Judge rules Obama must PROVE presidential eligibility in Georgia courtroom on Thursday

by Doug Book,  staff writer

For those who have waited 3 years for a judge to finally rule that Barack Hussein Obama must prove that he is legally and Constitutionally qualified to run for or serve as President of the United States, the day may have come at last.

For on Friday, Georgia State Office of Administrative Hearings Judge Michael Malihi ruled that subpoenas demanding the presence of Barack Obama in his Georgia courtroom on January 26th along with the original form of his Hawaii birth certificate and information on his myriad Social Security numbers will remain in force.

Obama ‘s attorney Michael Jablonski had filed a motion to quash those subpoenas, arguing if Obama were made to answer questions before the court it would “…[require] him to interrupt duties as President of the United States…”  (1)

It was also Obama’s claim that “presidential electors and Congress, not the State of Georgia, hold the Constitutional responsibility for determining the qualifications of presidential candidates.” (1)

Well Judge Malihi did not agree with Obama’s arguments that the laws of the State of Georgia were somehow irrelevant to the process, or that his presence in the court would materially interfere with his ability to discharge the duties of his office.

In his decision to allow the subpoenas to remain in force, Malihi wrote, “…Defendant (Obama) has failed to cite any legal authority evidencing why his attendance is ‘unreasonable or oppressive, or that testimony…is irrelevant, immaterial, or cumulative and unnecessary to a party’s preparation or presentation at the hearing, or that basic fairness dictates that the subpoena should not be enforced.’ ” (2)

In short, as Judge Malihi so eloquently put it, “”Defendants motion to quash is denied.” (2)

The process before Judge Mahili began when a number of Georgia residents filed 3 separate lawsuits demanding that Barack Obama provide evidence of having met State of Georgia election law requirements before being placed on the ballot.  Malihi agreed with the plaintiffs, quoting in his ruling Georgia law which states “…every candidate for federal office shall meet the constitutional and statutory qualifications for holding the office being sought.” (3)

In that ruling, Mahili stated “the court finds that the defendant (Barack Obama) is a candidate for federal office who has been certified by the state executive committee of a political party and therefore must, under Code Section 21-2-5, meet the constitutional and statutory qualifications for holding the office being sought.” (3)

Though Obama has managed to ooze his way out of legal responsibilities and requirements in the past, this time it really might be a bit thick for the acting president. Even the radically leftist Southern Poverty Law Center has decided to weigh in, giving vent to a typically childish attack of spleen in its “Hatewatch” column no less, where it snivels  “…Malihi’s decision has been heralded far and wide as a defining moment for those who have hounded Obama about his lineage.” (4)

Apparently demands that Barack Hussein Obama actually abide by the laws of the land and the Constitution of the United States make for a clear case of “hounding” to an organization known to file suit at the drop of a conservative hat.

Here’s hoping Judge Malihi’s courtroom turns liberal petulance to leftist rage on January 26th. For Malihi’s ruling that day will determine whether or not Barack Hussein Obama may be certified by the Democrat Party to appear on the Georgia ballot in November. And as the Liberty Legal Foundation explains it, “without such a certification from the Party, Obama will not appear on any ballot in the 2012 general election.” (5)

Use this site to contact your Congressional Representative:


To read more use these links:  To read more use these links:

(1)  http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Farrar-v-Obama-motion-to-quash-subpoenas.pdf

(2) http://www.art2superpac.com/UserFiles/file/Farrar-Welden-Swensson-PowellvObama,OrderonMotiontoQuashSubpoenas,GeorgiaBallotChallenge.pdf

(3) http://www.wnd.com/2012/01/court-obama-must-be-constitutionally-eligible/

(4) http://www.splcenter.org/blog/2012/01/18/georgia-court-to-hear-arguments-on-obamas-eligibility-for-primary-ballot/

(5) http://libertylegalfoundation.org/1209/no-certification-without-verification/

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27 thoughts on “Judge rules Obama must PROVE presidential eligibility in Georgia courtroom on Thursday”

  1. Obama is not a natural born citizen..!

    ..because his father was not a US citizen!.

