Jordan the Muslim Brotherhood and Obama’s weak image in the Middle East

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Facing strong Opposition in Syria the Muslim Brotherhood looks south to gain a new base to fight the regime of Bashar al-Assad. They must believe that the West friendly King will be a push over. By consolidating the Palestinians living in Jordon the Brotherhood is gaining leverage in a power play to gain more control of the region. It would make an excellent base for an al-Qaeda strike into Syria. This week our Secretary of Defense announced that American Troops were being sent to Jordon to assist the Jordanians and to deter to escalation of the violence to spilling over into the Kingdom. 


Tension between Syria and Turkey has resulted in the exchange of fire between the two Arab nations.  This week the Turks intercepted a Syrian Airliner and forced it to land in Ankara. Upon searching it they found it was carrying Russian supplied military equipment and ammunition.  Russia has taken a more active role in the Syrian civil war. The escalation of tension with Turkey, since they are in NATO, may drag Americans and NATO allies in this war. Despite demands from Turkey for assistance from NATO it has have expressed little desire to get involved. Taking a lead from Obama who isn’t taking this situation very seriously, (he’s got fundraisers to attend) he can’t be bothered with foreign policy. Why is this important?  Have you checked gas prices lately?  All of this effects key oil transport routes through Turkey .

Chemical Weapons

Syria has a well-established chemical weapons program. They maintain a stockpile of these terrible weapons to deter any external threat.  To date there is no evidence that Assad’s forces used these weapons against the rebels or civilian population during the 19 month long civil war, but that could change in a heartbeat. If the regime becomes desperate it may be tempted to use them.  Jordan’s King Abdullah II fears that if the Syrian regime should fall to the Muslin Brotherhood, al-Qaeda will have a well maintained stockpile of chemical weapons in their arsenal.  Since the short term goal of the Brotherhood is to eliminate Israel,  the Israelis would most likely be the first target, oil rich Iraq and Saudi Arabia would be next.  Speaking before a NATO conference Secretary Panetta stated that the deployed forces will work with the Jordanians to monitor Syria’s chemical and biological weapons sites.

Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood is gaining a foot-hold in Jordan.  Bowing to pressure from the Muslim Brotherhood King Abdullah dissolved the parliament in an attempt to dissuade a Brotherhood sponsored rally demanding political reform. Does this sound familiar? That is the same rhetoric the Brotherhood used to oust Mubarak and turn Egypt into an Islamist State. The Islamists are protesting to weaken the King’s power, having the U.S. military in the region with Barack Obama in charge will embolden the Brotherhood because they know this White House will not allow our military to attack them.

Jimmy Carter lost Iran to the extremist. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s foreign meddling will be in the history books as the cause of the raise of the Caliphate, – the next great threat to democracy.

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