“Law enforcement” officials are no less dangerous than the public at large

by Ron Reale,  staff writer

A news story was released stating that a number of gun manufacturers around the country will no longer sell to Law Enforcement officers or government agencies within the states that have the most stringent weapons restrictions against their citizen’s rights to own similar weapons. (1)

Upon reading this story, as well the comments, this was my answer to one particular comment, whose author was worried about “Law Enforcement” officers and officials being punished for the decisions of various government toadies.

This country has gone to hell since our local police were turned from “Peace Officers” into “Law Enforcement Officers”. We no longer have a police force concerned about the local citizenry, we have a roving occupying force of heavily armed tax collectors on constant alert for our wallets and freedoms. 

As a member of a generational police family, I can tell you without equivocation that there is nothing special about my family members that makes them more able to handle their second amendment rights than anyone else in my community.

As to the basic British concept that brought us our police, this century long experiment with a police force to protect us has failed. The police are more worried about maintaining their perks and benefits than the deaths on the street. They cannot be everywhere we are to protect us. We have all heard the saying, “Police, minutes away when seconds count!”

It is time for all legal citizens to learn to protect themselves and their families through personal and community-endorsed training, and take our streets and wasted tax money from this out-of-control, occupying force. According to the FBI/DOJ Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics, Law Enforcement commits more homicides, assaults and sexual assaults against the populace than citizens commit against each other. And only marginally less crime on the whole! This is not to say that all Law Enforcement officers are criminals carrying guns. Neither is it right for them to say all citizens with guns are criminals. (2)

We would all be safer today had the criminal Law Enforcement Officer Wyatt Earp been shot dead as a traitor to America and the Constitution as soon as he declared people in his city had no second amendment rights.

We have created a corrupt class of super-citizen which needs to be stripped of their positions of superiority.  And we must take back responsibility both for our own safety and that of the community. We live here. Give us back the right to protect ourselves. Within a very short time, the recidivist crime rate would plummet and the streets of ALL communities in America would be safe to walk, 24 hours a day.

Kudos to these gun companies for their stance in defense of Americans and the Constitution. 


(1)     http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/02/15/Gun-Companies-To-State-Governments-With-Strict-Gun-Laws-No-Guns-For-You

(2)     http://www.copblock.org/1595/making-the-case-for-more-police-accountability/

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One thought on ““Law enforcement” officials are no less dangerous than the public at large”

  1. More importantly what needs to be done is to Disarm the Federal government (with the exception of the Military and the Law Enforcement Officers necessary to enforce Federal Law ON FEDERAL PROPERTY). The Constitution only grants police power to the Federal government WITHIN the Military and ON Federal property. All other Police Powers belong to the State and the People. The Federal government has NO legal authority to exercise Police Powers outside of the Military and Federal Property. They can carry guns ONLY because Congress originally authorized the FBI to be armed in 1938 (75 years ago). All other Federal firearm possession grew out of that original authorization. On this 75th anniversary of the Federal government taking up arms, Congress should act and if necessary the States should pass a Constitutional Amendment to Disarm the Federal government.

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