    Natural born status must exist at the moment of birth.

    It can not be earned, or received at a later date, or by a retroactive law.

    Knowing this, we are now being told that Obama is qualified?

    Yes, he may be a citizen, though I doubt it, but he was never a natural born citizen, and can not be President, if we honor the Constitution.

    DC knows what most Americans have yet to figure out…

    The US Constitution no longer stands as the governing law of this land.

    The people willing to ask the tough questions are deemed crackpots and conspiracy theorists, racists or bigots. But those tough questions should be obvious questions to all Americans and every president should have to answer those questions, no matter race, creed, color or party affiliation.

  2. Capt-Dax is correct.
    My only fear is that this Atlanta "administrative judge" is not being used to allow a partial hearing of this, and will then throw it out, setting another precedent to protect obama.
    We can all live in hope of a fair and impartial hearing.
    Ron Reale

  3. "THANK GOD, FREE AT LAST—FREE AT LAST". They say if you have no Soul you do not care what happens as is evident in the bastards over in Afghanistan that are a part of that group called the Taliban. They murder children, and every other type of people without cause by be-heading. Well this man–Obama is the same as they are—-WITHOUT A SOUL. FOR LOOK AT WHAT HE HAS DONE TO THIS NATION. For the first three yrs. of his so-called Presidency he ran around the world apologizing for whatever he thought was wrong with America, and blaming all the problems we as a nation were facing on the former President–(BUSH)–Look I personally have respect for the office of the Presidency, but this present day one is a "JOKE".
    Nobody around the world takes us as a nation seriously anymore because of him, and less just say it the right way. We as a nation would be better off without him as "OUR" leader. Please Georgia do the right thing for America, and let "FREEDOM RING ONCE AGAIN"!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOO-RA

  4. LOLOL
    I don't know if you people understand how laughable this very lawsuit is… in the eye of the rest of the world.
    The US lost the respect of the world long ago, under someone called Bush. Obama was left with the mess. This happens in all democracies, by the way.
    signed A non-America who gets quite the kick out of watching you guys cover yourselves in ridicule.

    1. That it would be "laughable" to non-Americans is somehow not surprising. Many 3rd rate nations of the world are perpetually ruled by Obama types and have grown to accept the thieving, Marxist ways of their leaders. We in the US prefer to fight them.

    2. Interesting that the Obama apologist crowd constantly clings to largely incorrect anecdotes concerning how the US is preceived by the balance of the world BUT are deaf to the fact that Obama himself is perceived as a complete bafoon.

      1. Reality,

        Well said. Of course the left has no choice but to ignore facts and attempt to push their fantastic views of what is real and proper on the rest of us. We've all seen leftists on TV when confronted with the lunacy of their beliefs–they either claim racism, "mean-spiritedness" or the notion that facts are NOT really facts.

        Most importantly, Obama must be defeated. And if Republicans politicians–John Boehner being a CLASSIC example–haven't the GUTS to get it done, the rest of will have to.

    3. Guess what "Passer-by" ? Unlike you Socialist-Progressive types, Constitutional Conservatives couldn't give a "rat's behind" what the REST of the world thinks about our action's; so long as we get things done right for this Country by OUR standards, not theirs, OR yours.
      We'll see who's "covered in ridicule", bucko; it could very easily wind up being smug little cranks like you

    4. You say you are from some where else in the world, well I have some news for you. When you say it was Bush's fault you sound like a dam relative of O-Bammies. First off the economy was doing "GREAT" under the former President, until this so-called President and his cohorts took back control of the Senate, and the House, and that is the truth Sorry for allowing facts to get in the way of your delusions about O-Bammy and his losers. Under the former President–(BUSH)–Unemployment was right at 5%—Since O–Bammy got his "STIMULUS–BILL" which was not even something to stimulate the economy, but just to help his worthless friends out we have now started to average about 12%—"REAL" unemployment. This same man that you say so much nice about is also a "BOLD-FACED" liar. WHY you might ask?? HE himself said, and I quote—"IF I DO NOT PRODUCE SOME WORTHY RESULTS I WILL LEAVE". IF YOU CANNOT SEE THAT THIS PIECE OF HUMAN SCUM IS NOTHING MORE THAN A PUPPET, GO SOME WHERE ELSE, AND DO NOT TRY TO SAY ANYTHING STUPID AROUND US AGAIN. IT MAKES US SICK TO HAVE TO PUT UP WITH STUPID, IGNORANT, UNINTELLIGENT PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE ACTING.

