Let’s help Black pastors cut their community’s support for Obama by 25%


By Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer

Here’s a way to make a contribution to a group that can do real damage to Barack Obama’s reelection plans.

As Democrats brace for the Vice Presidential debate they must be mentally cataloging the worst gaffes from Joe Biden. They have to know Paul Ryan will bring up Biden’s empty claims that the “Recovery Summers” would bring 500,000 new jobs and magically improve our sick economy. There will be many Biden gaffes served up to him by Ryan tomorrow night, but the biggest one will remain unsaid. Ryan will not mention Biden’s early May comments in support of Gay “marriage.”  That Biden gaffe forced Barack Obama to come out for Gay “marriage” and in doing so set in motion an Election Day disaster – the loss of a large chunk of his African American support.  

Among those who heard  Obama’s statement were the Black clergy, and a small but significant number of these folks want to punish Obama at the ballot box for his betrayal of them and their religious principles.

Working with “God Said” and Raging Elephants.org the Coalition of African-American Pastors (CAAP) has announced a coordinated effort to reach Black voters in Ohio Virginia North Carolina Wisconsin and Florida. The CAAP plan is to use television and radio outlets to explain Obama’s support for same sex “marriage” and how this violates religious and natural laws. Their goal is to rip 25% of African American support right out of Obama’s hide.  

There is good reason to believe that CAAP will be at least somewhat successful. In 2008 in California African Americans streamed to the polls to vote for Obama and against such unions.   

Supporting this effort presents an opportunity to strike a potent blow against an enemy of religious freedoms and the good order of our society. It gives us a chance to welcome new members into our tent and do so with a big celebratory Election night victory party.  

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