John Boehner betrays Americans with “Super Committee” sell-out

 By Doug Book, staff writer

 Nothing is more maddening to conservatives than the ease with which Capitol Hill Republicans endlessly compromise away the rights, liberty and heritage of the American people and the best interests of our nation.

 On August 2nd the debt-reduction “Super Committee” was born of the Budget Control Act of 2011, its purpose to cut 1.2 trillion dollars from the federal budget over the next decade. If the handpicked Committee of 6 Republicans and 6 Democrats should fail to agree upon mutually acceptable legislation by November 23rd, automatic spending cuts will take effect beginning in 2013 (after the election, of course.)

 “Acceptable legislation” presumably translates to fiscal terms which both congress and Barack Obama will find politically palatable enough to embrace, or at least tolerate.

 Prior to the start of committee negotiations it was suggested that both Democrats and Republicans have ample incentive to reach a meaningful agreement. So it was decided that the automatic cuts should consist of $600 billion from the nation’s defense and $600 billion from discretionary spending, one ostensibly bitter pill for each side. These terms were negotiated and agreed upon by Republican House Speaker John Boehner.

 For years congressional Democrats have dreamed of perpetrating massive damage to the Department of Defense and the nation’s armed forces. And now, John Boehner has almost singe handedly “compromised” away $600 billion from America’s defense, funds which the entire Democrat Party could not wrench from assembled congressional Republicans.

 The cuts to which Boehner has agreed will “…eliminate two Carrier Battle Groups, 200,000 troops, 300,000 civilian workers, 30% of our air forces and end the ability of the Marines to mount an expeditionary force.” In short, the Speaker has done more to decimate the defense structure of the United States in one desperately misguided binge of aisle crossing than the assembled Marxist forces of the treason-embracing

Democrat Party could accomplish in the past 2 years.

 Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has already described the Super Committee as “…the dumbest idea I’ve seen in a very long lifetime.”

If anything, Gingrich is being generous. The elected 535 member congress has, after all, passed the buck along with responsibility for a considerable measure of the nation’s welfare to just 12 individuals, none of whom can boast anything resembling fiscal expertise.

 The media report no progress in Super Committee negotiations. And why should this be considered news? Democrats have little reason to barter away any of their own closely held agenda, for they have already acquired by virtual default more than they could ever hope to have won with genuine, good faith negotiation!

 They will run out the clock and quietly celebrate their victory with fellow America-hating followers. And it will be a subdued celebration, for they must not appear in any way too satisfied with these spoils when so many other victories remain within their grasp thanks to the utter lack of courage displayed by the most “powerful” Republican in the House! If anything it will be a time for Democrats to whine even more loudly about languishing tax revenues, the evils of the greedy rich and the plight of the put upon “little people.”

 The most criminally abusive Administration in America’s history has continued to flourish even after the massive electoral defeat of 2010. And as a result, the disgraceful and dangerous lack of courage displayed by Republican politicians upon whom American voters must now depend for defense of liberty and country can no longer be tolerated. It will not be long until the heretofore silent, conservative majority will combust in a nationwide detonation of rage which will make the political ruling class long for the feeble, “civil disobedience” antics of OWS infants.

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4 thoughts on “John Boehner betrays Americans with “Super Committee” sell-out”

  1. obama/bOehner are one in the same that is way he 'boner' was crying so mush he 'BONER' was happy to see that he can make oBAMa the best piece of CRAP to take America Down, the two party is and has been a one party for the last 30/50 years but we now know see it for what it is…

  2. This speaker of the house needs to be investigated. I have read where he received 4.5 million and bachman 1.2million on some payout. Might have been not to grow something. But they have an interest in keeping the same old policies and we need people who are honest and not in it for the money. His golding with obama was a giveaway to where he stands. I have evil thoughts concerning their relationship.

  3. My guess is that John Boehner is a nice enough fella, but nice guys are NOT what is needed to do battle against Barack Hussein Obama and the Regime's work to destroy the US! Why can't the Republican Party come up with some miserable, nasty SOB with the guts necessary to look at TV cameras and tell the American people they put a Marxist criminal in the White House!

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