Leak at Department of Justice pulls White House deeper into Fast and Furious

by Doug Book,  staff writer

Last month FOX News reported that someone at Eric Holder’s Department of Justice has been leaking information to Congressional committees about the Obama Regime’s Mexican gunwalking enterprise Fast and Furious. ATF Investigation Reports (ROI’s) which reached the offices of Senator Charles Grassley and Congressman Darrell Issa revealed gun runners and drug dealers to be secretly in the employ of the FBI.  And a Mexican illegal, already wanted on weapons charges, was shown to have been turned loose by a remarkably accommodating ATF agent. (1)

And now something new has been added to the mix.  On March 28th, Senator Grassley wrote Kathryn Ruemmler, Barack Obama’s chief Counsel, to inform her that Congressional committees investigating Fast and Furious wanted to question Kevin O’Reilly, a former National Security Adviser to the President. (2)

O’Reilly’s relationship to Fast and Furious first surfaced last year. Former Phoenix ATF office Agent in Charge Bill Newell admitted under questioning before Darrell Issa’s House Government Affairs Committee that he had exchanged a number of emails with O’Reilly at the White House concerning gunrunning operations at the Arizona border. The White House later released a carefully selected few of those emails intending to prove that, as Fast and Furious was not mentioned by name, the White House knew nothing of and had no part in the scheme. (3)

But such were not the conclusions drawn by Issa or Grassley. “You didn’t get these from me” Newell prefaced one of his emails to O’Reilly as he laid out details of ATF plans for an upcoming press conference on border gunrunning. (3)

Questioned by committee members as to the reason for such a cryptic warning, Newell refused to answer, ultimately stammering it meant nothing and perhaps shouldn’t have been stated at all.

Yet the White House still refuses to allow Kevin O’Reilly to be questioned by congress. In fact, shortly after Newell admitted the ongoing correspondence, O’Reilly was shipped off to Iraq on “special assignment.”

In his email responses, O’Reilly was very interested in what Newell told him of ATF operations and guns crossing the Mexican border. He asked questions and clearly wanted additional information on Newell’s progress.

Was O’Reilly the White House point man, entrusted with gathering intelligence on the day to day goings on in the gunwalking scheme? Clearly if the White House needed a “back door channel” for obtaining information on the progress of Fast and Furious, an email exchange between “old friends” would provide excellent cover.

And was O’Reilly suddenly sent thousands of miles from any potential congressional subpoena because Newell’s admission before the Issa committee had revealed not only a key Administration method of transferring information, but also the keen interest of Barack Obama in the progress of his “under the radar” scheme? (4)

Most important perhaps is the increasing value of the DOJ leak, for congressional investigators obviously received new information which prompted this sudden rebirth of interest in testimony from Kevin O’Reilly.  After all, ten months had passed since O’Reilly’s name was first mentioned yet now a letter appears from the offices of Grassley and Issa revealing a sudden and eager interest in his testimony!

This can only mean that the DOJ leak is causing real problems for Obama and Eric Holder, making it ever more difficult to keep the lid on their deadly, Fast and Furious plot to undermine the 2nd Amendment. Will Republican leaders have the courage and will to take advantage of it?

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 To read more use these links:

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5 thoughts on “Leak at Department of Justice pulls White House deeper into Fast and Furious”

  1. One sure way to tell the OBAMA REGIME is lying is watch how the socialist frauds in the MSM (NBC, MSNBC,) especially, treat the story. If they ignore it that is proof posiitive there is a full blown cover-up of the facts underway. Same cover-up happened when the AGW/IPCC CO2 scam was revealed. And the same cover-up is occuring regarding the socialist democrats fraudulent eligibility scam to get him on the ballot. NBC just showed their political rear ends again with the doctoring of the Zimmerman tape. Do these clowns think were stupid or what. It's all over politcally for this crowd come November, then we clean house of those obama appointees and those already infested in our government.

  2. "Questioned by committee members as to the reason for such a cryptic warning, Newell refused to answer, ultimately stammering it meant nothing and perhaps shouldn’t have been stated at all."

    Does anyone remember the high official in the Clinton administration who, when caught in a contradiction between his testimony and his daily diary's contemporaneous notation, effectively said, "I lied to my diary."

    1. Great comment wildbill! And as I recall, the media did nothing but chuckle, just as they do with most of the inane statements made by Plugs Biden on a daily basis.

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