Karl Rove deserves his nickname


by James Lewis, staff writer

George W used to call Karl Rove a nickname that always puzzled me. Let’s say — it’s a fresh flower growing in a Texas cowpat. It seemed a little bit rough even by Texas standards. Now I think I get it.  Karl Rove is a smart policy guy, and unlike the Obama Democrats who never met an anti-American Marxist or a radical Muslim they didn’t like, he is not an ideological throwback to 1848.

Unlike Obama, Rove would not agitate to overthrow every Arab regime in the Middle East —  along with the Israelis, who are the only ones still left standing. Rove is smart enough to spot that one for a boo-boo.

But Rove is a political assassin. He’s an anti-conservative IED. Just plant Karl some place on the conservative highway and watch him blow up everything in sight.  He is a snarling violation of Ronald Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment: “Thou Shalt Not Speak Ill of A Fellow Republican.”

I think Reagan said that because he knew the media would take internal Republican ammo to kill off any Republicans left standing. This is a free fire zone for conservatives, and you don’t help the enemy.

Karl Rove is helping the enemy.  I’m sorry to see it, but it’s true.  Which is why, I assume, the Left Media Complex likes to keep Karl in the limelight.  Good ole’ Karl, you can hear them chortling, always good for a laugh against those extremist Americans, clinging to their religion and their guns.

Rove has attacked Perry for his “politically tone deaf”  Ponzi scheme quote about Social Security. He dumped on Herman Cain for his inexperience in the ways of the Washington, DC elite political class. And last week, thanks to Newt Gingrich’s dramatic rise in national polls, he suggested that anything less than a 10 point win in Iowa would be unacceptable—a dark foreboding of Newt’s supreme lack of  “organization.” Apparently that means not enough media-beloved, RINO attack dogs pouncing on those Republican candidates capable of actually attracting the support of conservative, Party BASE voters!

Sean Hannity has fallen into the nauseating habit of referring to Karl Rove as “The Architect.” If that refers to Rove’s adopted role as the maven of defeat for conservative political candidates throughout the nation, he’s right on the beam.

I’m not happy with Karl. If you aren’t either, send him a nice, polite email, please.

Stop calling down artillery on your own side, Karl. We have the American media for that.

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6 thoughts on “Karl Rove deserves his nickname”

  1. Rove criticized and maligned every conservative female running in 2010 yet supported radical leftist Didi Scozzafava in her NY race for the House of Reps.

  2. Tokoyo Rove is one of the talking heads whose appearance makes me grab the remote and change the channel. He destroyed the republican party along with his boss the DamnTexan.

  3. Good article, but I have one correction. As far as conservatives are concerned, Karl Rove isn't helping the enemy. Karl rove is the enemy.

  4. Why is it that "sell-outs", like Rove, seem to thrive in Washington D.C; while in most other "normal" cities they would be shunned as untrustworthy pariahs ? Rove isn't the "Architect" ; he's the political equivalent of the mob's "hit-man"….the RINO Assassin.

  5. I just received from Karl Rove an e-mail (positively whiney in nature), regarding all the many reasons why he believes these many Republican debates to be a major inconvenience to candidates, planners and handlers; how even more power is transferred to the media because of them; how terribly unpredictable the ups and downs of all candidates makes it extremely difficult to control the direction of the campaign, and other assorted beefs.
    His e-mails are usually copies of articles he has written for the Wall Street Journal and can be seen there or you can view this article by visiting his website at : http://www.rove.com/articles/355.
    Anyhoo, I sent him a rather lengthy reply which covered most all the issues addressed in his article, with my rebuttals of course; and I essentially stated that he had obviously mistaken me for someone who cared that politics had just become a rougher, less controlling game for him and the other "spin doctors".
    You may want to let Mr. Rove know of your opinions regarding his Centrist/RINO cronies in Congress as well.
    Toodles ! Joanne

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