Knowing our enemies by who their friends are: responses to the SB 1070 ruling from our enemies

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The Leftists dregs marching and chanting in Arizona to show their “solidarity” with the illegal alien invaders to our country are not our real enemies. They are merely sideshow clowns who need something to do now the Cindy Sheehan has disappeared.

Real enemies

The cheers from the arrogant crowd standing in front of the American Embassy in Mexico City went skyward the moment the activist judge made her ruling public. Using a familiar reframe, the rabble chanted “Yes, we could do it. Yes, we could do it,” to signal their Marxist friends in the Democrat Party that they are “down for the struggle.”

 Their “struggle” is against America’s sovereignty.

The brazen spokesman for something called the National Day Laborer Organizing Network said the law “never should have existed” He continued with, “Cities who seek to protect the residents that make them function will be punished.” “Punished?” We’ll see.

 Democrat Congressman Raul Grijalva said: “This is an important moment for the nation to pause and take a deep breath.” In other words “Boy am I glad we can keep registering these illegal Democrats!”

 The obnoxious president and general counsel of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund said, “Tomorrow promises to be a much brighter day in Arizona than anyone thought it would be just 24 hours ago.” 

Omar Jadwat,( yes! OMAR JADWAT) staff attorney with of the ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project said: “This is a major step towards overturning Arizona’s law that if allowed to go into effect would turn Latinos and other people who appear ‘foreign’ into criminal suspects and create an un-American ‘show me your papers’ regime. States and other local jurisdictions cannot be allowed to enact local measures that interfere with federal policies and priorities and invite racial profiling.” The translation of this dribble is “We have to do whatever we can to get these people to the polls to keep our Marxist buddies in power.”

After commending the activist judge, the three Catholic bishops of Arizona said: “…. we know that in practically every parish there are families that have been living with the fear and anxiety generated by SB 1070 that they might be torn apart…”  The statement did not mention any feeling or concern for the parishioners of those parishes who have been put out of work by the “families” who are here illegally.

To win this battle we’ll have to carve our way through a maze of enemies, some who come as no surprise and some that come as great disappointments. Either way we have to adopt, overcome and keep fighting. We have to save our country and that’s all there is to it.

We will not remain silent and take this

Americans who have never even written a letter to the editor of a newspaper will walk door to door telling rallying patriots for the fight. Join them or give whatever you can to conservative candidates. Wait for word that the State of Arizona needs money to fight this in court, and then give whatever you can.

 Give to the Arizona defense fund, it fights for all of us:

Our government is wrong and it’s high time we told them so.

What have you done lately to defend our country? Remember, their free American citizenship is only “free” because we are paying for it. Our enemies are motivated by fear of freedom. Our faith in America must be stronger to defeat them. Stand and fight now or there will be nothing left to defend again in our lifetimes. Make our will stronger than their will. Pray for America.

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  Yesterday’s Rasmussen Presidential Index had Obama at -16. Rasmussen’s latest Generic Ballot poll has Republicans +10 at 46/36.

This day in history July 30

1956: The phrase “In God We Trust” was adopted as the United States national motto. What are the chances it could be approved today?

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