L.A. Times Attacks Palin Because She Isn’t a Thief, Liar, Pervert or Criminal

By Doug Book, staff writer

Anyone not convinced of the abject terror Sarah Palin instills in members of the American media needs only read the brief, L.A. Times reflection on the former Governor’s released emails.

A number of media outlets filed Freedom of Information Requests demanding the release of Governor Palin’s emails upon her acceptance of John McCain’s VP offer in 2008. The fact that these self-proclaimed guardians of liberty have yet to exhibit the slightest interest in the murky, personal and political histories of the President or the workings of the Obama White House…well, no doubt there is a very good reason.

Imagine the giddy, Christmas morning type expectations of drooling journalists when 24,000 pages of Sarah’s most intimate, previously private correspondence were dumped on a desk in Juneau by Alaska State officials last Friday.

So certain were these Sherlocks of the airwaves that they finally held the key to Palin’s ultimate destruction, a number of media moguls even advertised for help from viewers/readers to wade through the mass of paper.

But in the end, liberal heads exploded in frustration as Sarah Palin was discovered to be an honest, hard working Governor. No schemes, no criminal enterprises, no racist tendencies, no theft nor lies, no perverse photo attachments or clandestine trysts.

So what is a tragically despondent media to do? Attack, disparage and mock, of course!

According to the L.A. Times, Governor Palin was “…unusually thin skinned about media criticism…”, “…relied extensively on her husband Todd for assistance...”, and was “an inexperienced small town mayor getting on-the-job training in the governor’s mansion.”

The opinion staff further expected “…that the unfiltered thoughts of Sarah Palin as expressed in her email messages would be at least as idiotic as some of the unfiltered statements that come out of [her] mouth…

As examples they provide the phony, 3 year old media claim that Palin said the proximity of Russia to Alaska made her a foreign policy expert, along with the continued mockery of Palin’s description of events which took place during Paul Revere’s ride, describing her ACCURATE and FACTUAL statements as a “…bizarre, rambling speech.”

In the end, the disconsolate 3rd graders at the L.A. Times whined that Palin’s emails were “…heavily redacted by state officials, with reams of material off-limits…” “Who knows what juicy tidbits we might have found had the rest been available”, the writers lamented .

Thank goodness for liberals who so unselfishly make the journalistic pursuit of truth their life’s work. What would we do for comic relief without them?

To contact your Congressional Representative use this link: http://www.contactingthecongress.org/

To read more about the media’s reaction to Palin’s Emails use this link : http://opinion.latimes.com/opinionla/2011/06/sarah-palin-emails.html?cid=6a00d8341c7de353ef01538f2fefa3970b

This day in history June 20

1967: Muslim Muhammad Ali was convicted of draft dodging thus sending another man in his place.

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6 thoughts on “L.A. Times Attacks Palin Because She Isn’t a Thief, Liar, Pervert or Criminal”

  1. The Liberal Media is as corrupt, & lie to the public, as much as most of the corrupt Reps in Congress. Even Fox, who claims to be fair & balanced, does not tell the truth about many things. Why is it they will pick on Palin, but with all of the proof Obama was not born in the USA & is in fact an Illegal President, they say or do nothing in regard to that matter? We live in a very corrupt world anymore, & it will keep getting worse because of the damn Liberals. Only God can help us, so pray people, pray !!

    1. Greg,

      If you are asking for a video of his birth with the Federal Building of Kenya in the background, I doubt it exists. But you might check the Arpaio presentation on Western Journalism. And testimonials do exist of Kenyan officials proclaiming he was born there.

      Perhaps the more important point is that there is no real proof that he was born in the US!! He refuses to offer original copies of his birth certificate. And announcements in the Hawaii newspapers at the time, well those can be phoned in by anyone with an announcement of anything! No documentation is required.

    2. Greg
      It’s not that you haven’t seen any evidence that Obama is a fake from top to bottom, it’s that you don’t the intellectual curiosity to really look at the evidence. You don’t want it to be true so you fool yourself into rejecting what is right before your eyes. Try explaining away the childishly produced fake draft card. Tell us why Obama is the only man in America with a draft card stamped with two digits instead of four. Explain why the only week of international passenger records missing from the National Archives is the one when Stanley Anne would have flown to Kenya to give birth her little Commie Barack.

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