Karl Rove’s declaration of war on conservatives will bring the GOP a slow and agonizing death


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The Republican establishment is still trying to blame conservatives for last November’s disaster.   

The phonies of the Karl Rove Wing of the Republican Party didn’t get it then and they still don’t.  They are fooling themselves by refusing to look at the numbers. The GOP just doesn’t understand that asking us to vote for a Republican because he is not a Democrat doesn’t fire conservatives up, and the stupid fools think they can win without conservative support.

For conservatives the road to settling on a Republican presidential candidate had many ups and downs. Nevertheless, almost to the very end Mitt Romney was at the bottom of our list. We knew we could beat Barack Obama with the right candidate and we knew there was only one wrong candidate in the field: Mitt Romney. Unfortunately the Republican establishment’s list was upside down. Romney was their first and only candidate – the man “they [conservatives] would HAVE to vote for because they have nowhere else to go.” 

How wrong were these people?   The 11th New York Congressional District, represented by “Squishy” Republican Michael Grimm, gives us the numbers that say “very wrong.” Grimm and his political mentor jumped on the Romney train in October 2011 because as his staff said, “Romney is the only one who can win.”

On Election Day Romney got 74,176 votes and two lines down Grimm got 101,282 votes! This means 27,062 conservative Republicans looked at Romney, the candidate who was forced on us, and said, “No thanks.” When 26.7% of the base says “No!” it’s not our fault. It’s the fault of the Republican establishment. Sadly, however, things like this will happen again and again every two years until the Democrats get strong enough to just suspend elections as unnecessary wastes of money that could go to “feeding a hungry child.”

When that happens I’m sure the Republican establishment will still be scolding conservatives for voting to support the Constitution instead of keeping Republicans in office but no one will be left to care.    

Sources: Staten Island Republican Party newsletter



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2 thoughts on “Karl Rove’s declaration of war on conservatives will bring the GOP a slow and agonizing death”

  1. This goes to show that the GOP and Democrats are essentially the same, OWNED by the Elite who do NOT want a real choice in candidates. Just as they put up the joke, McCain, they put up the joke, Romney. Time to find a new party and leave Rove with the WAR MONGERS (which o’bama is part of, to prove the GOP and the Democrats are the same)

  2. Exit polls show that Mormons and Evangelicals stayed away from the polls. Mormons don’t think much of Romney’s Mormonism, but I wonder if they had similar thoughts in NV about Harry Reid.
    Having a Mormon and a Catholic on the ticket for many overriding Obama’s march to Islam and the death of the Constitution. Go figure..

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