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By Jim Emerson, staff writer

The latest cause-celeb of the American-hating liberals, Pfc. Bradley Manning’s defense team is making a half-baked effort on a plea deal on lesser charges. In the deal Pfc. Manning will admit guilt for providing classified materials to the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks.  Manning is responsible for the largest leak of classified material in American History.


The effort to plea to a minor charge is an attempt to dissuade prosecutors from perusing more serious charges against the alleged leaker.  To help Manning avoid serving time, the defense team will most likely argue, that since he was mistreated during pre-trial lockup he shouldn’t serve any more time.  Once released, Manning will most likely commence a speaking tour of Leftist colleges and will be held up in academic circles as a national hero surpassing the Sainted Daniel Ellsberg. Two hundred years ago he would have been before a firing squad, in the modern era he may well be eligible for a Nobel Prize.

Support Group

The professional protestors, know as Free Bradley Manning National Support Group , are busily at work demanding the freedom of their martyr; maybe they should ask their messiah Barack Obama the pious to free him instead (Since Obama voters are the entitled ones).  The protestors, like Code Pink, are doing everything they can to keep attention on themselves, their cause and their hero. Despite their best effort the protestors cannot muster the manpower to close down Ft Meade where Manning is being held awaiting the resolution of the charges against him. 

 They need help. I suggest that since the Occupy Wall Street buffoons are out of work, they should get some George Soros cash, and put a well-deserved spot-light on Manning protest freak show. Just send out Jesse Watters to interview these folks for sheer hilarity, it will be more amusing than anything Jon Stewart’s writers can create.

Manning deserves to be punished for what he done, but don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen.  Any day now the anointed one may pardon the SOB and call him a national hero. Liberal historians can place him next to the far sighted American Hero Benedict Arnold who had the sagacity to see the faults of the future United States and attempt to undermine a future evil empire. That was before the pious Obama I arrived on the scene to correct the evil that was known as the American Dream.

After the re-election of Obama I wouldn’t put it past a Doctoral Candidate to present such a thesis.



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