiated a program called Respect, Integrity, Strength, Ethics (RISE) which was to “enforce a code of ethics” within the Teamsters’ Union. Whatever ethics rules RISE was supposed to bring about in the Teamsters Union dealings is an issue in question. Nevertheless, a “rule” RISE specifically elected to leave out says all you need to be known about the level of Hoffa’s corruption.

RISE directed that the Teamsters’ ethics code could NOT, “Set maximum salaries or maximum salary increases” for Teamster officials;

“Set any limit on multiple salaries”;

“Contain any restrictions on nepotism”; or

“Require job descriptions or performance standards for employees” (read: business agents).

Moreover, it actually continued with, “No-show jobs are bad, but the Code should not contain a prohibition.”

Is it therefore not at all surprising that during last spring’s debate over “Card Check” (Big Labor’s underhanded scheme to intimidate American workers into joining unions) Hoffa, a Labor lawyer who never worked a day in a Teamster job, was quoted as asking, “Since when is the secret ballot a basic tenet of democracy?”

This man is a dangerous Marxist. He threatens everything that is good about America. He will do anything to keep the plush lifestyle he pays for with extorted union dues. He can not be ignored. I question his patriotism.

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This day in history September 19

1959: Walt Disney an American patriot, barred Soviet Communist boss Nikita Khrushchev from Disneyland.

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5 thoughts on “Jimmy Hoffa junior: everything that is wrong with the Labor Movement”

  1. September 7, 2011

    James R. Hoffa Jr.
    Teamsters General President
    25 Louisiana Avenue NW,
    Washington, DC 20001

    REF: From a Tea Party Sonuvabitch

    Dear Mr. Hoffa:

    First I want to express my sympathy for you in Mr. Jay Carney’s referring to you as head of the AFL-CIO at a recent White House press conference. It followed your exhortations of union members on Labor Day. Being called head of the AFL-CIO – now that is an insult! That outfit may be run by Commies, but you’re head and shoulders above that mentality. You are an Ivy League educated lawyer, aren’t you? Skull & Bones?
    I’m sure your “working man” members are like the rest of us who are trying to figure out how to survive in this “progressive” screwed up economy. The enclosed tea bag is only symbolic of our love for this Constitutional Republic, not our sexual proclivities as some have implied. I’m sure you understand.
    Also enclosed is a chapter from my new book, “Weeds, Wheat and Wisdom” – coming out soon. It’s the chapter that basically says we’re wise to the shit being thrown at us.
    I also have a chapter on the combined application of the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity – two important elements that MUST be worked together if we want real success, not just power at any cost. I’m aware you are an expert on solidarity. Combining solidarity with subsidiarity would turn the Teamsters into the model union overnight.

    Gerald V. Todd

  2. Like most union goons, Hoffa is in the DUES business. Increased membership means more lucrative employment for union heads and larger pension funds to rob. Like his daddy, one slip for Jimmy will mean he too will be sliced, diced and sold to Burger King. Let's hope it happens very, very soon.

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