    5. The United States of America is not, nor was it ever intended to be, a democracy. We are a Republic, or at least we were founded on those principles. ObaMAO is trying real hard to keep his 2008 campaign promise to 'fundamentally change the United States."

      1. Thanks for the comment, Rose. You're exactly right. The nation our founders put together is a constitutional republic. And when that Constitution is shredded and ignored, criminal behavior ensues on the part of DC politicians. They MUST be stopped by any means necessary. And unfortunately, the defeat of Obama in November will only be one step in getting that done.

  5. Sweet Puppy…..Yah, when the Southern Poverty Law Center ceases being a "tool' and a shill of every Liberal Administration including Obama's; I might (and that's a HUGE "might"!), develop a wee dram of tolerance for their blatant racism, reverse discrimination, and defense of every Socialist agenda which further enslaves not only Black Folks, but White folks as well. Their "Oh woe is us, send Shekels to help the disadvantaged" doesn't works for me… The SPLC is one of the most UN-American thieves of Individual rights in this country. They prefer "Group Rights" over individual human sovereignty.
    Until the SPLC get's a constitutional clue about how America is supposed to belong to ALL of us, not just their clientele, their "gritching" will remain music to my ears !
    Doug, I ran your article (today's), and Suzanne's (Sunday's), by the resident "know-it-all" in our household, my mate, Charlie…..the oil company engineer…..and linear-thinking type…..his comments?……Obama's going to get away with avoiding a personal court appearance and having his name removed from the slate of candidates in Georgia !
    And, to use his words "No one can have THAT many Social Security Numbers !"
    He detests Obama every bit as much as I….but he will not hold out "hope" that things will "change" one iota wherever and whenever Obama is involved. He does not underestimate the man's sneakiness….so why would Charlie NOT find Obama ever so capable of acquiring multiple SSN's? I dunno….his logic often escapes me !!
    Great article Doug, and as usual, I'm gonna pray REAL hard that my mate is TOTALLY out in left field on these issues !
    I only have one question…will the fact that Georgia, (and if I am correct, some other Southern States which are also challenging Obama's eligibility to appear on their ballots), allowed Obama on their ballots in 2008, have any bearing on the outcome of this challenge…. will courts across the land find that Obama's parentage was known prior to the 2008 election….so objections should have been raised back then and not now????

    1. Hi JO,

      I can't imagine doing something improper or illegal in the past could create precedent for it being OK in the future, you know? I too doubt Hussein will show up. And of course the MSM will report NOTHING of the suits or Obama's refusal to abide by the law (subpoenas.) What happens, legally when a president ignores a subpoena? You got me. Could wind up a default judgement for the plaintiffs. But THEN what happens???? That might be the WORST thing because it would result in no real ruling! ( I guess.) Don't know anything about the law. Have to rely on common sense and a sense of common decency–things which courts and lawyers don't study or understand as they never lead to victory in the courtroom.

      1. Doug, the last sentence of your post had me chuckling …I thought I was cynical ! I have nothing on you buddy !
        Wouldn't it be par for the measly course if there was no true ruling on this?? That would be SO "America" nowadays ""…..God forbid that we should actually hold someone accountable for their actions…..or admit publicly that our rulers, (en-slavers), will most always successfully avoid being treated by the same standards of law which apply to us. The exclusive privileges afforded the ruling class in Congress is what keeps them ignorant of and arrogant toward the plight of Harry and Mary Taxpayer.
        The "let 'em eat cake" attitudes of the elites which prompted the French Revolution can most assuredly occur here in America…..the stars are nearly aligned for it and there is more than ample Executive and Congressional "attitude to fuel it.
        Part of me wants to see Obama go down in flames via a Georgia Courtroom simply because Georgia had the "nads" to bring the suit as a State's Rights issue ( Finally!!), another part of me wants to see 'Bama "bite it" big-time at the polls in November….but I know I would happily take the win from whatever source brought him down to the gutter where he belongs.

