Knockout Game Vigilante targeting Black thugs?

by Doug Book,  editor

A Knockout Game vigilante may have decided to dispense justice upon young Blacks who believe it fun to beat up unsuspecting Whites.

For obvious, PC reasons the “mainstream” media has decided to ignore nationwide Knockout Game assaults by Black thugs upon innocent, White victims. But early on Thanksgiving morning, 3 Black males in their twenties reportedly stalked a prospective, White victim, following him into an alley in New York’s Bronx. To the shock of the young “men” who believed they had an easy mark, the White man, described as being in his 60’s, pulled a .45. He shot two of his attackers and pistol whipped the third!

According to an article describing this event, “Police fear a vigilante may be on the loose, intentionally inviting wayward youth into playing the new ‘knock out’ game for the intent purposes of maiming, or perhaps even killing them.” (1)

Inviting wayward youth??” Wayward youth? Sounds like a description of a 10 year old stealing an apple from a fruit stand!

This story was first reported by the Liberty Digest blog and has since gone viral across the web. Most blogs which have carried the story admit that they have not been able to confirm its validity!

If true, it’s possible that a vigilante has indeed decided to take part in the Knockout Game. If a figment of someone’s imagination, the story may be a warning to Black thugs that they had better find other ways to amuse themselves lest they one day become the targets rather than the attackers.



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11 thoughts on “Knockout Game Vigilante targeting Black thugs?”

    1. geek45—Didn’t the New York Mayor keep Goetz in court, trial after trial until the “proper” verdict was reached?

    1. swampsniper—I can’t imagine this will become a trend, but it’s the sort of news that might cut down on attacks from time to time.

  1. Although most of the gals I know here are locked and loaded the best gift you guys out there can give the female in your life is a taser /stud gun.. The one my husband has ordered for me after we searched the web is about the size of a cell phone, It’s American made, has it’s own charger, easily handled and light to carried. It’s in the $60.00 range depending on your option choice.
    Don’t think about it, do it.

    1. carolaz—I’ve read of these things malfunctioning. How do you test it to make sure it will work if you need it?

    1. sandra sendaski–

      According to the story, the potential victim somehow LURED the poor defenseless lads into the alley in which the shootings took place. In short, these bums figured they had an easy target; easy prey. Actually, I’m almost surprised Eric Holder hasn’t suggested this be labeled a Hate Crime!

  2. Doug:

    Google for INFO:
    Look up Hughes Security Solutions.
    I’m reluctant to give out branding here since we’re not here to advertise for this type of information.

    The websites will give you many choices and also detail the American made designs.
    Read what owners of the product have written as well.

    AS for “mal-functioning” aspect for stun guns” I’ve never heard this.
    What I think you maybe referring to , is the old style models that were showed having flying barbs set up…like in the movies …,
    This it’s entirely voltage, specific. (8 million volts.)
    The only way someone could possibly mess up- is if, they pointed it at themselves.
    It has a safety on it just like any hand gun, a case that makes it look like a cell phone and a flash lite built-in as well. For me, it’s travel friendly under the seat of my car, in my pocketbook, and accessible in a crowded area.
    stun- run- call 911.

  3. I hope more cities find a brave student of history and send a whole heap of black youth to the hospital and a few to the Morgue..
    We need more black mothers crying my baby was so good why did this have to happen to him.

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