  6. There is so much wrong in this post. It, posts like it, and Ms. Taitz continue to bolster the perception our side is comprised of tin foil hat wearing fools and that our arguments are not worth listening to

    I encourage you to go to Birtherreport.com and read Dean Haskins two well reseached, well written and objecively verifiable commentaries laying out the actual facts.

    I encourage it, but I have little hope many will. Especially as I have tipped you it will counter what is written in this post and is, therefore, what you choose to believe.

    1. Actually, the perception that "ours" is a "side comprised of tin foil hat wearing fools" is one generated and promoted by the LEFT, the media (same thing) and cowardly types who actually LISTEN to them.

  7. To : Not a Wingnut…normally, at this website, especially when we want to point out "back-up" to our positions, or offer opposing points of view, we will provide a direct link to the website we hope folks will visit…..you do not make it easy for folks to overcome the obvious bias in your post…"The "I encourage it, but I have little hope many will." routine can hardly be considered an encouragement….you have already made up your mind about us when you take that approach. Nasty on 'ya!
    You might want to think about changing your posting name as well.

    1. I do apologize. I did not know there was such a rule.

      Here is a link to the first piece: http://www.birthersummit.org/news.html

      Here is a link to the second: http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2012/

      Within each are both active links and well as references to the source material(s). Please do your own verifying research as I did.

      Am I biased? Yes, now I am. But I went in as a skeptic of what Mr. Haskins wrote. I am now quite convinced nothing is going to come of Ms. Taitz lastest effort and my being convinced will, I am sure, be rewarded Thursday. This later point is not worth arguing with anyone because by Friday you, me and anyone else who cares will know for certain..

      1. To: Not a Wing Nut : Thanks for providing the links…it's not a "rule" to do so…merely a kindness and a method to indicate we've done some research.
        You are not alone in your skepticism regarding the outcome. The courts and the media provide havens for liars such as Obama.
        I'll check out the sites you provided….thanks.

      2. Remember there are 3 separate suits in front of Judge Malihi on Thursday. If the media have you convinced Taitz is a loon, so be it. But her arguments are genuine, as are the facts she presents.

        One of the lawsuits is totally unrelated to anything Taitz is arguing.

        Will Hussein slime his way out of having to follow the law again? I don't know. But giving up hope doesn't seem the best thing to do. But all in all, it will be one heck of an interesting week. And if a few more people become aware of the liar and phony in the White House, it will not have been for naught.

  8. You right wing wackos need to move on. If you would only get out of your small world of Fox News and other extreme right wing media, you would hear the facts and realize that no legitimate news outlets or the rest of the world buy into your paranoia and bigotry. It's absurd at this point! President Obama is not only legitimate, he is the only reason our country is finally regaining the respect of the rest of the world after eight years of shame and embarrassment from the previous administration. Thank God we will have him for another four years.

    1. Over it
      You are either delusional or a writer for Saturday Night Live, but either way the things you say you believe (I don’t believe you really believe this – you just used your time at the home to ‘rage against the machine’) have no basis in fact. If you think Obama’s sniffing the crotch of every Arab leader he could find has increased America’s stature in the world you are even duller than most on your side.
      Thanks for reading CiR, let’s hope you learn something,

    2. Hilarious! Every left-wing, babe-in-arms figures a network which isn't a 24/7 sound chamber and transcription service for the Democrat Party MUST be a member of the "extreme right wing media!"

      And I agree with Coach. If you're over 16, you COULDN'T believe the US is regaining the respect of the world as a result of the pathetic knee-scraping Obama does around the globe. The contempt of the world, maybe. But not respect, junior.

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